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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

I used Icy as a Service Dog today

August 15th 2011 5:17 am
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Amazing time out with Icy working. We went on our own and he was brilliant. Got in to the spiral staircase and he knew just what to do. I thought I'd have to train him to stay at my side on stairs (in case I need support). He and Star are trained to heel me on the stairs. But he staid next to me on his own without being told. One stair at a time. The lady running my group was doubmfounded (sp). He was great in the group too and just lay at my feet.

This group is for chronic pain suffers and people with mobility problems. BTW Didn't want you to think I was in AA or something!

I had water with me and I think next week I'll take a bowl with me. I wish you could have seen him. A real champ! He was a bit distracted when we first walked out but fell into line. People had coffee on a low table and he lay with his back to it. No sniffing people either. It was a new streat and new place so I let him have a sniff as we went. Next week he'll know where we're going and what is expected. At break time, we walked together around and he got to sniff things.

Next week Lynn said she would video us coming down the stairs for all to see. :)

Star howled but was fine. She seemed settled when we got home. They ran around the back to get some energy out. But she doesn't seem to be holding a grudge. All in, a good day. :)


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