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call to action Thank Yous and my adventures outdoors

May 26th 2011 8:11 pm
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Thank You Petey and Cooper for helping us Companion Animals in Ohio. We aren't able to leave comments or respond to comments. Hopefully soon we might be able to.

Yes Petey think Ohio and Your state might be running neck & neck with bad laws. Right now there is 4-5 anti abuse laws in our House of Representatives.

We read about the Amish Puppy Mill Raids in PA, which lived in some bad conditions. We have lots of Amish near us and some breed dogs but haven't heard about bad stuff. My Aunt got her Luke from the Amish but their dogs were not confined to cages.

Thank You again for making a call for us.


Yesterday Momma, Dad, my brudder and I walked up on the hill to check the honeysuckle and raspberry bushes. And then Momma walked further up and was looking at my sister's cross. My brudder laid down beside it. I think my sister is by the cross and my brudder misses her a lot.
When we came back down our hill, I splashed in a mud puddle. It felt good on my feet. Momma threatened to give me another bath but I love taking baths and just had one Monday. So momma just washed my feet, legs, belly and face yesterday.
Rudie and I chased each other in the yard before going back inside. As soon as we were back indoors Rudie went back to bed to 7 pm tonight. He doesn't play or interact with anyone when he's inside.
Goodnight All

Rocky Tzu Collins


Call to Action

May 24th 2011 9:02 pm
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I write this as a proud family member of my three precious fur babies, Rudie, Rocky & Sammy. For close to a year our family has supported Nitro's Law.

This law isn't just about Nitro, its about PROTECTING companion animals in OHIO. To be honest we have crappy laws. The laws do not protect our trusted, loyal family members without a voice.

It angers me knowing that my beloved babies could be abused by a groomer, or if I ever kennel them (which would never happen!). That my neighbor could harm them. And these actions could go unpunished because of crappy laws.

They give us friendship, love, comfort and companionship. They listen to us without judging us. We owe them so much and they ask for so little. Let's change the laws to give them a voice.

Now I want to ask a favor. Whether or not you live in Ohio~~ Everyone Please call: Lynn Slaby 614.644.5085 just say "I'm calling to encourage Representative Slaby to put Nitro's Law HB 108 on the agenda" Thank you!!)

Most mobile plans have nights and weekends so this call would be free on mobile carriers & you don't have to give your name just leave a brief message stating ""I'm calling to encourage Representative Slaby to put Nitro's Law HB 108 on the agenda" Thank you!!)".

It takes less than a minute and you could help change our Law


Spring is here

May 21st 2011 11:43 pm
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I had a wonderful evening outside. The sun was warm with a light breeze & no rain. It has rained a lot this year and when its wet outside I don't get to go out often because I get muddy.

Momma and I went outdoors for an hour or so. I got to run & play. But I was on my long leash. Since Cocoa's accident and trip to the bridge we don't get to run off the leash often anymore.

I played & played, and what made things great I was outside with my Momma. I better get some sleep.

Night Night to my besties.


My life is Blessed

May 19th 2011 6:02 pm
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My Brudder Rudie is improving each day. He's growling at me more. Its so nice for things to be getting back to normal. He's eating more each day and did I mention he's growling at me again?

My daddy is doing better and went back to work today. In case your wondering my daddy works for one of is friends at a car lot. He's a mechanic. The Dr's didn't want to let him out Tuesday but daddy insisted on going home.

Was surprised to find out I am one of Today's Diary Picks. Thank You Dogster for this honor. Night Night All


I miss my daddy

May 17th 2011 2:04 am
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Today makes two whole days without Daddy and I sure do miss him. He was taken away from home to a place called a hospital on Sunday. Momma and him was both sick but Momma got better.

The Dr thinks it was something they ate because they were both sick and since she's younger she got better quicker. Hopefully today he might come home. I just can't understand about the Dr thinking this was caused by food because I eat everything Momma eats, I insist on it. The food was good.

Momma went to bed early last night after getting home from visiting with him. She must have been wore out. Yesterday morning she only had a couple hours of sleep between Sunday morning and taking my brudder to see our Dr.

I got to go along for the ride. Momma sat up front with Rudie on her lap and my uncle watched me in the back seat. He is starting to feel better but he had to get a shot.

Time to go backs to sleep with Mom..



May 15th 2011 8:33 pm
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Home alone with my brudder. Daddy is at the hospital with a tummy ache. I am so upset because momma locked me in the bathroom when the men took daddy away in the van with the whirley lights. They think its his appendix.

Momma is there at the hospital with him. By time she gets home it will be time to take Rudie to the vet. She changed our food back to Kibbles N Bits and he's starting to eat again. So hopefully his problems aren't bad after all.

Please keep him in your prayers.


hi ya'll

May 10th 2011 8:50 pm
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Hey its me Rocky. Sorry I hadn't wrote much lately. My brudder has not been feeling good.

He's GROUCHY! I don't even have to get near him without him growling at me. I still like to bother him once in awhile but for the most part I leave him alone!

He doesn't eat much dog food anymore. Once in awhile momma or dad gives him bologna but they hide medicine in it for him. I get the other half of it! I hope they aren't trying to fool me too!

He doesn't even beg for food now. Tonight mom gave me chicken. And I laid near dad hoping he would drop a treasured bite of food and he did.

Please keep my brudder in your thoughts!



May 3rd 2011 11:15 pm
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Maybe here in a little bit my cousin Serenity Jane will make her debut. My cousin Beanie is at the hospital because her water broke.
I just can't understand how she was able to break water! I have played in my water dish, in mud puddles (Momma was not happy about that), and in the tub. And as much as I played in water it never become broke.
Beanie's pawrents came down to visit momma a few weeks ago and promised to come back the next time with the baby. Momma is so excited for our newest family member to get here!

Night Night furiends maybe she will be born while we are sleeping!

**Serenity Jane has arrived on 5/4 3:55 A.M. She weighs 8# 6 ounces.


dont feel good

May 1st 2011 9:21 pm
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I got to ride to town earlier with my Momma and Aunt Missy. They went through a drive thru and some nice lady working there gave me a treat. I was polite and accepted the treat from her but would not eat it in the car.

When we got back home I shared the treat with my brudder. My dad was cutting the grass while we was gone.

Tonight I got sick to my tummy and threw up a few times. Me isn't feeling good. So I will say goodnight!

PS yes Cooper mom gets irritated being woke up by loud squeaks!


My Favorite word...

April 30th 2011 8:40 pm
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Hearing Momma say...boys..means our day is coming to a close..cuddle time and sleeping with Momma. When we hear Momma say boys, my brudder and I stop what we're doing and follow her to bed. I jump up on her side of the bed and lay by her for some cuddling.

Once she falls asleep , I get back up to get my toys. Some balls and a squeaky ugly chicken or squeaky monster. I love sleeping with my squeaky friends. Once I got my entourage with me, I move the balls close to momma.

Once in awhile she will roll over on a squeaky toy or tennis ball, waking up long enough to throw it out of bed. There is nothing like a game of fetch in the middle of the night.

Once I'm done collecting my toys again I go back to bed. Once I'm sleepy I go under the covers by Momma's side.

Its a good life. Night Night..I just heard Momma call boys!

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