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Interesting Day.

March 24th 2011 9:31 pm
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Today started off the same as always Mom and Dad got up and got ready for work while Missy and I stayed in their bed cause it was warm. Before leaving for work Mommy took us outside to go potty that meant they were leaving soon. I stepped outside and it was dark and cold so I ran and did my business and ran in. Missy smelt the air like always and then did her thing.

Mom and Dad left for work and as always Dad told me I am in charge of the house. I am the only man in the house besides Dad so I accept these responsibilities. I barked to let everyone know I was on patrol and then slept for awhile. I woke up and got into some trouble which I am blaming the cold weather on.

Mom and Dad came home sent Missy and I outside and Mom cleaned up what I had dragged out meaning shoes and clothes. They smell like Mom and Dad I can't help it. It was raining when I went out and it was still super cold. I did my thing and gave Mom my sad face which she always falls for and came inside.

An hour later it got really loud in the house. Mom opened up the door and the wind was howling and all this hard stuff was crashing down from the sky. Mom told us not to go out there cause she didn't want us hurt but, I didn't listen and I got pelted with these hard ice balls that Mom calls hail. Then next thing I know the sky is growling which Mom called thunder and then it was lighting up off and on. Which I guess is called lightening and it comes with thunder often. Either way I didn't know what to think of all of that.

What I do know for sure is I do not like this stuff called hail. It hurts when it hits you and I should have listened to Mom when she said "Don't go outside you two or you will regret it."




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