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Missy's Tail of Mishchieve and Mayhem.

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Free Gizmo and Luke!

September 17th 2011 3:43 pm
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Dear Dogster/Catster,

Please release Gizmo and Luke from the dog/cat of the week spots. It was wonderful to read all about them but now I would like to see another dog/cat honored there. For all of our pals out there please feel free to copy and paste this message and spread the word to Dogster/Catster that we would like to see Gizmo and Luke set free. FREE GIZMO (and Luke)!!!!!



September 15th 2011 9:43 pm
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This was the first time I have ever been a daily diary pick! I was so excited when Mom told me the good news. On top of that amazing news I also got my new collar in the mail. Mommy ordered it for me because, she said it screamed me. She said it was cute and sassy just like I am. So today has been awesome.


Missing Out

September 11th 2011 12:54 am
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So it has been crazy here at the house. Mom, Grandma and Auntie Chrissy left on Labor Day to have fun in San Francisco where it was nice and cool and they didn't take me. How dare them not take me. Pier 39 even has a doggy store yet, I had to stay home. I looked past that because Mommy explained to me that there was no room in the truck for me with Jessica and Timmy going with them. Which is fine Mommy brought back gifts for Monty and I so I will forgive her.

Then today Dad took Monty and I downstairs to go outside and Grandma's dog and Auntie Chrissy's dog were fighting and Dad sent Monty and I outside which we listened while he broke up the dog fight. In the process he got bit really bad by Grandma's dog on the foot. So he is limping now worse then Monty and I when we get hurt. Dad really needs to learn to buck it up sometimes. I mean he works with dogs so bites happen, man up Dad. The fight I am not sad to miss out on it's what Mom and Dad did after that makes me really sad.

They went to the grocery store and to Subway because Dad was whining and Mom wanted to shut him up. Well they got their stuff and were heading back to the car when Mom saw a goat jump out of the cab of a truck parked in the parking lot. A real life GOAT! The goat started to walk towards the busy part of the parking lot and Mom being Mom couldn't just sit by and risk seeing him get hurt. So she walked over to him and grabbed his collar to guide him back to his truck. Three other people saw him jump out of the truck that were closer to him and none of them went to help him. How crazy is that? I mean how would they feel if it was their goat and no one did anything to help him?

Well Mommy took him back the the truck and one of the other people who saw him jump went into a pizza parlor and asked if anybody in there owned a goat. While that lady was doing that the other people who saw the goat jump wanted to take pictures of can't help him out but, you want to take pictures of him I guess they were scared of the goat. Anyways while Mom was with him he peed on her and then he pooped thankfully not on her. The owner came out thanked Mommy and then told her he was trained not to potty in the truck so that was why he jumped out. She said she walked him before going in and he did his thing but, I guess he had more to do.

Mommy came home after that and she smelt like a goat. I wouldn't leave her alone. I kept smelling her and glaring at her because she smelt like a goat but, I couldn't find any goats in our yard. Which is when I overheard Mommy talking to Grandma about the goat story. So then she went upstairs to change and I walked up to her and smacked her with my foot (aka my pyr paw) and glared again. Mommy realized that I smelt the goat and explained to me that if she knew she was going to run into a goat she would have taken me with her but, she wasn't planning on meeting a goat today. I don't know if I believe her yet but, she did give me meatballs so I might let it slide this time. I am getting tired of being left out of all of the fun stuff though.


Got My Hair Did!

June 21st 2011 5:15 pm
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So today was spa day! I love spa day! It means Monty and I get baths and our nails done. Well after Monty's little excited thing which Mommy knows he didn't do on purpose but, he still feels bad over. She couldn't bathe us her self cause her back and butt hurt.

So Daddy bathed us and dried us for her. She then pulled me out and shaved my pads cause I can't have those foxtails in there especially since I am allergic to them, rounded my feet, filed my nails, shaved my girly parts, trimmed my ears so I looked like a lady and then she painted my nails teal by the way. Then random spur of the moment decided to pull out her big scissors I have seen her use them on other dogs but, never on me. So I got a little excited thinking that they might be used on me for once. She told me to stand and stay so I did just that, anything to look pretty. She started trimming my feathers and tummy! I loved it!

She got all done put me on the ground and I pranced like there was no tomorrow. I have never looked so spiffy before. Mommy tends to leave me looking like a wild child because, Daddy likes me looking that way. This time though she took control and made me feel beautiful. I love being all trimmed up and looking sexy. She brushed out all of the undercoat she could which felt good and then just made my day by trimming me. I am still prancing around and showing off to people.

I now know how Mommy feels after a good haircut and I love it!


I Swear I Didn't Mean Too!

May 25th 2011 6:48 pm
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Okay so yesterday everyone was doing yard work and well we laid seed out in the backyard and Mom had to water it so she made Dad take Monty and I inside while she watered. Now that upset me slightly because, I love playing in the water...actually that is probably why she made me go inside in the first place but, still not the point I could have helped. I swear she was outside for like 20 minutes watering the backyard. I get that the yard is huge but, 20 minutes feels like overkill to me. Especially since I was willing to help which would have made the job get done quicker.

So when she came in I was upstairs staring at the door waiting for her. She saw me and told me to wait. She must have thought I was actually going to listen to her. Hah fat chance there! Well she went into the bathroom right at the bottom of the stairs and I decided to run full speed down the stairs and knock the temporary door down and wait for Mommy to come out.

I didn't think that plan through all the way clearly, because my knocking that door down meant that Mommy couldn't open the bathroom door to get out. I figured that out shortly after locking her in the bathroom and when I did that I thought to myself. "Oops I better run now because, Mom is stuck and she won't be happy when someone saves her."

Mom managed to open the door slightly to yell for help. Help didn't she yelled again. Still no response for her calls. Five minutes later Dad realized Mommy wasn't around and I was pacing so, he went downstairs and saw that I blocked the bathroom door off and could hear Mommy now yelling for help and saying some not so pleasant words. So he ran downstairs and let her out.

So she got out and went looking for me. I ran and hid behind Dad thinking he would save me. Nope he fed me to the sharks! She yelled at me and lectured me for a good 3 minutes saying how I need to go through training again clearly because, I can't seem to listen to the wait command. She said she understands that I wanted to be by her side the whole time but, the bathroom isn't big enough for both of us and that waiting wouldn't kill me. (How does she know waiting isn't going to kill me anyways?)

She did get over it quickly thankfully for me because, I hate when Mommy is mad at me. I gave her the sad eyes and tried explaining I didn't do it on purpose.

The whole time Monty and the others just sat and laughed at me. She went as far as giving Monty a treat but, not me! I did get a treat eventually after she forgave me but, Monty got a treat too so that bites. Guess the moral of the story is "Don't lock your Mommy in the bathroom."


Just Get Better!

May 21st 2011 10:47 pm
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Okay so I am sure Monty has mentioned that Mommy is and has been sick for awhile. I will be the first to admit that I was slow to the game on catching onto this. I mean I should have known because Mom always gives me my medicine and I always fight her but, a couple days ago she threw in the towel and asked Dad and Grandma if they could fight with me to take my meds because she isn't feeling good enough.

I hate my meds but, I hate them even more when Dad gives them to me. Grandma gives them to me kinda like Mom does so I can deal with her doing so but, Dad no way. I can see why Mom gets frustrated with Dad. I mean he asks so many questions and then gets frustrated super fast. He does not have patience like Mom does. Mommy has been so sick that she can't handle walking me like she normally does or taking me to the dog park. She has been going outside with me and tossing the ball while sitting down but, it isn't the same. I need Mommy to feel better for my sanity.

Monty and I have decided to bond together to make her feel better and I think it is working, it is just taking forever. I can see her getting better because, she is walking up and down the stairs better. Before I felt like I need to be behind her just in case she fell which she didn't like at all. Now I can run up first turn around and stare at her to make sure she is okay. When Mommy gets sick she gets real sick just like Monty and I do, I guess.


The Vet Again

May 3rd 2011 11:30 pm
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So I have been on the antibiotics that the evil lady prescribed for me for 4 days and had no changes what so ever. I was actually getting worse and scared Mommy and Daddy a bit. The bad foot (left rear) that has stitches in it well the under side was all red and look like pink cauliflower and smelt like dead fish.

So Mommy called the vet and said she only wants me to be seen by my old vet and he managed to squeeze me in. Come to find out those evil foxtails that Mommy keeps mowing and spraying well when they die they fall into pieces and those pieces are what are poking my feet. He thinks I am having an allergic reaction to them but, he doesn't want to give me allergies pills just yet. So what he did was put me on new antibiotic the same ones he puts Monty on when his cancer spots get all icky. He also put me on anti-fungal pills because, he believes that the smell is from a fungus. Which makes sense to Mommy, he also told her to wash just my feet in a special shampoo twice a week and let it sit for 5 minutes. All of them but the bad foot need this, the bad foot just gets wiped with the soap and then wiped clean again.

He told Mommy to give the pills three days and if she doesn't see an improvement he will give me the allergy pills as well.

I won't lie I liked going to the vet this time only because all of the techs came out to say hello to me and love on me. Then the people in the lobby loved on me and kept commenting on my size, one little old lady called me a horse in dog clothing. BOL! Today made me remember why I love going to the vet.


Whooo! Foxatil Free!

April 29th 2011 6:57 pm
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Okay I am home now and kinda groggy from all of the meds they gave me. I now have poodle feet as well, it looks awkward on me.

They found two foxtails in my feet and one that was so far up in my girl bits that they had to use a special tool to find it and remove it. I have stitches on one foot because they had to cut it open super wide.

Mommy has decided that she will not be letting that new vet work on us anymore because she is rude and made Mommy cry. Which is weird because Mommy is usually really strong. Before letting Mommy see me they put Mommy in a room to talk to her and the vet informed her of what they did and then questioned her about my anal glands. She said "Do you even check your own dogs anal glands?" Mommy responded "Yes I do and I did them yesterday." The evil vet said "Well you need to do them from the inside out then because, they were full." Then she went on to say "Also if you don't know how to remove a foxtail properly then maybe you shouldn't let your dog out in the yard until you get it under control." Mom replied by saying "I have sprayed the yard, mowed the yard and weed whacked the yard. I am trying if you have any suggestions please let me hear them. Also I do know how to remove them correctly but, Missy sometimes beats me to it." Evil vet women told Mommy "Then maybe you should keep a better eye on your dog." Mom started getting upset at this point and stopped talking before she did something very bad to this lady.

They had me meet Mommy around back and I was on a kennel lead because, they didn't remove my leash or collar in the kennel and I chewed it to pieces. Mommy picked up all 125lbs of me and put me in the car. Got in the car herself and cried for five minutes telling me she was sorry. I tried telling her not to let that mean lady get to her because, I don't think she is a bad Mommy and I know she watches me like a hawk when she is home. It is Daddy that doesn't and she can't do anything to fix that.

Thankfully by the time we got to the shop Mommy kinda stopped crying and Grandma made her completely stop by telling her exactly what I was trying to tell her. Needless to say we will be sticking with original vet and if they won't let us do that then Mommy will be finding a new vet for us.


No Bueno Today

April 28th 2011 6:37 pm
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So today Mom took Monty and I to work with her so we could get a bath and she could re-shave my feet because of these pesky foxtails. Needless to say I got my bath Mom started my feet and saw my back foot bleeding. Her and Grandma checked it over and Mom called the vet. They got me in instantly and said how pretty I was and compared my size to an English Mastiff.

Then they took us to a room and the new vet came in which was odd cause I like the other guy more but, I love everyone and so I sat there. She talked to Mommy and Mommy told her about my feet and her concerns. Then the vet upset Mommy because she either doesn't know when to shut up or doesn't word things right cause, she commented on how Mommy was wearing a smock and Mommy said "Well I came from work to here." She asked what Mommy did for a living and Mommy said "Grooming" and she said "Oh yeah anyone who doesn't have a job should just groom dogs because anyone can do it." Mommy gave her a look and smiled and said "Anyone with patients can do it. Just like anyone with Money can be a vet." The lady shut up real quick.

She then asked if I knew how to sit. What kind of question is that? Yeah I know how to sit! I know all sorts of commands. Mommy put me in a sit and asked for a foot. I gave her foot and the vet lady looked at us with shock. Mommy spread my toes and showed her the spots she was concerned about on my front feet and then asked me to stand and stay which I know how to do on command and I did. She then picked up my back feet and showed her the spots of concern which were bleeding. The vet commented on how well behaved I am and Mommy explained to her that is because she has been working with me since I was 9 weeks old on this stuff.

The vet lady took me into the back to check to see if we could see any foxtails left in my foot she found one but, didn't want to go any further because, I wasn't sedated. So she came back up with me and Mommy and her talked. Needless to say I go back to the vet tomorrow to have my feet cut open and remove any foxtails that are stuck in there.

Mommy is worrying a little over it but, I know I will be okay because, I have to be for Mommy. She needs me and I know it. We haven't spent a night apart since the day she got me and she plans on keeping it that way for a long time.

So tomorrow I will give everyone an update on how it went and how bald my feet will be. BOL!


Ruff Week.

April 3rd 2011 12:59 am
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So Mommy, Daddy and everyone has been moving to the new house which is nice by the way but, that meant they were all super tired and out late. Which meant I was in my kennel longer then I would like but, that was okay because the new house comes with a HUGE yard and stairs to keep me in shape.

The not so pleasant thing is one of Grandma's dogs dug out of the new yard and is missing now. That made Mommy and Grandma cry and Daddy is now keeping a close eye on the rest of us now. Mommy put up flyers, notified Suki's chip company, and talked to some people. Grandma took a flyer to the local vet office, grooming salon and went to the shelter. Well today some mean lady called and said she had our dog and that we need to take better care of her and then hung up on Auntie Chrissy. Well that upset both Mommy and Grandma and made Aunt Chrissy mad as well as Grandma. None of them know if the lady was lying or not but, I can tell you one thing Suki was spoiled and was no where near being neglected. So Monday Grandma is calling the Sheriff's department and seeing if there is anything they can do to help.

All of us are trying to keep up happy thoughts that Suki will come back to us. I mean yes she can be a bit cranky but, that doesn't mean we don't love her. Hopefully she will come home safely to us all.

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