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My 1st Christmas

Thanksgiving 2006

November 25th 2006 8:48 am
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Today was so much fun all our family was here and even my Cousin Calli came. We all had a blast. Can't wait till Xmas!


Pool Day at Cousin Calli's

July 17th 2005 2:26 pm
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Thank god I went to play with my cousin Calli. A couple of weeks ago Auntie Carol brought me this blue plastic thing and put water in it, I thought it was a water dish but way too big for me. They picked me up and tried to put me in I went nuts. Well, Calli straightened me right out. It's a POOL!!! When it's hot ya jump in and splash around and get cooled off. Then ya run around the yard, roll in the grass and then jump in pool again and repeat!! What fun!! So glad she showed me what to do. She is a Golden ya know and is an expert on water! So that was a fun day, I slept for 2 days when I got home. Can't wait till vacation in August. I get to spend a week at Calli's house!! Stay tuned.


My first sleepover with cousin Calli

April 24th 2005 9:11 am
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This weekend I spent at Cousin Calli's for a sleepover. I had so much fun. We went on such a long walk I couldn't make it home. Auntie Carol had to carry me around the corner. They got such a big yard and I just ran till I thought my heart was going to explode. I played with Calli and jumped all over her till she kinda told me enough is enough! It was still fun, we all slept in bed together and I even slept till 9 whoo hoo!We played all Sunday morning, then we got potato bones and then I got a soup bone. I can't stand it. I feel like I'm dreaming. Playing in the yard and inside and treats ahhhhh life is good. I think I will sleep a week when I get home tonight. Maybe I can talk Mom into letting me go to Calli's and sleepover more often. If I do I must not snap at Auntie Carol cause she ain't like Mom, she don't take that crap! She put me right in my place.She made me sit and be good till dinner was done, then I got a treat. Calli says she's cool as long as you follow the rules and not be nasty. I can't help it I'm a little dog that has to prove myself (I think) and I'm only 10 months old. Calli says I got a lot of growing up to do. Oh well, bye for now the adventures continue.


My 1st Christmas Meet the Family

January 16th 2005 6:24 pm
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Today was really fun. I went to meet my Aunt Carol & Uncle Chris and their dog Cousin Calli. All my Mom's side of the family was there and they were having Christmas dinner . Me and Calli had to watch from the kitchen. We both got lots of snacks all afternoon so it was ok. I had to go Poopy and couldn't hold it in. It was a big one too. Well I heard Aunt Carol say "anyone smell something " and I had to move fast and hide the load. So, of coarse just as everyone was looking in the kitchen , I ate it (it really wasn't that bad as we ate good snacks) . My Mom was trying to do a hurtle over the baby gate and I just swallowed it whole!!! Then I heard all these screams I didn't know what to do. Is this what Christmas dinner is all about? People are strange. I did have a great time though, can't wait till the next holiday dinner.

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