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Today I had a very interesting doggie day :)

My Mommy Is So Proud Of Me This Weekend

January 17th 2010 9:38 am
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I'm getting praises all over from mommy this weekend :) A big woof woof for me! She is so proud of me cause I'm actually listening on walks and not doing stuff that I'm not supose to be doing. Like jerking the lease and taking a running start when I see a squirrel or bird. When she says leave it or follow I actually am doing it then I get a big praise afterwards and pet. Boy oh Boy what a treat! Guess I'd better work on not dashing and jumping around so much Man I'm so hyper, but I can't help it. Guess that's why she calls me little Kaotic or Kaos so much as my nicknames :) Inside play today it's raining :( Hate getting wet I like to hide under Trucks and SUV's. Guess I'll get back to picking on my big sis JezzaBelle for a while. Look out JezzaBelle here I come!


I think I might have found out what I am and It's not a- Catahoula

January 15th 2010 8:45 pm
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My mommy and I decided last night to ask what type of mixed Catahoula breed they thought I was. We got 4 responses to our question. All of them said they see no Catahoula in me because if my ears and my curly tail. One answered that they thought I might possibly be a purebred, but they could not think of the purebred dog at the moment. So my mommy and I started looking at purebred sights and she rememered a dog called the Basengji and we looked the doggie up. It looked so much like me we could not believe it. We looked over many sites and read them Basenji's come in brindle just like me and have my curly tail and cute little wrinkles on the forehead like I do. Plus a lot of the facts like my stubborness, wanting to be boss, my independecy, love of children, chasing small animals, being stubbon on training and wanting to constantly be around my mommy where ever she is matches my personality to a tee. I think we may be on to something and we are both so happy. :)

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