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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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Busy Busy Busy....

July 31st 2011 4:17 pm
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1st. we'd like to again thank everyone who made my day so special. We pray we didn't miss anyone with our thank you's. We had a lot of trouble with the gifting store and sending stuff to pals. Thank you Mr. Sunny for telling us to use another browser. We wish we had ask someone right away..... Took many hours with all the problems.
Everyone of you is worth all the Time it takes to reach you....
Cuz, I love all my pals! When we changed that little thing we could do what we were trying to do. Gma said," Miss Mazy you need your own secretary..." What's a secretary??? Where do I get one of these secretary thingies?????? Can I buy one with my stash of treats??? Does anyone know?????

Well Gpa is in the hayfield. Haying continues to go really slow.
Weather being the biggest problem. I hate seeing Gpa work 7 days a week. He looks so tired.... The moo-moos need all the hay he can make to survive the winter. I LOVE the wet mornings from heavy dew,showers,fog and storms....Gpa and Gma are not impressed! If we have those things, I get to go hunting before dry enough for Gpa to go to the field. This has always been Gma's duty, but she is having major trouble with her hipster on one side and her lower leg on the other side. Gma can walk and do her work. Gpa is such a sweet guy. He's trying to help keep Gma's pain level down while the Princess(little me) gets what I am used too having.

Today it is HOT 90's heat index of 100 and very windy! We went out and picked up sticks and tree branches for an hour this afternoon. Then Gma got out the super duper treats and we did all my grooming.... I don't even fuss about my eye and ear drops,grinding my nails and brushing my toophers if, I have the super duper treats. She wiped me off with a wash cloth cuz, I was rolling in the yard.... Stay cool and stay safe! Sounds like plenty of heat almost everywhere.... I forgot, I had some melon and turkey with lunch. It was pawsome! We also did laundry today. I got to lay in HOT sheets and Hot towels.... So it was a perfect day! I better run,almost time for me to start watching the driveway.... I lay there in the big window and watch for Gpa to come from the field! I greet him all happy every single day.....
Kisses, Mazy


Yippy......Having A Pawtastic Day!

July 29th 2011 4:12 pm
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Now 6 p.m. but I'm having a Pawtastic Day! Was surprised this morning to find I was Dog of the Day.... What Fun for me to have lots of pmails. Pals stopping to sign my guestbook. Pressies for my page. Then I find 3 pals made me a picture to keep forever and forever....

I was going to stay inside and play on Puter while Gma did all our mowing. I changed my mind,cuz she will sometimes mow too long before rest and water break. I took my place in the cushioned lawn chair and kept watch.... When I think, it has been too long without a break,I go find her! Then I follow behind her until she stops and takes a break.... While she has a break,I'm given a mini puppy bone. Then she goes back to work. Long story made short!

Today I got 4 tiny mini bones and 2 little pieces of dried chicken. I was so thrilled! The yardwork paid pretty well today... Gma and I were out there from lunchtime until almost 5p.m. Gma was pushing to chew it all off before the 90's come back! We've both had a tubbie and a snack.I wanted to tubbie together. Gma said, "no,She was to dirty to share a tubbie with me!"

Gma is doing ribeyes on the grill for supper to celebrate. Today is the day to cook my new batch of vension steak. So guess what? I will have mine off the BBQ grill too! We've been reading all the messages and looking at all the cool stuff on my page. So much Fun!

We will write to each one of you a "thank you"....Please give Gma a little time. Her ritis and fibro. are very ugly this summer. After heavy yardwork Gma's body is Superduper crabby!!!!!!!!!! In the meantime....."Thank you,thank you pups and purrs...So Swell to have so many wonderful,pawtastic pals.... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rainbow Roses for Everyone


DOTD, who me??????

July 29th 2011 9:22 am
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What a surprise to wake up this morning, head to the office,all ready to go to work. First job of the day is always devotionals. Out of the blue, I find out: I'm Dog of the Day! Who me???? What a surprise... Thank you, Dogster HQ...
More importantly, thank you to ALL the pups and purrs who are sending me p-mails and pressies. I even found a suprise picture in my mailbox.
All a little overwhelming for this little pup...

Gma said, "she must mow before the temperatures hits the 90's." Sprinkled enough to shut us down yesterday. We made buns and cinnamon rolls, instead. Gma said, I can lay here, read my mails,look at my pressies,nibble treats, soak up all the extra attention. Make a list of who I've heard from... so I can give her a report, when she is done working...

It's True, I am the Princess of the Ponderosa! I let Gma keep things clean and tidy. Gpa pay the BILLS..... They are the Slaves....Here to serve and keep me very comfortable....Even our phone recorder says," this is Mazy's house the slaves are workin'. Leave a number and message, they will call you back." Really!!! I'm not pulling your leg......

Please stop and sign my guestbook. I love looking at my pals pictures.... Thanks you for all the pawsome messages and stuffies.
I love each and everyone of you....kisses, Mazy


Hot Outside????????

July 25th 2011 3:40 pm
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Hot Outside?


How To Handle The Heat

July 25th 2011 3:36 pm
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Just want to Help my Pals under this Heat Dome with some Tips for Staying Cool!!!!! It was 86 sunny and very humid... More Hail fell around our county last night. A couple areas about 20 miles away were wiped out! People said, "the hail looked like snowbanks when it was over." We had only .25 of rain and no hail.... The clouds after dark were white with pink cottoncandy coloring all through them. Above and below those were bluish purple clouds. Gma told Gpa, I think the White Combine is Coming..... It did, but missed my house! Possible to have serious Thunderstorms for the next couple days. I did go out Hunting this morning with Gpa. I was in the tubbie to have sand washed off. Gma used tepid water to cool me down. She thought, my body was pretty warm. This afternoon, we were out 30 min. Gma made me stay in the shade 50% of the time. No clouds right now. Thunderstorms are brewing in Montana. Expected to travel this way.... Stay safe and stay cool....Cuz, I LOVE all my Pals!!!!!

How Hot Is It??????? Let's Eat Him! I Love This Snack!!!!

Hot Outside?

Learn to Meditate...Think COOL!

Clean and Polish Your Toophers!

Go For A RELAXING Drive!

Cold Fruity Smoothies to Stay COOL......

Lots and lots of Ice Cream

Play with Toys in the Air Conditioned House


A Big Surprise for Everyone!!!!!

July 21st 2011 8:55 am
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How HOT is it?????????

Thanks Goofy for sending this to me!!! Maybe we can makes the pups,purrs and peeps laugh in spite of the Heat Dome covering so many in the United States.



Hot..... Hot and Hotter!

July 17th 2011 1:41 pm
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1st. day of a Brand new week....It is day 2 of the very HOT weather.
It is currently 95 with heat index of 112 and very high humidity. Sun has now disapppeared and cloudy with storms brewing. Just posted a tornado watch for until 10 p. and it is 3:40p. Storms of the past week have been bring us rain but not pounding rains. The storms have been splitting and going north and south of us. So many areas have had the white combine (Hail).... the state has seen everything from nickel size to grapefruit size hail. Gma says, she has never seen hail, grapefruit size! She has never seen hail 5 1/2 inches deep on the ground. Somewhere north of us that happened Thursday night. Wowzer! There wouldn't be a blade,leaf or plant left standing!!!!!!

New bulletin ...there is a severe storm about 10 miles from us. Potential for tornado.... Better go check the sky! Gma says, another night of colorful lightening with rocking and rolling going on!!!!
Be back when I can.....Getting darker in the house.... Gma says, my gopher stories and other games for the week must wait!

We are going to get my Calm Ease out so I don't get upset over the weather..... Yippy! Treat Time.... Kisses, mazy


Ice Cubes with Snow in July and Buggie Buffet

July 9th 2011 7:44 pm
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Yesterday we were scurrying around the yard trying to mow all the green stuff off. Didn't matter, if it was grass or weeds! Out of the blue,turned very humid and started to rain. Only one-third of the mowing was completed. We did bake that cake for Gpa! (I let him have chocolate for my birthday). Cuz I had birthday cookies,mini puppy bones,yammies wrapped in chicken. Since he shares his ice cream with me, I let him choose the cake.
We ended up having severe thunderstorms roll through the prairie. No flying ice cubes or tennis balls at my house! Some puppers up here did have them....How do you play with a tennis ball made of ice?????
We had lots of lightening,thunder and 2" of rain. Tornadoes were spotted in several places around the state. Never heard of any major damage....Very humid and the storm front lasted several hours. When it was bedtime, we said our prayers and went to bed...
All Clear this morning, except for the yard is covered with fluffy dry snow like stuff....Snow in July! Give me a break! No it's not the cold kind of snow, it is summer snow! The big old cottonwoods are shedding their cotton. It is a Big MESS!!! It's coming down so heavy, it is on everything.... My Paws are fuzzy when we come in. My back is white.... I'm being washed off everytime I turn around!
The cotton flew into Gma's iced tea....It was trying to land on our chicken while we were grilling it for supper. There are piles out there several inches deep!
Guess what we are doing tomorrow???? We are vacuuming up cotton before the wind moves in towards evening....Trying to keep it away from the front,back and cattle room doors is a Big Mission! The patio and furniture is plastered! I'm not into being washed off with a damp cloth, everytime we come inside.....
Like the Bugs this year, there is a surplus of the snowy stuff...It tickles my nose and sticks to my toophers. My paws look like I'm wearing mittens.... I wonder how long this will last? Gpa has 4 gallon jars of yucky barn flies he trapped to get rid of..... Then we have to set the traps again....Zillions of flies,deer flies,horse flies,mosquitos,dragonflies,millers,ants,ticks,bees,wasps,ho rnets,babycrickets and hoppers..... Is this what extra moisture does????? Gma isn't too happy.....Cuz,Bugs just LOVE her! After 6 mos. of winter now we are fighting with the buggy army from Hell....How many times can a person spray in a growing season????? She sprays around the doors everyday. The yard has been sprayed..... still there are way to many.... I was even biting at the flies the other day. While we were grilling supper,Gpa picked 16 ticks off his body. He had to get off the tractor to unplug the haymower...I guess, they hitched a ride home with him...Boy, I'm sure glad I use Bio-spot.... the bugs are not bothering me at ALL! Except those flies when it was so humid...
I keep telling Gma and Gpa to get some Bio-spot! Do they listen to me?
Guess not! So, here buggies,here buggies, lunch is being served on the patio! Gma and Gpa on the platter,coming right up!
Kisses, Mazy


Toys,Treats,New Pictures..This,that and other things!!!!!

July 7th 2011 3:41 pm
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Cottonwood is a flyin'...good thing,I'm not allergic! Looks like snow driftin' through the air. Gma used to be allergic, but I guess after almost 40 yrs. her body got used to it!

It was bedtime when my people arrived home with the supplies. I went through every bag lookin' for my Birthday stuff! I found a rope toy and played with it, while Gma put all our stuff away. I ate my busybone after they came home. I always save something they leave me to eat, just in case they are late or somethin'!

I have a brand new stash of busybones,puppy mini biscuits,yammies wrapped with dried chicken and buger stuff we use for treats instead of food. I also have a new stuffie! It is a Beaver with a squeakie! I posed for pictures with it today. Gma was sneaky and didn't give it to me until today. She knew I wouldn't go to bed...I'd stay up sqeakin' all night. Since I nap, when they are gone. Poor Gpa had to sleep to go back to haying today.... I had a birthday cookie! Gma did buy eggs AND promises to bake Gpa and I a cake the 1st. cooler day.
It is suppose to be 87 today....

They hurried at fast as they could... The whole evening was shot! Takes 2 hrs. of going and coming time. 2 hours for all the errands.
They stopped and ate supper. So they were gone for 5 hrs....

Gma and I slept in, cuz she was awake until after 1 a.m. Gpa and I hunted before lunch. Gma and I had to do laundry,cut up and freeze 10 lbs. of chicken... Ran the vacuum,cleaned the bathroom,washed a ton of dishes and scrub all the kitchen appliances. We still have to clean the back steps off. The front ones are done. We are doing the ribeyes on the grill tonight. We made a brown rice and vegetable pilaf and have fresh broccoli to steam.

We are down to making supper,cleaning that mess up. A short evening walk and playing with me. Everyone clean up and it will be time to go to bed....Another day is HISTORY! We just don't know where all our TIME goes????? I heard that it's about time to mop floors and mow everything down again. We never did get those weeds pulled...

Thank you Everyone for making my Birthday an Extra Special Day for me!
We also posted the last pictures we took of Baby. Gma could put them up when loading my toy pics. Not as hard, as it would have been to do before.... We still miss her so much!
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


Birthday Cake and Ice Cream for Everyone!!!!!

July 6th 2011 9:50 am
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Happy Birthday to me,me and me!!!! How could I be 4 yrs. old already??? How does 4 feel????? I don't feel any older! A few sprinkles and Gpa has to wait to go to the Hayfield....Yippy! He grabbed a travel mug of coffee and We were outta here! To sniffy,snoopy,
diggy,check the holes,hunt vermits and chat with Gpa....I hate Haying,cuz I don't have alot of time with Gpa....I Know Gma is grilling STEAKS tonight!!!!!She's outta of Eggs! How will she make my cake? I bet we have to run to town to buy some???? Unless she can find an eggless receipe...Hum?????

We brought cake and ice cream for all my pals and visitors to have some..... Plenty for everyone! This is where all the eggies went... It is a Big Cake!

BTW- Mr. are Correct! That black and tan doxie IS an IMPOSTER!!!! It is not me! I don't have any tan inside my ears....This doxie is little heavier than Me...The Kirk Puppers knew is wasn't me too!
Pals, I'm always Zooming here and there....Gma has lots of pictures of my hindie that she deletes. As she is thinking pictures...I am thinking, I don't have time for this! I do not pose for pictures like sssssssssssooooooooooooooo many of my pals! I am NOT and Never Will Be a Pupper Model..... Cuts into My zoomy Time!!!!Just how do you think, she'd get that uniform on this wiggle butt. Let alone take a picture....

Momma Shawna and the Kirk Pups from CDAC called and sang Me, "Happy Birthday!" It was just Awesome!!!! Phone call just for me....Cloudy and Looks like Rain....OH well! It's okay...means Extra Time for Dogster and Catster! Gma promised to fix a couple new toys that the squeskers went phooey right away.... Yippy! I never had a chance to break them in and they were in the toy hospital...

Thank you and thank you again! Such swell pals..... you've made my day so very special! I have some pictures to put up....They are just beautiful! Thank you for all the notes and pressies! I can't wait to see who sent them...
Please,please stop and sign my guestbook. I love looking at those greetings and pictures.

Make sure you stop and eat some cake and ice cream.....
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy

Birthday Cake for Everyone!!!!!!

Ice Cream for Everyone!

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