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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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My first Thanksgiving with my forever family.

November 25th 2010 7:02 pm
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Today my skin pawrents took me to spend the day with my best friend Zayne and the rest of my chihuahua family. I even got to taste turkey for the first time. It was yummy, and mom gave me a bite of her pecan pie. Just a bite of the crust but it was delish.

Hope everyone had a great turkey day.



November 22nd 2010 5:43 pm
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Fries and ketchup, ketchup and fries. Yummy for my Tummy. I am Rocky the french fry guy!

The french fry is the most perfect food. Baked or deep fried. Either way with no salt I'm a happy guy.

Other than a few fries, my day was great.


Zayne and mine Holiday Card Printed all wrong

November 21st 2010 4:46 pm
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My Amy made us a Christmas Card with the whole family printed beautifully but the card of Zayne & myself is all wrong for the 4x6 format.

To get the Merry Christmas on the card, part of Zayne is being cut off. Too get all of Zayne , my whole head would be cut off.

So to include both most of the text is missing :•(

Our family is doing the card exchange on dogster. If you aren't in the exchange but would like to receive and send a card to us , please inbox us on dogster.


Unjust treatment

November 19th 2010 6:11 am
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The latest news from my house, dad lost his keys and blamed me. Yes he did! Steal the car keys once and I am forever thought of as a thief.

I like to steal and hide things but this time I am. Innocent. Blaming me for his carelessness is unjust.

Well anyways he was getting ready to leave for work and could not find his keys. By the look on his face I knew instantly he was thinking I stole the keys.

After doing the search of tables, bed and counters. He started checking in and under furniture and my usual hiding spots but alas no keys.

After searching for a half hour he remembered where he put the keys with no apology to me *sighs. I will remember this and steal the keys next time.


oh the Humiliation

November 18th 2010 2:04 pm
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I do not find humor in my new profile picture. How dare my mom do this to me!

Yea yea I really look like Santa Paws.


Your right Jack

November 18th 2010 8:36 am
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Sleeping on Momma's head can be fun. If I curl up towards the back of head is better though, I give it ***** (five stars). On top of head towards face I give *** . She always says she can't breathe and if I sleep towards her face and she's asleep, she might swat me away by accident.

Favorite napping side, Momma's lap. I give the lap *****. Momma's side ****.

I admit I'm a Lap Dog, proud of it!



November 17th 2010 6:24 am
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Yawn, Mommy is up early. I like when she wakes up. When she's sitting up, I can sleep in her lap. When she's laying down the lap disappears.

I need to look into where it goes...


no babies for me

November 16th 2010 5:42 pm
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Mother needs to stop being brain-washed from what she reads or sees.
Because of recently viewing a video, my hopes of an offspring has vanished.
Mother decided if there is ever a second Tzu in the house, it will be. Rescue. Or even a Tzu Hybrid like me.


Primary Picture

November 15th 2010 6:15 am
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Momma abandoned me 2 days in a row. Saturday she went to a place called Grove City. They had a party to celebrate my grandpa's 71st birthday, so he was 497 this year. The next day momma left me again she went to Zayne's house.

For my safety, since there is baby puppies in the house, Momma left me at home. Mothers with young pups will be defensive and become hostile to dogs that don't live there.

My Aunt and mom, mostly my aunt made a cool picture of all of the Collins Tribe in one picture. It is currently Our primary pictures and she plans to get it printed.

In a week or so Momma is going to dress me up as Santa Paws and my Aunt will dress Zayne up to do our picture together.

Will let you see it when its done. My suit is a Small and his x-small. Well back to laying on mom's lap.


me and da cat

November 11th 2010 3:24 pm
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If you haven't noticed already, my picture changed. My Fall picture that was made by Dayzee is safely tucked away online in an album until next September.

The newest picture itself is very recent. Just taken this morning. Yes he really is that big.

Mother tried to capture him grooming me. I think he was tasting me but Sammy assured me it was just a lick.

I hope he was telling the truth...

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