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a day at the park

My birthday!!!

January 15th 2011 4:45 pm
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Today is my birthday!!! Im 4 years old now woof woof! I stil feel the same tho my owner took me to the park today and it was soo fun then I got a bone and played in the front yard and then she made Me a sandwich with everything i love!!! Right now I'm just chilling and later we are gonna get ice cream!! What a day can't wait for next year!!! Woof woof


thanks for the gifts......

June 4th 2010 2:59 pm
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i just want to thank the family of lexie,bubby grau and zwei schnauzer haus,the family of dino and angel buddy(baby kisses),petey and lexus aka lexi for the gifts.WOOF,WOOF ThAnK YoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i learned a new trick!

March 26th 2010 6:24 pm
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i learned a new cool trick it is go around my owner was pretty hard and i still need a little pratice on it but im getting real good at it.oh and i also got new hair cut my mom said she will post a pic up(what ever a pic is)i think she means picture but anyway its spring break and me and my mom are gonna have some fun! well she said we are gonna would try theres really not much to do were we live but go to the local dog park.but theres alot to do out of outside of where we live.anyway i got to go now i have to take a bath:-( have a good spring break!


IM PART OF THE MIGHTY DOG- NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 15th 2010 2:43 pm
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today i finally got my mighty dog kit in the mail after waiting like 6 or 7 weeks.i was so excited my mom let me tear the box open and i had a blast doing it! im finally part of the nation iv'e been waiting for weeks my mom signed up about a month ago and we been waiting and its here now so now im offcially part of the nation! in the kit was a mighty paw sticker and a mighty paw tag and some papers that i cant read so my mom read it to me and it was so cool! once mom put on the tag i felt all MIGHTY and proud! out of mighty heroic,mighty thoughtful,mighty resourceful and mighty fearless im mighty join the nation just go to and click join.



how to vote on bissell

March 2nd 2010 2:25 pm
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i forgot you have to be a member on bissell to vote,but it takes about 3 minutes to be a member.all you have to do is click on enter your pet then on the top right corner it says create account and you just type you information like your email address,name,and so does not take long about 3 minutes.
How to vote:

1.Login to your account.
2.Click on a pet's picture to visit their page and read more about them or type in pets name where it says search.
3.If that pet's voting period is currently open, click on the orange "Vote Now" button next to their vote count.
4.After your vote is cast, the vote count will increase and the button will change to read "Thank you for voting!" (Note: the vote counts may take a few minutes to update on this main voting page, but will update immediately on each pet's detail page.)
please vote for cosmo :-) to find cosmo on bissell just read my last diary entry which is "i just enter a contest" or something i like that :-)
thank you!


i entered a contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 28th 2010 2:55 pm
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today my mom signed me up for the bissell MVP contest.i hope i win,me and mom would be soo happy really really really really HAPPY!i would still be really happy even if i won second or third place(but of course more happy if first :-).if i win my photo would be on a BISSELL box,
$10,000 donation to the pet charity of my choice (my local animal shelter or a mini schnauzer rescue),
and a BISSELL pet vacuum or deep cleaner,
plus $500 "Perfect for you and your pet" shopping spree(OH YEAH)
my mom just doesnt want to do it for the money but for the animal mom just visited a shelter and told me that those animals need help.she is going to Volunteer there soon or a miniature schnauzer rescue.SOOOO please vote for me please,please,please,please with a yummy dog biscuit on top!
to vote for cosmo go to and click on the thing that says enter your dog then there would be a button that says vote.there would be a thing that would say search type in cosmo and he would be a picture of him that says SMILE!.you cant vote for him yet.i entered him in week 9 which starts on march 5 and ends on march 11.PLEASE vote for him.i believe you could vote for other dogs but please dont forget to vote for cosmo.and tell your friends too,to vote for is really simple and doesnt take long no longer than 5 minutes.SOOO PLEASE VOTE FOR COSMO THANK YOU EVERYONE :-)


what the! why are you taking my picture?

February 22nd 2010 6:32 pm
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today mom took me out on a long nice walk that i enjoyed very much.I got to see other dogs,new sites and smells,new people that would pet me and i would perform tricks for them it was all nice.Then all of a sudden these people from out of the country were petting me and cuddling me talking to mom.All i heard was "schnauzer,schnauzer is that a schnauzer we have one back home!" and next thing i know is that they are cuddling with me taking my picture.At first i was like umm do i know you then i got a little scared but mom told me its ok and showed me that they are nice people so i was like ok but i still have my eyes on yous.these people were from china so if you every go visited make sure to look out for my picture there!!!!


a day at the park :-)

February 20th 2010 5:51 pm
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my mom surprized me when she said that we are going to the park i got all excited and rushed to the door waiting for it to open so i can race her to the car,but my mom was in the next room packing my i waited and waited and waited.FINALLY! we were ready,my mom grab my bag and we race to the car once again i won anyway once we were in the car i stuck my head out and enjoyed the ride.i saw some birds that i wanted to chase real badly and i even saw another schnauzer that look just like me!after what seem like 5 hours(really only took 15 minutes)we were finally there.once we got out i notice this wasnt my local park my the park i go to is over there the other block but we were walking to this new park that i never first i was like were im i but then i got more comfortable once i saw other dogs and started to play.we walked around and i chased saw birds and squirrels then we played with more dogs.then we went to T.G.I fridays and mom snuck me some food that was very tasty,but there were these two annoying little dogs kept barking and charging at people.good thing my mom trained me right or i would been like those two dogs that people avoided and came to me.after T.G.I fridays we went back to the park but there was no dogs this time to play with but i didnt mine i was a little tired anyway and just wanted to enjoy the nice walk.when we were almost to the car i decided that i wanted to go back to the park and play more but my mom said lets go and showed me a treat and i ran into the car and ate the tasty biscuit.once in the car i snuggled up and went to bed.i liked that park after all and wouldnt mine going back to it i made alot of new was a fun day :-)

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