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Butch's Barkings

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Catching Up

March 13th 2009 8:27 am
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A lot has happened since I last checked in. Fall came, then winter. We had a fun tailgating season for six weekends up in Pullman (now, the football part was painful this year, I must admit). I was molested (in a good way) by several cheerleaders and dance team members. I sliced open my paw pad, suffering excruciating pain and milking it for every last drop of sympathy. And we moved out of the schtoopid little condo and into our new house, which took them precisely eight months to build.

Regarding the latter, I'm digging the new digs. There is a park across the street where I can pee and poop and sniff people. I have a dog door, complete with my own circular steps (mom says you should have seen the contractor's face when asked to construct them -- steps....for a DOG???); however, until we get some grass of our own I must continue to use the park as my personal potty place.

And the boy is coming home today for a week, spring break says mom. Can't wait to see him!

Well, I rambled, but it's been a while. So, until next time, I say...




Not sure what is wrong with me....

September 4th 2008 7:09 pm
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For the past few days, mom and dad have noticed a couple of troublesome things. First, mom left me a milkbone on the bed before she left for work, but could not coax me up. Thinking that I would get it later, she left. 9 hours later, it was still there.

She throws my favorite frisbees, but I refuse to chase them anymore. I just stare at them as they land.

Finally, she and dad got the RV ready for this weekend's football game. Usually, I am all about getting in the RV and laying on the couch. But I did not want to crawl up the stairs to get inside. Dad has to coax me in, coax me out.

Maybe it's my hips. Heck, I'm only 4 1/2. This is really worrying the mommy and daddy. Time to call the vet and get an appointment.

Sadly, I say Out.



Skunk 1, Butch 0

August 31st 2008 10:44 am
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So, late last night, the daddy is getting ready to go to bed. The mommy has been sound asleep for hours.

"Would you like to go outside, Butch?" the daddy asks. Well, of course, any opportunity to pee is a good opportunity.

We go out on the back lawn, which is across the street from the golf course. I sniff, pee on a bush, and then.....come face to face with a skunk. As you might recall from my July 19 diary entry, we have discovered there are skunks in this neck of the woods.

The little #$%%^ trespasser snuck right up on me. Dad yelled for me to come, but this time, I was too curious. So much for the neighbor lady who told dad the other day, "That dog is really well trained." Nope, I was not listening to the daddy, I was trying to make the acquaintance of one Pepe Le Pew.

And pew is true, as he sprayed. I finally realized that perhaps this was not fun and games. I slunk back in the house with dad, we woke poor mommy up so that we could have a family bathtime, at nearly midnight.

And now, the house STINKS. Dad is de-smelling it with white vinegar. Mommy and daddy will look twice from now on before letting me exit the house at night.




Close Encounter with a Stinky Skunk

July 19th 2008 8:48 pm
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Well hey, it's bad enought the pawrents went and sold our freakin' house so they can build another a year down the road, but then they move us to something called a "condo" near the river as temporary residence. Kind of cool, I suppose, but what the heck is this??? No freakin' dog door. So I depend on the mercy of the hoomans to get me to safe peepee and poopie territory before there's an unfortunate accident.

But I immediately digress.....Anyhoo, last night, they were extremely late coming home, something about a party and a few glasses of the good grape. To make it up to me, they haul my full bladder across the street to the golf course -- one of my favorite frolicking grounds when those crazy bast**** aren't swinging metal sticks everywhere. I must remind you, it is 10:15, so it is dark.

Suddenly, it makes a move! What, I am not sure, but I sure as freakin' heck want to check it out. So I go running toward it. I immediately get a sense of urgency from the pawrents as I hear them yell "BUUUUTCH, NOOOOOOOOOO!" I suppose it's lucky for all of us that I stopped. Because the thing moving had a white stripe down its back. A skunk, says mom. And it sure as heck wasn't backing off.

Mom says had I made full contact, my accommodations for the night would have been the garage.


Butchie (still smellin' like a'rose)


Bye, Johnny!

January 6th 2008 6:49 pm
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Three and a half weeks ago, I was very happily surprised by the reappearance of my human brother, Johnny. He had something called "finals" in mid-December, and then one day he walked in the door with a suitcase. He reassumed his old bed, and he spent many of his days sleeping in, playing on the computer, and of course playing with ME!

Today, I felt the wind shift. Mom woke up, and her face was sad. There was a suitcase and other items waiting to be loaded into the truck. Johnny gave me a Milkbone and hugged me, and off he and mom and dad went, driving 2 hours to Pullman to drop him off for another semester of school.

The house is quieter. The spot where he docked his laptop is forlornly empty, as is his LazyBoy in front of the TV. There are no constant "clickings" of Diet Coke cans being opened (or grumblings of mom who jots around the house picking up half empty cans), nor are there constant microwave cycles buzzing to heat up leftover pizza.

Only 2 months til spring break. I miss you, Johnny.




The Visitor

September 9th 2007 10:30 am
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My oh my, but things have been busy around my dawg house lately, and I'm just now settling in to write a long overdue diary entry.

As some of you know, my only human sibling, John, left my dawg house in mid-August to go to school. He is now a freshman at Washington State University, about 2.5 hours away from us. Mom and dad seem to be dealing well with "empty nest syndrome" -- how could they not? They still have me!

Anyhoo, John had been gone quite some time, and quite frankly his smells had been fading fast from the household. Then one Friday, mom and dad came flying in the door, threw some food in my bowl (the nerve, by the way, you gently POUR, not throw), and......LEFT me alone! Several hours later, I heard the truck pull into the garage.

Then I smelled it....the boy smell!! It couldn't be, could it??? I shot in through my dog door and sprinted up the stairs. There he was, my boy!! I was so excited that I danced around and kept trying to take John out at the knees! He was laughing and trying to pet me, I know he has missed me very much!

It was a weekend called "Labor Day" weekend, and John spent 2 full days with me. He petted me and fed me treats. Then, sadly I watched mom and dad pack him back in the truck and they disappeared for many more hours, coming home without the John.

But - in a month I get to go with mom and dad in an RV to visit John and watch a really cool football game. So there you go!




I am loved.....

July 5th 2007 8:54 pm
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Here's the newest dogster tag craze - being loved! Pick 3 dogsters you think are really pawriffic and paw a little about why! Let them know how much they are loved with a rosette or by paw mail! I'm guessing you can't love tag the ones that have 'tagged' you?!?!?

I am loved by Bella Beans!! Thank you, Bella -- you've taught me that someone special is worth sticking up for, and that there are kind, generous hearts within "strangers" out there. And you taught me that maturity is ageless.

So many to choose from, but here are my three:

1. I love George Underwood. George is one of my first Dogster forum friends (we both entered the forums on September 3, 2005), and a big doofus at that! He makes me laugh all the time, but he always astounds me with his kindness to other dogs. We danced together in our silver and gold lame g-you-know-whats in some of our early threads, and got our paws slapped together by HQ. What a great, fun guy George is, and I love you man!

2. I love Mocha Bear. Mocha is a kind-hearted, sweet dog with a goofball sweetheart for a brother, Monte. Mocha's mommy made me some rope toys that I absolutely love. I introduced Mocha to one of my favorite groups here on Dogster, and it is apparent by the response of the members that she and Monte are well loved. Mocha Bear, you always have my heart, and I send you a great big ol' Butchie hug!

3. I love Miss Texas Belle. Sexy Texy, as I like to call her, started the best group on Dogster called "Dawgs Just Wanna Have Fun." It is a wildly popular group, with a bunch of goofballs who talk about things like doo dads and celebrate dawgs of the week. Miss Texas Belle is diplomatic, sweet, warm, welcoming, and so many other adjectives I'd like to see in my obituary. I love you, Sexy Texy, you are one special Fun Dawg -- not to just me, but to so many others!


Mom is Melancholy

April 29th 2007 7:27 pm
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Yep, in one month, mom's human baby will graduate from high sch0ol, travel to Ireland with his aunt and uncle for a wedding, do a few more short trips, then he'll be off to college.

You'd think mom would be happy that she will only have to focus her love upon me while he is gone, but I am wrong.

Why do our babies grow up so fast?




Dinged, Donged, and Ditched!

December 28th 2006 8:32 am
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So, early this morning, mom, dad, and I were cozily ensconced in our bed, dreaming about sugar plum fairies and dog bonz and other good and happy thoughts. Suddenly, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong rang out in rapid succession.

Mom and dad flew up about 5 feet in the air before landing on their feet. That meaty, massive bone that I had been happily dreaming about went poof, and I found myself on my feet, barking madly at such a rude intruder. It was 2:38 a.m., for Pete's sake!

Dad opened the door, but no one was there. They, too, had gone poof! I went out in the backyard and barked out a severe warning to those interlopers: Don't do that again! This fella needs his beauty sleep, and I can firmly attest that so does mom!

Big brother Johnny came out of his room and said we'd been ding, dong, ditched. Then he asked why we would answer the door? Well, duh! Because the doorbell rang??

If I catch those ding dongers, I will bite them!




Turkey Trot -- How Deceptive!

November 25th 2006 3:47 pm
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So, this thing called Turkey Day, it was an okay day, but I'm not sure it totally lives up to its name.

First, mom and dad got up REAL early and proceed to put on their sweats and tennis shoes. Then they pin some funny numbers on their shirt and say "C'mon Butch, let's go to the Turkey Trot!" TURKEYS??? Oh BOY!!! I am so there!

So we get to the park where said Turkey Trot is scheduled. I see lots of people with funny numbers pinned to their shirts. I see quite a few dogs (I had to tell a few of them to get out of my grill, as I was looking for the dang turkeys). But....NO turkeys! What is this nonsense??

Mom and I finally joined a pack of people and some dogs, then a loud bang went off. Perhaps someone shot themself a turkey?? But no, the whole pack of people and dogs started running, mom and I included. Then I got it! We were going to CHASE after those turkeys. We ran for what seemed like 3.1 miles, but we never did see any turkeys. We left the park empty handed.

Later, mom, dad, and big brother Johnny left for what seemed like hours, and came home well after my dinner time. The nerve, by the way. But apparently they found one of those turkeys, because mom put some in my bowl with my kibble. And for that I was very thankful!



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