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Prince,Prince,Where Is My Prince??????????

August 26th 2013 2:25 pm
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I'm back, but just briefly....Today,low 80's but 98% humidity
and light sprinkles but not enough to measure....Turned HOT! 103
was the highest, other days have been 95-98!Gma and Gpa work in
this weather, but make me stay inside! Being black,they say I over
heat too FAST!

Searhin' for my PRINCE! Gma and I read this book...about a Prince
that was turned into a Troll. A Princess with magical powers, in
an enchanted forest...She did this, cuz, he was going to attack
her pawrents Kingdom!

Gma said, "Mazy girl, I've heard of kissin' alot of frogs to
fine a Prince, but Never kissin' a Troll!" Clever girl, that I am,
I started searhin' our garden for my Prince! Once it quit
rainin' and things got real dry......the garden was where
a bunch of froggies moved too! They like some moisture!!!!!

I've worked the foilage up and down and all around! I managed
to lick a couple of those froggies......BUT, NO PRINCE came
forth! I caught one, to do a better job of kissin' him and
Gma made me let him go! How can I find a Prince, if I can't
hold them in my mouth??????????

Gma said," they are eatin' some of the buggies, that bite her
when she picks veggies! I have to leave them alone and not
hurt them!" I decided,that there are lots of boy pups at
dogster and they are all PRINCES! The search is over! I'm
still chasin' the froggies,plus a plague of grasshoppers!
Gma lets me attack the grasshoppers ALL I WANT! Cuz, they
damage her plants and the veggies!

Now reportin' on Gma and Gpa: Gpa just baled the hay of the
ditches on Sunday. He has a couple meadows to do and bales
will be all done. There are about 2000 of them! Now, he has
to go out there and stack all the bales into piles. Haul them
all home before winter for moo-moo food. Alot of work for 1
old guy! The professional poop haulers came and spent 2 days
here. Cleanin' all the corrals,haulin' it out and spreadin'
it on a big field. Moo-moo poop haulin' has become real
pricey! Almost $3,000 smackeros! That would buy treats for
all my pals and then some! Gma said,"just another reason for
Gpa to retire!" Gpa says,"1 last winter and he is selling
all the cattle!" Gma says,"Believe it when I see it!"
He's told all the friends and neighbors that is his plan!
Maybe he is really serious?????????????

Gma's veggie freezer is almost FULL! We have 2 for beef,
pork,fish,poultry,venison and baked stuff. 1 for our veggies...
Since we last snuck to dogster: we have picked and picked!
We made 64 jars of assorted canned pickles,plus 5 gals. of
assorted refrigerated pickles. We froze cabbage,cauliflower,
bell peppers,yellow squash,zucchini,peas,green and yellow beans.
We had our 1st. ripe tomatoes yesterday....We have oodles of
butternut squash in the garden. Cantaloupes are lookin' fantastic
and plentiful!We have carrots,onions and sweet potatoes.The corn
Gpa's bottle calves are eatin'. It was planted mostly for
a windbreak.... Weird corn! Each plant made like 5 or 6 stalks
from 1 seed! The ears just didn't fill as they should!
Gma has never seen corn do this?????? We have tons of tomatoes
to ripen. We will make pasta sauce,chili starter,salsa
and can whole tomatoes.

Alot of veggie harvest is still left to do.....Gma picks
3-4 times per week. We also take extra veggies to our county
Senior Center where they use the vegetables in their menus.
We have given away alot of veggies too....After the harvest
we have the garden to clean off and haul away.

We still haven't washed the CAR! This was planned for today.
Too humid to do it. Also too buggy! We can't wash windows yet!
We have been plagued by flies and nats all summer! Cleanin' the
corrals didn't help! We have to wait until frost comes and
kills off a few Zillion bugs, before we do these jobs.
Sticks are fallin' from the big cottonwoods. We pick some
up as we walk through the yard. We are slowly pullin' or
cuttin' off flowers that have done their thing!

Gma and Gpa just take it 1 day at a time....otherwise, they
are overwhelmed, by all they must do before winter rolls around.
Everyday...I can see their energy fuel tanks are quickly
drainin'! We do alot more snugglin' around here, than we do
playin'! Despite all the one here, is excited
about Winter! The ART and RITIS boyz are really pesterin'
my Gma and Gpa.... They just keep on tickin' like the old Timex!

I can't believe, it is almost Labor Day Weekend...I Do
wish all my pals a pawtastic holiday! Hopefully, your house
doesn't have to work that day! Fire up the BBQ and tell
the pawrents to throw some meatz on for ya! Grandkids will
have their 1st. school vacation for Labor Day. They went
back to school on 15th. Tell me pals,how did you spend your
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


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Barked by: HarleyDavidson THD, CGC (Dogster Member)

August 26th 2013 at 6:26 pm

Well I spend my summers doing my therapy dog work Miss Mazy but no where near as busy as your household!
Barked by: ☕ Finley ☕ (Dogster Member)

August 26th 2013 at 7:07 pm

I spent my summers takin' Momma and Whit and her momma on mornin' walks and playin' a lil pool ball and chasin' varmints outta Momma's garden (she sez she plans on thinnin' it out quite a bit once it gets cooler-- so's we can run around better and get more vermin, like da rat we killed da udder day!) and snoopervisin' da Mommas as dey work on their new bidness...
Barked by: JAKIE O'BRIEN, FOREVER LOVED (Dogster Member)

September 2nd 2013 at 11:03 am

I bin lookin for a pup for Mom. She wanted to get a female Shih Tzu, but she fell in love with this little Maltese/Terrier. She's got her furever home last week.

Be careful out in the sun and don't overdo.

Hope you're taking it easy today and enjoying Labor Day!!
Barked by: Amazing Grace (Dogster Member)

September 5th 2013 at 4:28 pm

Hi there enjoyed seeing what you have been doing!
The Gpa and Gma worked on Labor Day....they always do...Maybe not, when they finally retire?????

Gpa did take Gma to a crab seafood festival on the 31st. The hay wouldn't dry I guess they had a little holiday time. Gma and I made pasta sauce on the 1st. Tomatoes are ripening now....Made 25 pints of sauce this week. Will be doing again before weekend is over. We also frozen peppers,
corn on the cob,green beans and squash.

The plague of the flies...Continues! We've been mowing and cutting off perennials. Still harvesting garden. Gpa is still making hay....Grasshoppers are Crazy now!!!!!!
Roasted chicken for supper! Yummy!

We did 10 days of laundry today and cleaned our house... It was a PIT! Miss all of my pals...hugs and kisses,mazy

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