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Professional Physio Opinion of Icy

October 24th 2011 6:29 am
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Icy and I went to our normal Monday group. It ends next week so I'll have to find something else for us to do on Mondays. He knows his days of the week! There was a physio there today and she saw that I have some movement in my drop foot. This is really good news and means I'm doing well working with my body. She also professionally thought Icy was brilliant. That's always good to hear.

She agreed that my back is getting more of a work-out and is in less pain because of Icy. He was really on the ball today. She had a bed to check me out on and Icy stood up (without me telling him or being on the lead) to give me the handle on his back to help me up. He also go up and moved over a few inches when I asked him to. She also saw us walking and on the stairs.

I've been nervous about showing him to doctors and physios in case they think I'm trying to take the easy way out or something. I know when she walked in she thought maybe I was using him just as emotional support. And then she saw him actually working. It was nice. I think there is a niche here for dogs that are not seeing eye dogs or hearing dogs but mobility dogs.

Barked by: Icy Retired Mobility SD (Dogster Member)

October 28th 2011 at 3:21 am

Wooo Wooo!!! Thank you for making my diary "Diary of the Day" for October 25th, 2011. You made my day!! I bet I'll get an extra bone for it. Shhh...don't tell....


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