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Diary of Wonky Ears

January 27th 2010 4:59 am
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Hi, my name is Rio and i have wonky ears.

When mom brought me home, my left ear stood up 70% of the time while the right one was a rose-ish shape. 20% of the time both ears were down in helicopter/rose/wonky shapes and 10% of the time they were both up.

After the first 4 or 5 days...things changed....for about a week, both ears were rose/helicopter/tipped/wonky.... my ears rarely stood up... SOMETIMES the left ear would get up there... but mostly they were floppy.

Now a few days ago my wonky ears changed again! for about a day BOTH ears were standing up for most of the time (i looked like yoda)

Yesterday my ears went back to the same 70-20-10 percentages only NOW it's my right ear that is standing up!!!

Sigh, my ears of a mind of their own and their mind is Wonky! I wish i knew what my ears would look like tomorrow...



V.E.T..... i don't like that person!

January 19th 2010 6:01 pm
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Today I had to go to this place called the VET. Mom said my poo had been wonky and she saw a little blood in the poo so she pushed up my appointment.

I got to go on a car ride...but it ended HORRIBLY. We walked to this small building that smelled funny and had barking dogs. The people were really nice... except for this one guy, well he was nice at first...then things went HORRIBLY HORRIBLY wrong!

FIRST this guy was trying to look in my mouth... i was not so happy. THEN he looked in my ears and eyes... and put this thing on my chest and belly. If that wasn't bad enough... what comes next was AWFUL!

I was just sitting on the table, minding my own business when i feel a poke between my shoulder blades! Then mom held a REALLY cold thing on my shoulder blades.... when the man came back he gave me a REALLY REALLY OUCHY poke--mom says it's a chip thing.

But the WORST of all was when the man tried to put this stuff UP MY NOSE! We fought for a while and i cried...but he was patient and waited me out and then squirted the icky stuff up my nose!!! GROSS!

Mom says she'll find out tomorrow if i have whip worms or if there is something else causing my wonky poos.... i dont really like this man...but the other people were nice enough :)



I've been in my new home for 48 hours or so...

January 12th 2010 5:43 pm
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AND these are the awesome/naughty things i've done....

1. stole slippers
2. stole slippers again
3. found a pencil under the couch
4 . found a marker under the couch
5. played toss with Shayne's coat,
6. found a pair of mom's sweatpants on the dresser
7. stole shoes
8. stole shoes again
9. stole shoes again
10. took a dvd case off the shelf to chew (my cousin vinny is not a movie i like so i chose that one)
11. chewed the tips off of all the "legs" of a wubba
12. Chewed the lettuce off of a stuffed hamburger
13. Ripped open a stuffy dog bone toy
14. chewed a placemat that was overhanging a shelf by an inch
15. tried digging the computer charger

And y'know... mom never once yelled at me... she just gave me more toys to play with (and she took the what i had and put it higher up so i wasn't tempted).

*yawn* now i'm tired after a day of fun and playing with my big sister... even though she's scary sometimes...

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