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Missy's Tail of Mishchieve and Mayhem.

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Better be worth it Mom...

October 14th 2012 7:26 pm
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Okay so Mom and Grandma finished my costume early this year. I know I was just as shocked as everyone else because, I love Mom and Grandma but, they both slack off and then think "No worries it will be a breeze." Which means it won't be. So this year they started it about the standard time and it started with the same amount of swearing. I swear Mom and Grandma must be sailors with the words that came out of their mouths. BOL! Needless to say the first week was rough and the pattern was wrong and so over the last weekend I was wearing wrapping paper while they poked and cut and fought over this pattern. Well Friday rolled around and guess what?!?! It was finished including the stupid shoes.

Mom put me in the costume which I love but, I am not a huge fan of the shoes because, they tickle. I wear long sleeves and such with no problem but, tickling shoes are not my favorite thing. Mom says I have a week to get use to them so I might as well learn to deal with them. So for the first ten minutes I prance in them and then I realize she isn't taking them off so I stop the act and just walk like a regular lady. If this outfit doesn't win I will have to tell Mom and Grandma to eat their shoes.

I do feel better knowing I won't be the only one tormented though. It brings me great pleasure to know that Chickadee will be dressed up in the same theme as me and Mom Nephew will always be dressed up with us. I don't know what I am going to do with my Mom and Grandma's creative ideas. I am a good sport about it all though and I do love being dressed up and getting attention. Mind you if Chickadee steals my spotlight it will be on because, I can be a Diva.


Updates and A Request.

July 24th 2012 3:28 pm
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Oh man it's been a long time since Mommy has updated our diaries. I get she hasn't been feeling good and keeps comparing herself to Eeyore who was a sad donkey which I don't understand at all and neither does Monty but, still we hired her to be our secretary and well she bites at it. Mommy had some fun awesome things planned out but, Daxi is broken and won't be running till August. Something about an electrical fan and a possible relay switch...I don't get why they can't take the electric fan out of Mom's room and plug it into Daxi but, what do I know. Mommy also got a year older which meant we got presents. Grandma Molly sent Mommy a gift card for Petco because, she didn't want us feeling left out and we got more toys from a grooming catalog that we love. Other then that it's been really hot here so we haven't done much besides sleep in front of the ac.

Now here the other day the strangest thing happened. The sky got cloudy and roared and then lit up. Now we don't mind the roaring and flashing but, I do mind it roaring and flashing and not giving me rain. Roars and flashes always mean rain but, this last roar and flash storm gave me no rain. I stood out for 20 minutes waiting for the rain and Mom was not happy with me because, it was 87 degrees outside and midnight and all she wanted to do was go to bed. I kinda got yelled at for that one.

So that does it for the for the request. We would really appreciate it if you guys could do us a huge favor and send pals requests to two very loving gals, Niki aka Nicola and her lovely sister Sadie May.


This girl just wants to have fun.

June 23rd 2012 2:40 pm
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So Mom took us to work with her on Thursday and we got baths and I got my feet trimmed and butt trimmed. Then on Friday she tried something called Salon Effects on my nails. She sounded like a sailor with the words that were coming out of her mouth. All the while I slept through it and in the end they are pretty and holding pretty well. So she is slowly warming up to them.

This morning however she woke me up early we got ready and then loaded up in the car with Grandma and Chickadee. We went to the grand opening of the new dog park. There were so many dogs out there it was awesome! I had so much fun with all of the people petting me and then playing, smelling and running with other dogs. I also got to roll in stinky stuff. (Mom didn't like that much but, I did.) I didn't want to go home and would have loved to stay there forever. However I couldn't because, Mom said "Chickadee is getting tired." I get that Chickadee is only 3lbs and is really small so she is easily trampled but, if I can manage to not trample her I would think everyone else could manage it too.

On our way home Mom stopped and got both Chickadee and I a cheese burger to share. I got more then Chickadee because, I am bigger then her. Needless to say I think Chickadee enjoyed herself because, she realized that going out with Mommy and I means food.

I got to go and nap now and am tired.


My time to shine!

May 5th 2012 10:27 pm
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So Mom painted my nails yesterday in preparation for today which if she would have told me her plans I wouldn't have guilt tripped her over the nails. So this Morning Mom got ready and then got me ready and we were off. I got into the backseat and Mom got into the passengers seat. I was looking at her like "You do know you can't make the car move from that side right?" Then I saw Aunt Chrissy get into the drivers seat. I guess Mom is teaching Aunt Chrissy how to drive. Needless to say Aunt Chrissy did amazing with what Mom calls the "Precious Cargo" in the car. (I was the Precious Cargo by the way.) So we drove to Mom's shop and I was thinking "Oh no, you already bathed me this week." Then I saw Grandma and Uncle Timmy and thought "Hmmm, we aren't here for the shop are we?" Mom let me out of the car and then we started to walk.

There was a street fair going on in Mom's old hometown! Well I started to see a whole bunch of people and I was excited because, they were all looking at me. Mom, Grandma, Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Timmy were all looking at booths and I was being a really good girl during the whole thing. People were stopping and asking if they could pet me and commenting on my size, how soft my coat was, my pretty pink nails and my awesome collar. I was eating up that attention. Mom ran into some friends and they saw me and said "So we finally get to meet one of the famous M's that we see so much of on facebook." I guess Mom has a lot of pictures of Monty and I on her facebook. So we hung out there for about three hours but, before leaving some cool things happened. I was bought a new bow that has Hello Kitty on it. Uncle Timmy was using me to pick up chicks. Over a dozen people called me a horse but, my favorite event was the food. Mom and Grandma bought tri-tip sandwiches and Grandma told Mom you have to buy Missy her own sandwich because, she has earned it. So I got my very own tri-tip sandwich! Then this really really big man walk up to Mom, Grandma and I while we were sitting on the grass and asked if he could give me half of his tri-tip sandwich and Mom looked at him and said "That's fine." So I got half of his sandwich plus my own! After the nice big man left a little girl was sneaking me some nachos.

We got home and Mom and Grandma were talking. They were both very proud of me but, couldn't figure out why the really big man didn't just eat all of his sandwich himself. I mean he was 6'6" and all muscle so one sandwich shouldn't have been an issue. I think he just thought I was super awesome and wanted to share with me. I mean I am a big girl and he was a big man so you got to share the love with the biggies. Plus I will never complain over getting more meat. I can't wait for next years fair now!


Earth Day at the park and Modo dog walk.

April 21st 2012 2:13 pm
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So this morning Mom and I were up early and getting ready. I didn't know where we were going and to be honest Mom didn't either but, thankfully she is a women and can ask for directions cause we got lost. BOL! We did finally get there and walked over to register for the dog walk and I won't lie seeing all of the other dogs made me a little more of a trouble maker then I should have been. There was Saint Bernard mix there and she was half my size so she was standing underneath me and one of the guys there said "Whoa! there are two dogs there didn't see the little one." Then the little one started on her walk while Mom and I finished our paperwork and I decided I should rest before the walk. So I saw chair behind the lady helping Mom at the table and helped myself to it. I just jumped up into the chair and sat down. The lady and Mom didn't see me clearly because, the lady went to sit down and there I was she jumped and said "OMG! I didn't even notice her there! How could I not notice a dog of her size in that tiny char?" So a nice guy held my leash while Mom said sorry and was turning red out of embarrassment.

We started our walk and it was nice there were a whole bunch of dogs. I saw two Great Danes, Great Pyeneese, Pugs galore, Chihuahua herds, Schnauzer groups, Boxers that could fill up lots of boxes and so many dachshunds that were more then a foot long. We also saw Labs, Doodles, Akita, Shiba Inu, Bichons, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu and Terriers as far as the eye could see. Mom ran into a couple of clients there and saw my little stunt with the chair and giggled over it.

After the walk Mom had breakfast and shared with me. Both of us enjoyed a nice drink of water while we ate. Tons of little kids were running to see me because, I was bigger then the Great Pyrenees but, smaller then the Great Danes so it made me perfect for petting. Two of the little kids had cheeto dust on their hands...that was yummy. Then while Mom put her name onto raffle tickets I was again not behaving because, I didn't want to sit I wanted to play. Thankfully Grandma showed up and took my leash so I could go socialize a bit. We walked the park and then Mom and Grandma ate. I got to try a little bit of what they were eating because, I was such a good girl under the table with my water relaxing.

Then we headed back to the car which was pretty close to a mile away and it was getting hot but, before leaving the park this little boy came running at me so Mom and I stopped and she put me in a sit and he slammed on his brakes right in front of me and stuck out his hand and it had a hot dog bun in it. I looked at Mom and then at him and then the bun and he yelled "For you puppy!" So I took it....his Mom told him you can't just feed all of the puppies what if the puppy would have bit you? He said "Mom I can tell this is a good puppy because, she looked at her Mommy first before taking it and I do that same thing with you." Mom just shook her head at me and said "Missy sometimes I wonder about you."


Really Now?!

April 6th 2012 4:31 pm
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First of all I would like to thank everyone for the awesome presents. Monty would also like to say thanks too since Mom isn't updating his diary today and now he is pouting. BOL!

So today Mom came home with a bunch of bags full of goodies. Goodies that I assumed would be for Monty and I but, no! She told me it was all candy it that it was going to be put into goody bags for the little kids she is going to see on Easter. How dare she make goody bags for little kids and not make one for Monty and I?! I mean she is already leaving us alone on Easter so she can go see the little ones. Why not take us we asked her and her response was "M & M you don't need to go with me everywhere and you know I won't be gone all day anyways."

So we will be alone on the holiday. At least she promised to give us a Dingo bone and bully stick before she leaves. I might have to destroy something in her absence to teach her not to leave us on the holiday.


Mommy is Mad at Dogster

April 1st 2012 7:08 pm
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So she has been trying to renew our Dogster Plus Subscription for two weeks now and hadn't heard back from them and then today she saw it go bye bye. I swear she almost had a heart attack because, she thought she would have to re-upload all of our pictures.

She kept going on about how hard is it to reply to an e-mail because, when she called them she got no where fast either. She kept saying she can understand the lack of good phone service because, that happens. E-mail however is one of the less personable ways of communication and it's hard to mess that up yet Dogster did. She would have taken a trip to Dogster head quarters if she would have had to re-upload our pictures cause, she says they are only 2 1/2 hours away and she thinks she can take them. BOL! It doesn't help that she isn't feeling good right now either.

All the while Dad rolls his eyes and finds it silly to pay for the subscription in the first place. Then again he says we are just dogs...yeah that's a whole other story but, let's just say for being "just dogs" he sure does panic if anything happens to us. He is such a cat person.


Stellar Day!

March 26th 2012 2:45 pm
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Okay so Mom's business gets really busy and really slow, today was one of the slower days so Mom and Dad brought Monty and I with them to work cause we needed baths. I personally love baths and Monty tolerates them so everything went smoothly. After I was bathed Mom trimmed up my "Grinch" feet as she calls them so that they are all nice and round looking and you can see my nails. She does that for nail painting purposes as well as foxtail hunting purposes. Thanks to how she does my feet I will be officially foxtail free for a year in April. WHOOO!

Anyways after we were done at the shop Dad said "Anywhere else you want to go before going home?" To Mom and her response was "Let's take the dogs to Petco." Now as some of you may know Monty has had some bad training experiences with a Petsmart trainer and so him and pet stores don't usually mix. Though since getting me and having me walk with him and Mom constantly working with him he will now go into a Petco and not have an anxiety attack. Mind you, he will still put the brakes on if you try to take him into a Petsmart because, us dogs can tell the difference. Well we went to Petco and walked the store with no issues, Monty was excited which is normal seeing how he doesn't get out much besides going on walks, to the vet or to the shop. We bought Tippy some canned food that looks really yummy and then Mommy bought the indoor and outdoor kitties some flea meds. She also bought Monty two new jackets cause, he was there to try them on and then she proceeded to pout when the shirt she really wanted to buy him didn't come in his size. The shirt was kinda cute it said "I like Big Mutts and I cannot lie." She bought me two new tags for my collars cause I broke one and she couldn't pick just one so that meant get both in her eyes. BOL! She also got us 2lbs of treats from the treat bar! I can't wait for them to leave us now because, I miss those treats.

Then on the way home they stopped at Subway and got sandwiches. Monty and I got the meat out of Dad's sandwich because, he doesn't eat meat! Monty had so much fun and I enjoyed walking the store with him. He is such a silly dog and he turns heads like it's nobodies business. BOL!

Mom said this weekend she will take just me out to both Petsmarts to see my Aunties there. She is going to be doing our nails later tonight and then paint my nails light purple and dark purple. So that means this weekend I will have light and dark purple bows and she will make Dad put on my purple leather collar because, Mom can't touch it without breaking out in hives. Why she bought a leather collar knowing that she can't touch it is kinda silly in my opinion.


Time Flies!

March 11th 2012 2:09 pm
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First of all I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and presents. I love them so much! Heck I won't lie I love my friends here so much too!

So today I am officially 3 years old! So last night just as the clock turned to midnight Mommy gave Monty and I my first birthday surprise. She heard my pleas and bought a bag of Dingo bones because, Demon Flash Bandit highly recommends them and I trust his taste and sure enough he was right. Dingo bones are amazing! I keep eyeing the bag sitting on Mom's computer desk and she keeps telling me later you had one already.

Well we slept in this morning because, Mommy wasn't feeling well. Thankfully Mommy is a trooper and is making this day awesome for Monty and I. She got out of bed sick or not she said and baked a carrot cake that Monty, Mommy, Daddy and I can all eat. She isn't done with it yet so I am still waiting on my piece of cake. She says she wants to make it pretty first. I don't care what it looks like, it smells yummy!

To hold Monty and I over she split a Happy Birthday bone between us. Which of course she made us take pictures with first. I don't get her and her pictures but, I can deal with it. The bone was delicious. After eating it Monty and I napped because, our tummies are fully.

Oddly enough I am okay with sharing my day with Monty because, he has to share his with me so we break even this way. His birthday is more toys then treats and my birthday is more treats then toys. All in all I am happy about it. Mommy says tomorrow she is going to go to McDonalds and get Monty and I a burger...she is also going for a shamrock shake but, doesn't want that to be her excuse. BOL!

Again thank you guys for making this day even more amazing for me. I love you all.


Awesome Day!

February 18th 2012 9:53 pm
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So Mommy put some bows in my hair and I put on a new collar and we went out and showed off. I went to Petsmart with Mommy and Daddy and saw my Aunt Gillian and Aunt Heidi who I miss a whole bunch and so does Mommy. I got to see Layla a dog Mommy use to groom and when she saw Mommy she got super excited. It's nice seeing dogs Mommy works on get happy to see her.

I was showing off how well behaved I was by sitting or laying down while the humans were in one spot and they didn't even have my leash in their hands. Mom at first being a nervous Nilly was worried I would run away. Please Mom why would I run away from you? Who else is going to dress me up, feed me and spoil me like you do? While at Petsmart Mommy bought Monty and I some new toys and she bought Monty more clothes. She just isn't getting that he hates being dressed up but, today he didn't help that case when she put him in his new shirt and he actually smiled for a picture. BOL! He is sending her mixed signals.

After Petsmart I went to In N Out with Mommy and Daddy and got to eat a burger patty with some cheese on it. We got one to take home to Monty too. We also went to Petco and I got even more loving from strangers. I love how people react to the big dog in bows. Little girls run to me when I have bows in my hair and little boys love how big I am. Though today one little boy called me a baby cow because, I guess dogs are suppose to be smaller then him. Mom says he was trying to compliment me but, I have seen how Mom reacts when Dad teases her by calling her a cow.

Needless to say today was awesome and I can't wait to do it again. Mommy and Daddy said they will do this with me at least twice a month. So when I heard that I got all excited.

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