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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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Springtime Poop!

March 18th 2010 4:32 pm
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Two weeks of warmer temperatures have come and gone. Yeah!! Snowbanks or should I say slushbanks still remain! Yuck!!!! The geese are honking and flying north. Springtime has arrived!
I've been busy trailing cottontails through the many cattle corrals. Stopping to jump and roll, only in the very best of cowpies! Soft mushy, fresh green cattle poop, my favorite! Warmer temperatures, I've been able to stay outside with the Bossman while he works.
I spent 3 hrs. today running cottontails and working my nose. I have a great game of hide-in-seek going with Peter cottontail and his gang. Bossman fixed corrals before calving. Boring! I couldn't be bothered with that.... I played in the mud, slush and waterholes. Knew that Grandma would shower me off at the very least. If, I'm a Big piggy,piggy THEN, I get a bath....
So hey, pupsters, I went for it....... I ran and rolled and jumped and climbed until... I was told: I had to go in! I forget about getting cold! So today, the tub gave me the works...... AHHHH!!! Then the nice toasty blowdryer....Followed by pupperoni sticks for snackies. Took a Huge nap on the couch to top off my afternoon. The sunshine toasting me through the picture window. All recharged for supper and evening playtime. I run the house like a lunatic, clowning around. Entertaining the old people is my fulltime job. I take that job seriously....After ALL, this doxie is alway a busy little bee...



Drama Queen.....

March 19th 2010 4:22 pm
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Howdy Pupster Pals- My day started off GREAT! I was snuggled in the middle of the queen size bed all night. Toasty, just the way I like it! I'm still not used to the Time change, but I was up and bouncing around by 7:15. (Why do they mess with that stupid clock, twice a year? Here on the Prairie, our workdays follow the amount of light. No need for a Clock at all! Bossman and I know by our tummies, when it is dinner,snack or supper time....I NEVER MISS A MEAL! I don't eat much at 1 time, so Grandma feeds me 3 times a day. Plus snackies!!! Love my snackies! Yum-yum....
Anyway, I'm rambling! As I was saying I had breakfast at 7:30. I sat on the heat register to toast my little fanny. I did my business on the potty-pad, as it was COLD.... and spitting snow again!Real shcoker after 45, yesterday! Will winter Ever End????? When the weather is nice, I potty outside...when the weather is crappy..... COLD,WINDY,SNOWY,RAINY... then I use my potty station... It's COOL! I have the BEST of both worlds...This winter my dual potty locations were really appreciated! Grandma had back surgery and couldn't go outside on the ice and snow. What a lifesaver those potty pads were for Grandpa.
Oh, back to the day! I went outside, hunted for an hour and had lunch. Grandma got ready to go to town. She told me, I could go for a ride today. Well, I grabbed that leash and was at the door! I love to ride in the Rodeo. First, we went to the truck wash and Grandma washed her auto. (I don't like it, there! It's to dark and steamy). Monster vac could have sucked me into that huge robotic can! To top it all off...the Rodeo, didn't start, when done... We had to walk in the cold without my coat or sweater! Hum!
Next time, I'm leaving the leash and taking the winter coat! Long story, cut short...Grandma got Us going again. She drove a short ways and stopped. I popped my head up, where are we? What, the Vet Clinic? I didn't ask, to go to the Doctor? What's this? Oh no! She tricked me! Out came those huge hedge cutters! Despite my cries, whines, whimpers, blood curling screams and skirmming... Grabbed my paws and chop,chop! Torture and pain, forever! Grandma said, I'm a Drama Queen! Dr. Tracey, agreed...I took my treat and huffed out of there! I'm not going back, I tell you! They can't make me! And then, Grandma has the Nerve to use a little drill to smooth my nails off weekly. I only have to do this in the Winter! Another reason, I could do just Fine, without Snow! More geese flew over today. Headed to Canada...unless, they are tired, just land and stay. Geese sure are a noisy crowd! I'm waitng for Grandpa to come in.... I'll show him my paws! He will understand my pain! I'll milk the situation for all the sympathy and treats I can get! Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


Spring! Spring! Oh Yeah, It's Spring Time!

March 23rd 2010 4:41 pm
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Howdy, Pupster Pals ! To ALL of you that I've met and ALL of you that I am still going to MEET! The Princess of the Ponderosa has been a very Busy Little Gal!
It appears that Spring has Really arrived....We've been having temperatures in the 40 to 50 range. Except Today, it was 34 with a cold North Wind! (burrrr...)Still way better than the -20 to -40 Below... We have those temps. in the Winter! Slush continues to melt and the Snowbanks keep shrinking. Mudholes, Everywhere! (Yep, I'm in the corrals,hay-yards, shelter belts and all over the place! I'm having so much Fun Sniffing All the Stinky Stuff of Springtime!) I've required a shampoozie bath, the last 3 days out of 4.... I really get into my frollicking here and there and everywhere!)

Thousands of Geese, still going North... Why do they Fly so High? I get a cramp in my neck, trying to watch them... just because, I'm so short to the ground...NEWS FLASH!!Fresh hunting! The gophers are starting to come out of their holes....I'll be able to Hunt them until September. Just as fast as, they joined all the other animals in Spring...they will disappear long before winter arrives. I guess, they HATE bitter COLD, more than I DO? I guess so...Nobody makes them little knitted sweaters.... I guess, I'd hide too. The squirrels are out and about..... Swinging in the trees like they are half monkey! Maybe, now I'll give the Rabbits a Break? And maybe, I won't? Gotta keep Peter Cottontail and his family on their Toes!

The last 2 days, I walked 6 miles on leash with Grandma.... She has to walk where it isn't slippery, so she doesn't fall. Grandma said, I have to practice my leash skills...Grandpa spoiled everything with letting me run loose ALL winter long.... Now I think, I don't need a leash! This morning she took treats for the review and training stuff. Yum-yum! Surprising how quickly, I co-operated when Food was involved. The last quarter mile, Grandma took the leash off and let me run back to the house. I kept stopping to check on her.... Was she coming? Yep, but man, she was slow... I sure hope her shaping up, doesn't take too long. I get bored, waiting around ....

I have spent hours outside with Grandpa this week! It's only Tuesday! We fixed some fence,mended some corral, repaired some odd looking stuff around the place, moved feed bunks, put those funny looking blocks out for the cattle. Cattle sure eat wierd stuff! It's cattle candy... but doesn't smell like any candy, I've smelled! I've sniffed and flushed out oodles of rabbits. Everyone has a job around here..I take mine, seriously...

Grandma was back to the Spring Cleaning Stuff. She said, my tongue wasn't a good shammy.... so off, I went to help Grandpa! I marked those clean windows later, when I was bored. Actually, I leave beautiful snoozies on the window, by my loveseat, every single day.... Job security for Grandma, Grandpa said...

Finally the new afghan, Grandma spent all winter making is done! I put my spit on the yarn, the day she started it. It's mine, all mine! She says, we have to's why she made it, so big.... I don't WANT to Share! Almost supper time. I worked so hard today....I am totally exhausted and hungry enough to eat the rear out of a skunk! Well, maybe NOT! I saw Grandma cooking my vension steak.... Yum-yum! I'll be back to check on all my friends....Hugs, Mazy


How to Spend A Rainy Day

April 1st 2010 4:04 pm
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Hi there Pupster Friends- Whew! I just finished a game of Duckie! Grandma hides the duckie and I find it. She throws the fat, little, bright yellow duckie and I catch it! Yep, I do! I run around the house playing, I have it, now you, try and get it! These are some of my favorite games for rainy days. I Hate rain.... I didn't go outside at all today.

It has been cold,gray and rainy...Yuck! After several days of 60-70ish. My favorite temperatures for playing outside. I guess, it was a good thing, I was able to be outside over 4 hrs. the last 2 days. Cuz today, I snuggled alot. I sat on the couch and looked out the window. Checking to see if it was still raining. Grandpa has been outside ALL day with the cattle. He didn't take me along....I'm just a little ticked at him!

You know the wire crate, I used when I was a baby and wasn't potty trained. It holds ALL my toys.... It's their house....I go in to get the toy I want to play with.... I know the name of most of my toys. So when they say get my Bobo, duckie,squirrel,rabbit,racoon or whatever....I do! I am one smart little munchkin...

I learned to play a new game when the little people were here to stay over the weekend. It is called Find the Easter Eggs. You know, those orb looking things in oodles of different colors. Grandma hid them around the house. She wouldn't let us peek...Then the grandkiddies and I looked for them. Kenzie and Jaxs, thought it was Funny, that I could find them,too!We had so much Fun..Gram hid them 5 times for us. I would grab one and run around the house with it in my mouth. I even helped my little people find them by showing them where they were. Where was a video camera, when we needed one? Maybe, I could have been a Star on Funniest Home Videos. After all, those little people are pretty funny! I could have Won a jackpot! Been able to shop at Pet Smart, anytime I wanted too....Toys and treats and toys and treats! I would have shopped. until I dropped!

Well today, Gram was filling the Easter Eggs with goodies and prizes. She wouldn't let me play with the Eggs. She said, there was stuff in them that I couldn't eat! Hummmm! Like Jelly beans! Some of them had change in them.... I BET, I could eat the Jelly beans...Gram said, the sugar was BAD for me... I'd choke on the change for the little ones piggy banks...When she was done, she put them in the closet and closed the door...What a dirty trick to play on me!

I did get some extra treats today... Gram tricked me and put my dip stuff on for fleas,ticks and mosquitoes. I don't like the smell of it.... Mosquitoes! Yeah,right! There aren't any mosquitoes, yet! We still have some slushy stuff in the shelters belts. I've never seen any moquitoes with sweaters on! Have you?????????? Any way, the smelly stuff is good for a month....She won't be trying that trick on me, anytime soon. The stuff does work good to keep the buggies off me. Being short to the ground, they just jump right on, without it....

Since it was raining...I tried real hard to answer all my pawmails. Read up on all my furry friends... I wanted to play on the puter yesterday, but Gram was gone. She says, I have to be watched, when using the puter. Just like the little people. There are dog nappers, everywhere....Well friends, it is about time for supper. I can't be late for that!I have gotta run and warm up Grandpa's rocking chair. He will be cold when he gets inside tonight. Days when he gets really cold.... we snuggle together with the heating pad. OOOOOOHHH! I just love the toasty heatpad! I'm the gal, who loves summer days and sunshine!
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Mistress Spring and Master Winter...KNOCK-IT off!!!!!

April 2nd 2010 11:53 am
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Mother Nature, Mother Nature, Where are you? Help! Help! Master Winter and Mistress Spring are fighting again! Help Us! Come stop this fighting!

I huddled down in the thick blankets of Gram’s big bed…She opened the blinds and Poop, there was NO SUNSHINE!!! It was gray, cold and damp…Where did my sunshine and warm springy weather go?

It was rainy yesterday. Just plain yucky, outside! Gram wasn’t interested in digging out my raincoat for 10 seconds outside. (I really hate the rain! I get so cold so fast, with or without a raincoat.) Besides the three guys she real dislikes had come to visit. They have the weirdest names. Art, Ritis and Fibro. Boy… They always show up when the baro-something is whacky and all over the place. Gram gets a little crabby. I have to go into my clown mode, then she feels better and perks right up. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Well, it rained during the night. Filled up, all the dried up holes in the ranch yard. Now everything is mucky and sloppy again. It had just dried out a couple days ago.
But really what happened this morning takes the CAKE! Or maybe, I should say, takes the BUNS?

It was raining, then sleet and it turned to snow…. POW! KABOOM! What the Hay? Thunder and lightening like we have in July! Followed by Hail! You know those ICY ROCKS! The WIND got just CRAZY and blew and blew….All that noise scared me! I ran and hid under my fuzzy blanket!

If that, wasn’t weird enough: It started snailing! That’s a Mazy word….Snail is half snow and half hail. It looks like milky white BB’s with a few clear chunks thrown in the mix. A few minutes and the ground was ALL white! About fifty Bobbin Robbins had returned home this week. They were just shocked and confused…they took cover in my front yard. They’ve only been HOME a short time. They leave in the WINTER, cuz they are such WUSSIES! Gram says, they go south where it doesn’t snow! Unless they flew to Hawaii, they sure had a Surprise this past winter! Maybe next year they will just hang around?

Grandpa went out to feed the cows and calves. The lightening and snailing drove him back inside. He said, the lightening was just too close! I think, Grandpa is getting a little soft with age, too? Poor Grandpa had been up during the night checking on all those FAT COWS! You know, they are POPPIN’ left and right…babies everywhere! Two o’clock, he had to be a Midwife…Deliver the baby!
Try to drag the calf into the barn and get the Mom to come along…POOR Grandpa is looking kinda tired! This BABY MESS just got started….

Oh, do excuse me….I seem to have wandered off the weather topic. Grandpa went back out when it stopped snailing. Gram’s Easter Buns were just about ready to bake. So, Gram fired up the old gas oven.

Beep! Beep! She popped those wheat buns into the oven. The SMELL of them Baking was just SSSSOOOO good! My kitchen was WARM and TOASTY! I curled up in my little bed under my fuzzy blanket for a NAP! Ten minutes to go on the buns…Oh NO! POP and everything got dark in the house. The Power went off! This wasn’t good… Gram was REALLY UPSET BIG-TIME!

Would the heat in the oven hold long enough to finish the buns? She restarted the oven two times. It was NIP and TUCK, but the BUNS made it! SHOOT! I thought she’d have to throw them away…I could SNEAK one out of the trash can…YUM-YUM!

Gram said, Master Winter and Mistress Spring were fighting over who was in charge for the day. Mother Nature wasn’t watching her KIDS! Did she take a vacation??? Now after snowing some more, it turned back into rain. The power has been off at least six times. It is only NOON!

Gram just heard Grandpa come into the house. He is making some stinky, watery stuff that a baby cow gets when its Mother can’t feed it. It has lots of vitamins in it.
Then the calf will have to go on milk out of a bag. Every year, Poor Grandpa, he always ends up with a bottle baby or two. The cow wants her baby but her faucetts are too big! The baby cow can’t get the milk… Hummm! That is strange….When I get a taste of milk…Gram, takes it out of a carton and pours it into my bowl. I didn’t know a cow, had to put it, into the carton. How did she manage to do that?

Looks like day two of staying inside, ALL day for me…. I’ll surely have CABIN FEVER by supper time. Guess, I’d better dig out ALL my toys for YUCKY weather days….Sure glad, I am NOT a CALF! What a NASTY day to be BORN!!!

Sure HOPE, the weather gets better before SUNDAY! NOW, I know why Gram planned an indoor PICNIC…Here’s Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Easter!
It’s just about time for lunch…. Days like Today, we snack a lot around here…
Yum-Yum! I LOVE my SNACKIES!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses,



April 4th 2010 9:48 am
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Hi there,Pupster Pals- Happy Easter! The stormy weather cleared out Friday night. Left us with lots of water holes. Grandpa's tractor cut big ruts in yard, getting hay to the cattle. Lots of babies born this week. My poor Grandpa has been cheated on his SLEEP!

Anyway, I was outside 2 times yesterday. 2 hrs. both times. It was GREAT after being housebound for 2 days......... Gram was cleaning Grandpa's cattle supply room and few other outside chores. So, I was in Heaven Sniffing here and there.... It was muddy everywhere.... Knew, I was going to see the Tubby! What the HAY? I rolled in some FRESH COW POOPIE AND SOME OTHER STICKY STUFF! Gram called me a Little Devil, instead of Angel, yesterday! I just couldn't Help, myself... (Yes, I had a shampooize bath...I've had more baths in the last 30 days than in my whole life!) I don't mind, as long as I get to HUNT!

Later in day the Sun had dried up alot of places. .... I only had to have my paws and chest showered off... Boy! Was I tired last night! I still don't Snore like Grandpa!

I'm sitting here waiting for my little people to arrive. They had Church,1st... (They have some Stupid Rule, that I can't go to church!) Apparently, they have Never heard me Sing??????????

So Gram and I slept in. Late Breakfast, then we went for a leash walk. I logged a 1.5m. Then US Gals, made ourselves, Pretty for the DAY! Came home and fixed up some more food. We are having an indoor picnic!(I LOVE PICNICS....) Then an Easter Egg HUNT! I practiced that NEW game last week, when Kenzie and Jaxs were here. It's SOOOOmuch,FUN! We have 120 eggs to hide...Well Gram, does! I get to play the game, too! I had to promise, not to find them ALL! MY Nose IS SUCH A TRACKING DEVICE!!!!! I have a BIG advantage.....between my Nose and my SPEED!
I'll LET Ya'll know, how it ALL turns out.....Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


April 7th 2010 4:55 pm
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Hi There Pupster Friends-I've been so Busy trying to reply to all my pawmails. Check up on all my new friends. Read all your diaries. My little head has just been spinning!

Easter is over...I tried to PEEK while Gram hide the Eggs on Sunday. So Gram, let the little people start hunting 1st. Can you believe it? She made me MAD... so then I just didn't hunt eggs at ALL! The little people thought they found all the eggs....NOT! I found 5 on Monday while Gram cleaned. I put all the change in my Furbank. Next time, I'm at Petsmart....I'll do a little extra shopping! Everybody had a Great Time.... I wasn't outside, as much as I normally am. I did manage a 1 hour hunt while Gram and grandson kept an eye on me. Everyone was gathered around the table and playing some kind of game... So, I insisted on going from Gram to Grandpa's I could learn how to play cards,too! That UNO game, isn't so hard....I caught right on....Whoever, held me, ended up, being the WINNER. I'm a LUCKY CHARM,too?My talents just keep growing...

I've been working really hard on my refresher leash course. Gram said, I'm doing really well...She wasn't too happy with me pulling on the leash. We have the Bugs worked out of me now! (a few Treats) ggggoooooo a llllllloooooonnnnnnggggg Way with training ...

The little stripe gophers are out now. They are smaller than the big flickertails. Yep, I've been hunting gophers. Yesterday, I hunted gophers while Gram did some yardwork...sure glad, I didn't have her job! Picking up sticks...The only thing, I like to do with sticks is chew them up and make mini-sticks! I didn't catch any gophers yesterday, but I tried! I did find a pheasant wing... I was so Proud of that find. Gram tricked me and took it away...She was afraid, I'd choke on the bones. Next time, I'm thinking, I am NOT going to show her ! I caught a couple mice this week. I'm not quite as good at catching mice, as the barn cats are..... but I'm learning. They've had more practice, than I have. I don't try to eat the mice..... so why,does Gram? Throw them away? I like to keep my trophies....What's the deal? A couple mice, a pheasant wing, a gopher, a rabbit or two...tucked into my CAVE! (It's the bottom of an old,old, fabric rocker... that nobody sits in......) Why? or Why? Can't I keep my trophies???

The cottontails and I have been getting our exercise. I've run them to and fro, everyday, I get a chance! I lost a sweater last fall while chasing rabbits. Gram found it yesterday caught in the liliac bushes... Needs a good washing- but ok,otherwise...
Getting caught while hunting is why, I only wear sweaters and coats on the leash. I'm not going fast enough on the leash in the cold weather to stay warm. Also, why I only wear a collar on the leash.

STILL Helping Gram to increase her daily walking. Today we went to town for errands and grocery. I got to go along. I LOVE to Ride, as long as the destination is anywhere, but the FUR Doctor! I get to go inside at the Auto Garage. I wonder why, I have to wait when Gram gets groceries? Anyway, I had a good time...soaking up some extra sun on the ride.

Today, I took a Fur-suana in the Hot Laundry ....One of my favorite things to do! I am a Sunshine gal! Sure hope, there will not be any late snow storms this year? Around here, about the time you think Spring is here to stay: Watch Out! We had a Dandy last year, about this time. Gram and I had a quick game of Soccer in the frontyard. I usually play with a tennis ball. I do like my 10" inflatable ball. My Nose is Good for somethin' besides sniffing,trailing and sticking it- into stuff! Think, I'll train for the Olympics...What do ya think?

Hey pals, I think it is about supper time for me. I'd better run...I need a good nights sleep. Gram needs my tongue to help with window washing tomorrow. I'll be plenty of Help, since Grandpa is selling cattle AND he said, I can't go! When do I get to VOTE???

Thanks, furpals for all the mail, updated photos.... all the Help finding my way around on dogster... It's SUCH BIG PLACE! So much to do and so little time to do it.....
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


Wind, Wind and More Wind........Go Away!

April 13th 2010 2:46 pm
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Here it is, in the 60's with harsh winds rolling across the prairie. Yesterday was windy, but I still went out with Grandpa. (only about 20-25 mph) I messed around about a half hour each time. My Grandma was gone for the day. Grandpa was outside most of the time with the cattle and other work. I wanted to be with I begged to go out! I'm ONE tough little doxie! (when I want to be... I'm a Diva, when I want,too!) Wussies rabbits, squirrels and gophers have been hiding in their burrows for 2 days now! I'm going into DT's with NO Decent Hunting for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!!!
When Grandma came home....I ran fast, in and out, while she unloaded All the Supplies...(Of course, I check each and every bag.....Always some treats or a new toy in one of them... Do I have Gram trained or what?????) There was a box with something that just smelled furlishous! Gram, wouldn't let me look! It was Super Duper Pizza for Grandpa's supper... He had another meeting to go to...So, I got a No... on the Pizza for me! I did get some vension stirred into my kibbles...I was a Happy Camper!
I went and found my Busybone and ATE it... Grandma gives me stuff when she does go and I can't go with. I won't Eat it, until Everyone comes back home... Then we play Hide and Seek with it for awhile. Before I destroy it! I did a super job cleaning my pearly whites last night. Made Gram play Soccer in the frontyard 3 times after supper. We fired up the PC and checked in at dogster...She won't let me use the PC when she is gone....Fur nappers are everywhere.....
I slept with BoBo and a fuzzy-waszie..right in the middle of that queen bed.(like always)... The weather didn't bother me! I sure don't know why Grandma and Grandpa didn't get any sleep!!!!! They even played music all night long...Grandma is pretty slow today....those friends came back to visit. Art,ritis, and fibro. boy...
The sun finally broke through the dark gray solid cloud cover. The wind is blowing 40-45mph. here on the Prairie.... There is sand,leaves,sticks and branches flying all over the place. This kind of wind sucks all the moisture out of the ground really fast.... Stuff is just starting to grow after coming out of winter....Sure will be alot drier now......Grandpa has an old shacky little building, he puts ground feed in for the calves.
Grandpa... did have!!!! The wind has been taking it apart, piece by piece, ALL day.... I guess, now Grandpa will put a new little shed there. NO more patching on this one! It's History! Grandma said, it was a Blessing!
The house smells SSOOOO GOOD! Grandma is cooking stuff in the crockpot! Yummy! I saw some carrots go in there....Maybe, there is 1 with my name on it?
She baked a cake....She ask Grandpa, what kind? Yeah! He said, white with fluffy white frosting! I may get a crumb! It's not that Chocolatieeeeee stuff Grandma usually makes...
We're afraid, if the wind doesn't die down soon: we may lose the rural power....Hide and Seek by kerosene lamp...Sounds like Fun for evening playtime........ Grandma vetoed that idea too! Said, safety first! Flashlight for hide and seek.... By the way, what is a kerosene lamp????? Guess, she never had it out with me around.....
So furpals, if I'm not around.... probably a power issue.....Hugs and Kisses to Each and Everyone of You, Be seein' ya soon! LOVE all the pawmails, diary entries, new pics and group stuff..... Mazy

p.s.- Do ya like my music????????


The Rabbit Got The Best Of Me.....

April 18th 2010 12:01 pm
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Zigged, when I should have Zagged! It’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
Fur pals, I was enjoying a spring day by sniffing, trailing and chasing those tricky cottontails. I wasn’t outside alone. Grandma was raking up sticks after high winds plastered the yard.

Well, just before the Fur Hit the Fan! I Blew, past Grandma in Hot pursuit of my trickster rabbit. I was closing the gap and ready to grab him by his fuzzy little tail….

Things got a little fuzzy for me after that….The Pain of it ALL! I screeched out as Loud as I could….. Then I Sat down to wait for Grandma…..My screech wasn’t my usual Yappy sound. Like when I’ve almost caught up with those pesty teasing rabbits.

Grandma threw the rake down and came running. She had to climb a fence to find me in the shelter belt. Well, I’d come out of the shelter belt and sat down by one of Grandpa’s grain bins. Grandma was sure to see me, here!

Seemed like, I waited forever…. My Grandma scooped me up….I rolled my sad little eyes. She was trying to figure out what I had done to myself? She put me down on the ground and called me to her. I started towards her….Oh my fur, the pain! I couldn’t put my front paw down and keep it down.

Grandma kicked it into overdrive. She ran to the house with me. Called the Fur Doc, grabbed her purse and we were off. She wrapped me in her velour jacket. Trying to keep me warm and comfy. I was unusually quiet as she drove. This scared my Grandma even more. Oops, this can’t be good! My Grandma is hard to rattle! Oh, MY Fur…What will they do to me????

Cattle country is very busy in the spring. Our clinic has 3 Docs. I had to wait forever and I was shaking the whole time. People came and went… I never woofed at any of them… I just stayed huddled down in the coat with Grandma holding me. I never knew, how worried Grandma was…

Finally, my turn. What the Doc, wants Grandma to put me down and have me walk! What kind of crazy test is this? By this time a couple hours have passed since injury. I put my weight on the paw, step and limp, then held it up, etc… Over and over…. At home, I wouldn’t put my weight on it at all. I’d just stand holding it in the air or sit down. The Doc then had me on a table to feel my front leg and paw. I was so meek and quiet. Not my perky little self. My normal frisky energy level was a big Zippo!

He seemed, Happy it was the front end and not the back end! (Oh! That’s right, Doxies tend to hurt their backs.) Doc was pretty sure it wasn’t broken.
He thought it was just a sprain. So he packaged up some pills for Grandma. Tried to give me a pill for pain and inflammation. It was suppose to taste like liver or beef! Well, it didn’t smell like any liver or beef to me! I wasn’t taking it. Doc, told Grandma to wrap it in something I really liked when I got home.

Home? Yes, I want to go home, right now! Wrap the pill in a treat…Hum, that doesn’t sound to bad! Home we went… A tiny piece of deli ham and the hidden pill later… I had relief…

I curled up on the loveseat and snoozed with my Grandma right beside me.
I didn’t annouce Grandpa coming home or run to greet him. Grandma gave Grandpa the whole story, blow by blow…

After we came home from the Doc, Grandma found a small puncture wound between the base of my neck and my chest. She cleaned it and put medicine on it. She pulled small and something hard out of it… Oh! Then it felt better. I was the Best patient… I didn’t cry or try to run and hide. I just wanted Grandma to make it ALL better. Doc didn’t find the wound….

By evening, I had perked up and was acting more like my normal self.
Grandpa said, “He thought I’d milk this for All it Was Worth!” I turned my nose up at certain food….I got something else! I had the wound cleaned, I got treats for being a Good Girl! I didn’t want restricted activity….

A new week has begun… I’m as good as new! Grandma still cleaning the boo-boo. But Really, it is almost gone…..I’m being pretty tight lipped about what really happened! Did I run under, when I should have jumped over? Was it a fallen tree or branch? A piece of Grandpa’s junk, that caught me? Only the rabbit and I know, what really happened out there….

Grandma said, “I’d better be careful! I scared years, off her life… She didn’t think, she could do the massive adrenaline rush thingy to often.” Yep, I’m back to Hunting…Every chance I get!


Twin Moo-Moos

April 26th 2010 3:47 pm
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News Flash from the Princess of the Ponderosa… We had a set of twin moo-moos this past week. The little gal was separated from her brother…It happens sometimes… The cow has a baby, moves a little ways and has the 2nd. baby. By the time she has mothered them both a little… the 1st. One wanders off….then the Big moo-moo doesn’t want them both. Grandpa tried a little to put the family back together. The Big Moo-Moo wasn’t having it!
She’s so tiny and so cute! How could her Momma, Not Want Her? Well, Grandpa said, it was probably better that she is on a bottle. Cuz, then both her brother and her will do better. Grow faster and be stronger and healthier.
Since she is pretty small….Grandpa feeds her 3 times a day, instead of twice. So, her tummy doesn’t get too full! (Hey, I get fed 3 times a day….so my tummy isn’t too full to Hunt!) She has a funny bottle! It’s a nipple for a lamb, on one of Grandma’s water bottles. The other bottle calf is much bigger and it’s Momma couldn’t care for it….gets a Huge calf bottle with a Big milker thingy on it…(looks like something I’d like to chew on awhile?) The bigger calf gets only 2, half gallon bottles a day.. Hey! There must be something to being on the small side? You get extra when you’re a little shrimpy around here!
Anyway, Grandma and I are trying to find a name for the tiny moo-moo….She needs a name! Cuz, Grandpa makes Furpals out of all the orphans. He has 2 or 3 every year! They ARE NOT coming into my HOUSE!!!! Grandma would Blow a head gasket!!!! I’m NOT sharing Grandpa’s glider rocker with any other critters…After all, she has the Whole Big Barn to herself! Back to a Name…. Can any of my furpals give us ideas???? We can make a game out of it….Grandma loves animals but usually before summer is over…. Those orphans eat some of Grandma’s flowers. Rub on her bushes and break branches off. Leave hoof divets around the yard… Sometimes, they Poop in the yard! That last one is the last straw for Grandma! (Takes a lot to make Grandma MAD…. But messing with her personal space will do it!) When they poo, the Big, nasty barn flies come…. Us gals hate the flies! I can’t catch them all! I’d have to stay up 24/7.…. SSSooooooooooooo, Help me name the little moo-moo. I suggested, POOPSALOT, PAININTHETUSH, TINY and SHRIMPY. BUT, Grandma just didn’t think any of those were good little gal names…. Got any ideas???? Just leave a name or paw mail me…. Surely, someone has a good name??????

Lots of other stuff happened around here! We will save that for another day. Springtime on the Prairie is full of Surprises!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses, Mazy

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