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Training my Malamute Assistance Service Dogs

Day 1 of Service Dog/Obedience Refresh Training My Two- Rescue Dogs (in doors)

February 21st 2011 1:55 pm
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I hope this works. I made a slideshow of my practice with the dogs today. I don't think it came up with a hyperlink.

My husband Dave obediently took a lot of photos for me to add to my Training Diary. Its mostly for me if I have to train another dog from such a disabled stand-point, in the future. Maybe it will help a few people. Dunno. ction=view┬Ąt=567c513a.pbw

My theory is to walk them around my living room until we both feel comfortable enough to go out. I am ambidextrous so I use a different dog on either side and the crutch on the other. So that (hopefully) in the future I will be able to walk both dogs again and they will be trained their appointed sides.

It went well. Both dogs remembered their prior training and though excited; remained slow and easy on me. :)

They both seem mighty pleased. I think they thought I would never take them with me. Now they know we're working toward it. A great start too! I didn't fall and neither dog tried to put me off my legs. Icy was better but all in I thought they were much better than I expected.

To Star's credit, she only had about 1 month of training before I was in the hospital. Icy is my older dog and I expected more from him. They both were excellent and got lots of praise and treats.

Day 1 (Feb 21, 2011)


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