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Delightfur Doggy Ponderings

August 18th 2012 10:18 am
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Well, Growlmy was not happy this morning...she turned on this old confuser, and went to the browser, but access was denied...she couldn't get on the interwebs...GRRR!
But unfurbro said he could, and pawppy said so what was up with that!
Pawppy had installed some 'updates' and that pups, was the trouble, it had to be reset, so after some fiddling, (pawppy had his tech hat on), it worked!
And lo and behold, there was I, in the DDP line up! Whoopee!

"Thanks fur this pawsome beach pic fur my DDP, Cooper and gang!"

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Barked by: COOPER (Dogster Member)
August 19th 2012 at 10:44 pm
You're welcome, beach dude!

Barked by: Abby (Dogster Member)
August 20th 2012 at 7:17 am
Beautiful picture, Freckles!

Barked by: Riley (Dogster Member)
August 21st 2012 at 11:28 am
You know how to rock a beach scene.

Barked by: Mia (Dogster Member)
August 21st 2012 at 3:06 pm
Belated CONCATS FRECKLES! we hope you had a pawsome day!

Barked by: MrJackFreckles (Dogster Member)
August 21st 2012 at 6:19 pm
Woofs and thanks to you all, pups! I have nevfur been to a real beach, BOL!

It is a delightfur day here, coolish, sunny and the grass is once again green and soft...and way too tall, BOL! Unfurbro will be going to give it a mow down furry soon, and even sooner growlmy will be off to her work...and I sure hope that pawppy gets back from his errands soon, so I can beg some belly rubs from him, and maybe a treat or two!

I have discovered that not only do the neighbors have their goat, a hound type dog of their own and CJ the old guest/lodger pup, they have a CAT! OMD! I went nutzo when I saw it it on the steps, but growlmy said I better get used to seeing it...she thinks he is beautifur, a grey and white dude, and he didn't seem too scared of me, he just kept staying on their steps trying to stare me down...or maybe he was sizing me up, BOL!

Well, I do have to let growlmy leave here cause she has to go and take care of her residents at the nursing home...maybe she will see the service pups that come through there now and then, one is a handsome blue merle aussie pup.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and I will woof at you later!


Meet Zeus!

August 15th 2012 10:15 pm
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I have just met Zeus!
Another JRT, and a Canadian one at that!
He is new to Dogster, and I am sure he would love to meet new pup-pals!
If you are feeling all hot from your local heat waves, then his main pic will help cool you off, BOL!
Here is a link to his page:

Woofs to all!


A News Item To Woof About! And Wagging My Tail, Too!

August 15th 2012 11:27 am
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This new item was on our local new today. Heartwarming to say the least...and wonderfur to read a good doggy story, instead of some of the bad dog did this or that...

Briarfield Farm Sanctuary Saving Dogs Across Michigan

MATTAWAN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Over the last few months, we've covered many stories of dogs being rescued from horrible conditions.

Some of them are placed in new homes, but many of the older dogs and the ones who have medical conditions face a life of uncertainty.

That's where a West Michigan sanctuary comes in.

Briar-Field Farms is not your typical shelter.

While they hope to adopt out all their dogs, they know that many of them will never leave the sanctuary--and that's just fine with them.

The fields there used to house horses, but now dogs rescued from unimaginable conditions run free between the white fenceposts.

Horse stables have been transformed into kennels, which now house about 30 dogs.

Many that wouldn't be alive if it weren't for John Coghlin and his team.

"We jokingly refer to this as a last chance ranch, and I guess I have to say we take the dogs that are not going to make it out of animal services or wherever they might be," Coghlin said.

The farm has only been operating as a dog rescue for a year and a half, and is already full.

The dogs come from all over the state--Coghlin works with animal services in many counties and takes in dogs that are too old or sick--like a trio called the welcoming committee.

"We call them our three old men," Coghlin said. "They live in our office all day long; they're all over the age of 8.

"Scotty is 8, Winston and Rosco are about 10, they're just our greeters," he continued.

They give older dogs a nice place to spend the rest of their days, and if they can, the sanctuary helps them find forever families.

It's work that is rewarding for Coghlin, his six employees and the volunteers that help walk and feed the dogs.

The farm, in Mattawan, is a non-profit, and relies on donations of supplies and medical care.

If you're interested in adopting one of the dogs, you can find a link to their website by clicking here:Briarfield Farm Sanctuary


I hope you check this link, it truly shows the love that is going on there.

Have a great day!


Thankyou Mr Goat, BOL!

August 11th 2012 6:48 am
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Mr Goat...known as Prince has helped me get a should I still call him silly, crazy or stupid??
He still gets out, and does silly things...

Well, maybe the Diary Gal likes goats?!

Cooper and his crew made me a nice pic, Thanks dude!

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Barked by: Milo (Dogster Member)
August 11th 2012 at 9:22 am
Congratulations, MJF :-)
You are on the headline news!

Barked by: MrJackFreckles-SirLick-a-Lot (Dogster Member)
August 11th 2012 at 8:47 pm
Hi, Milo! Thanks!

Barked by: COOPER (Dogster Member)
August 12th 2012 at 3:38 am
You're welcome, dude,
and thanks...
you're a great pal to
have too!

Today growlmy is off, even though she got a phone call a short while ago to beg her to come in n her day off, she declined because her & Pawppy are going to be 'going out' fur the day, something they don't do furry often...gotta do it while the chance is there, BOL!
It isn't hot, which is a welcome change, and we have had a lot of rain...over 3 inches here...and some areas got way more than that...rather too late fur farmers but needed nevfurtheless to help raise the water levels in lakes, rivers and so our water table fur the I can have nice cool fresh water to drink...

I shall try to convince growlmy to get back on here later today...furmouse pups got to keep up with the pupperazzi, BOL!


Crazy Goat!

August 7th 2012 10:49 pm
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Well, today was goat's be on the lam...

Prince(!) was in his front yard munching the lawn when growlmy & I set out fur our stroll.( Hooray, Its cool in the mornings again!)
Well, he saw us, and tried to come after us, so growlmy rediredcted him back to his yard and we proceeded...or so we thought!

After we walked a bit further we heard a pick-up truck come down the street, but it slowed way growlmy looked behind us and there was that silly goat again, in the middle of the road!
Well, back we went, with Prince...
After he was safe, we tried to go off on the stroll route once again.
Nope, not today!
Suddenly we heard the clippity-clop of hooves on the road...and sure enough, that billygoat was following us, he was running down the street in the middle of the road, as fast as his goat legs would carry him...if it wasn't so annoying and dangerous, it would have been funny!
So this time, growlmy put the extra leash she always has in her pocket...(Like a boy scout, always prepared!)...and looped it around Princes not skinny neck and tried to get him to walk back with us...nope, he wasn't having it at all! BOL! So with some pushing and shoving eventually he went, but then he ran! And you guessed it, growlmy went down , kaboom! On her left knee, to even up the score from the balloon festival tumble...well, at the edge of Prince's yard, one of the older boys drove up, and he took over and penned Prince up...after apologizing...of course he didn't know that growlmy had taken a crash...

Growlmy thinks that her neighbors' critters are going to be her undoing pone of these days! I think that they need to learn to walk so they can come with us...that would make our strolls more fun, don't you think?? BOL!

And no, I did not get to complete my stroll as planned...
Dumb Goat!
Silly Goat!
Stupid Goat!

Note from Growlmy...I didn't get hurt, more than my pride...but one of these days...good grief!


Time To Feast!!

August 1st 2012 3:47 pm
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Yeah! Hooray!
Dogust is here and today there is CAKE to doagabrate!

Me and my furblings have gotten so many cakes that I just know that my tummy will not only be full, it will be rotund!

My plate overfloweth with the love of all my furry pals!!

Thanks for all who are sending these (free) cakes, today, and thanks to HQ fur opening up the the pantry doors!

Off to gobble up some cake! Now I need to fetch myself a dogweiser, too...



July 25th 2012 9:13 pm
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Time fur Silver!
Not an Olympic Medal, but something far better, I think...

Today was spawsial here! Furry spawsial!
Growlmy and pawppy dogabrated 25 years of being married...well, no, they didn't dogbrate, the celebrated! BOL!

Twenty five years on the 25th! Imagine that!

I got to sniff the basket that held almonds and chocolate all those years ago, and though I tried furry hard, there was not a crumb left!
Minko tried to help me, but he couldn't find any either...
Pipo wasn't interested in helping when I was around, so he missed out in furmily furtrait making, too.

Then after being home with me all day, then pawppy came home from his work. All together!
But...soon I had to do houseguard duty again, and they left me and went to find some tasty nom-noms...without any of us furs...sigh...

This morning befur pawppy went to his job, there was some mushy junk going on...and again this evening...I guess after all those years its OK, right??

Happy Anniversary Growlmy & Pawppy!

(Today was furry hot, humid and there even was some raindrops to increase the ick factor...just like 25 years ago, growlmy said, except this time there was A/C and there was A/C in the restaurant they went to also...which necessity had broken down at the reception hall back in 1987, it was that hot! UGH! Well if they got through a day like that, then all will be well...and it still is, BOL!)


Good Grief!

July 24th 2012 8:15 pm
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Good grief! That is what growlmy was thinking was stinky hot again, so when she was trying to leave to do errands, I had to stay in the house, instead of guarding it from the yard...shucks, I missed all the fun, and I barked so loud that growlmy could hear it, which only added to the good grief factor, BOL!
When she had the doors locked, she saw Bandit at the wrong neighbors yard, Oh-oh!
He was all wet, too...likely had been in the creek behind our yards.
Well he was so happy to see growlmy that he tried to come in MY yard when she opened the gate to good timing, Bandit!
So she called him and directed him to his own yard, and told him to stay...he laid down, but as soon as she turned to go back to her car, well, he followed her, BOL! He was in play mode, and frisky too!

So...growlmy thought she had heard noise from within his house, so she convinced Bandit to follow her again, to the steps of their back door...and sure enough, someone opened the door and he ran right in! Hooray!
Growlmy now was giggling along with the good grief feelings, because she heard the girl say...'Eeuuwwwww! He's all wet!' Payback time, BOL!
Well after all that she could hear me yapping with envy at not being included in all this fracas.
Good Grief, I wanted to help her!
Well pals, she didn't even come back in the house to check on me, but she got right into her car and drove off...and didn't get back until after pawppy came home to let me out...but Bandit wasn't out where I could have a woofy chat with him...Good grief!

Growlmy told pawppy that she wasted 20 minutes of her time to get Bandit under control...and she is hoping this doesn't get to be regular, rescuing the neighbor's pups...remember the episode in the winter? She still has an ouchy wrist! Good Grief!!


Doggy Doldrums

July 17th 2012 4:32 pm
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Drums...growlmy has a huge bunch of those, all tiny and attached to a figure representing the drummers from various military regiments, etc.
Some peeps would know them as nutcrackers,as indeed many are, but there are a lot that are not...but this report is not about growlmy or her drummers...its about doldrums...
We got those here in huge doses...heat induced doldrums...and esp noticeable in my old aged dog-guy body...too darn hot! Sheesh, will it evfur cool down...and rain?? I don't remember what that is, BOL! At least I mean it sure feels like I could be furgetting what its like! Seriously, the rain comes in huge amounts, but there must be a dome over our area...sigh...

Well, I plop down under growlmy's desk chair if she is there, then growl at her if she dares to jiggle me with her feet by mistake..(Growlmy says that hot weather makes peeps and furs a lot more cranky than normal...), then I go and lounge under the dining room table, keeping watch ovfur the doings in the den...then I feel chilled by that overworked A/C, and have to go outside to bake under that hot sun...ooh that feels good on my aging bones...and when I get too broiled, I go back in the den and the whole routine starts ovfur again...sigh...Growlmy hasn't even taken me fur any strolls lately:(

Doldrums = Bored!

The ground is so dry and hard I can't even dig in it...
The grass is all dead, so even if I wanted to, there's none to munch on, so I have tried some daisy type hardier plants, but those don't taste too good...

The goats next door seem to be more adapted to this strange climate we are enduring, they just nibble here and there and evfurry where...then they have the nerve to walk along MY fence and they rub their furs all over it...if it wasn't strong enough they would knock/push it down, BOL!
At least they are fun to go and bark at and therm they either run away, or they stomp at me and try to head butt me through the fence, BOL!!
A bright spot in my doldrummer doggy days...sigh...



July 14th 2012 6:29 pm
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Have you noticed??

Have you seen them??

Have you gotten any of them??

What I mean is...Notifications!
Comments from other furs after you have left your own calling card on a diary or a picture.

The silent treatment is over!
Pawrmentently I hope!

Thanks HQ fur fixing that huge flea, HQ!


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