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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Icy's New Coat

May 16th 2012 11:52 am
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Here is a photo on Dogster of Icy in his new coat: omments_form

There is also one at the as his main photo too:

He's very happy with the fit and seems to be less hot wearing it. I made sure and made it big for him so I think he gets more air-flow going through it.

Went out on Monday with Icy. We had a great walk and meeting. Everyone thinks Icy acted well and they were calling him a hero. I think he is too.

I think they have been talking. My MIL was in town and someone came up to her that had seen it happen. Wanted to know if we were alright. He said that he thought that the aggressive dog was a goner when Icy opened his big mouth. But he didn't attack or even growl. He was also amazed at how easily Icy was controlled by my MIL and then me. My MIL talked some more. The more people that have a good opinion of what happened the better. My MIL says that the Dog Warden would have been here with the police the day after if they thought Icy had been in the wrong. So I think we're good. Maybe that dog and man are known to be trouble makers....

I was told yesterday that it is a credit to my training that Icy calmed down for my MIL till I could get to him. He has also walked fine for an elderly gentleman that I used to know.


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