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A New Home

October 4th 2012 8:33 pm
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Pawppy has a new home...temporarily, BOL!

He was discharged from the hospital and transferred to the rehab hospital for a few days.

He is getting stronger evfurry day...and more bored, too.

I can't wait for him to come home.

When growlmy gets home I can smell pawppy on the laundry she brings in, but then I wonder where the man is that usually is inside those clothes...sigh...I shall go cuckoo when he comes back!


Productive Day

October 3rd 2012 8:06 pm
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Here is the update on Pawppy for today:

Growlmy has been spending long hours at the hospital with Pawppy.
Today he was so much better already.
Making treks with the walker to the hallway, to the chair and to the potty...the place where he, Growlmy and the nurses all rejoiced in his production...BOL! (Those were his own words, I am not kidding!!)

Well, he agreed to go to the rehab hospital for a week or so to be more independently mobile and stronger. so tomorrow the plan is to be 're-homed' there.
Growlmy was glad with this, because she felt so scared to have him home so early, needing all that help. No one else here to help, it is daunting...he will have about 3 hours of therapy each day, and then upon discharge from there he will go to out patient PT 2 - 3 times a week for several weeks.

Growlmy will of course be his chauffeur or is it chaufesse?
She sure will be looking forward to the emergence of an 'new' Pawppy...thank the Lord that his level of pain is not that bad by now, and that he even told peeps that he can tell that the damaged hip is not there anymore to cause that kind of discomfort.

Patience will be learned by this, and more of the same for Growlmy!

I have noticed that that camera box is a lot less visible I don't think any new pics will be forthcoming...that does not make me sad at all, BOL!!


Update #3 Twentyfour Hours Post-Op

October 2nd 2012 2:12 pm
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Well, today is 24 hours post-op and counting.
The PT peeps came in early this morning and tried to get Pawppy up...well he sat up, that went OK, he stood up, about 30 seconds and his BP dropped under the floor., he went back in the bed.
Good thing those were strong men, and they had a transfer belt around him.
So, then a few hours later they were back. More of the same, and this time pawppy took about 5 - 6 steps with the walker into a chair.
He went in that recliner chair to an exercise class with others who also had joint replacements yesterday. Growlmy was there to learn what she has to do.

Later back in his room pawppy said he felt like he had just finished a full day's hard labor. He couldn't believe that yesterday he walked into the hospital unaided and now he can hardly even move his legs let alone walk...OMD The road is stretching out long befur him...uphill all the way. Good thing he is motivated.

Growlmy is trying to find out if there is anyone who can come to our den to see what still needs to be 'fixed' so he can come home...otherwise he may need to be at the rehab hospital for a week or so, till he is more mobile.


Thanks for all the gifts, and comments and support.
Those balloons were a fun thing! My page is going to float away, BOL!!


Update # 2

October 1st 2012 7:24 pm
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Here is some news about Pawppy's surgery today.

There was a bit of a wait at the hosp. this am, but then pawppy was taken back, about 15min later than first thought. He was in the OR about 90 minutes, then the surgeon came out to talk to growlmy, he also showed her a picture of the old joint. There was NO cartilage left on it at all.
He said that he thought this was caused by a shallow joint 'cup' a congenital malformation.
Pawppy then told everyone in the room that he had been having a soreness there most of his life...go figure.
Maybe he thought this was just how he was until recently when it got to be unbearable, and likely worsened by that fall he had 4 years ago.

He had a lot of severe pain right after the op, but once that got under control he did much better.

He had a good liquid lunch...YUCK!

Then he had some rest until before supper.

Well, when the nurses let him sit on the side of the bed, he felt very faint, so it didn't last long...
But he was eating a solid real food dinner, and looking 100% better at 9pm than earlier this afternoon.
So that is progress...and he isn't using morphine anymore, just a more ordinary analgesic.

Tomorrow the PT & OT peeps will assess him and design a 'plan'.

Well, thanks for your thoughts and prayers and my tired growlmy is going off to bed!
Tomorrow will be another busy day!


Surgery Is Done

October 1st 2012 3:03 pm
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Pups, a furry short update about pawppy.
Thanks for all the pawyers and gifts and messages.

Pawppy had his surgery and at the moment is resting...soon the nurses are going to try to get him up, OMD!

Growlmy is going back there, now. She will update here when she gets back.


I Have Closed The Picture Shop For A While

September 28th 2012 10:23 pm
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Well pups, I was going to still be here tomorrow, but since growlmy got asked to came and work tomorrow evening, that leaves a lot less time for doing the things she wanted to still do for and with pawppy...his surgery is Monday morning, early.
So I won't be making those pic.mementos starting the 29th...and I do not know when I will be able to open he shop again, but I will, will know it when I revert my name-title back to normal, BOL!
There may be a rare one if growlmy has a spare moment, but we are not committing or promising.

Thanks fur understanding.
I will let you know via this diary of pawppy's progress, etc.
Thanks fur the love and pawyers so far, I appawsiate those so much...I feel blessed to have you all as my furends.
Please continue them, they are truly craved!

Now I am letting growlmy get to bed, BOL!


The Time Has Come...

September 22nd 2012 7:17 pm
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Well pups and peeps.
After not writing anything for a few days, I am a DDP again...BOL! Go figure!
Cooper and his furry gang made me a nice pic, I put it in the biofields of my page. Phew, that is getting to be a long set of pics!
Growlmy saw I was a DDP today, but couldn't let me get on here, GRRR!
She said it was important to make some pics for kitties...what!?! Then she and pawppy went out again doing nonfurry things.
I did guard duty, but since it rained most of the time, there wasn't much to guard...but later I barked at the kitty next door who came out of the house there and when I saw him I ran out to let him know he cannot evfur come into MY yard. So he ran up their tree, BOL! Bandit was out there, too, so we did some fence running.
Prince their goat seems to be in his pen more lately, maybe they got it so he can't climb out anymore.

Well, I have some other woofs to let you all hear.
In about a week Pawppy has to go to the hospital. He is really having trouble walking, so the doctor said he should get better with that, if he gets a total hip replacement. Mr Arthur Rightus has pinched him too hard!
Since appawrently this is a big deal, I won't be around furry much for a (too long) while. Not sure how long, I might be able to check in, make some diary entries to keep you informed, and a few in your own pages, but there will be NO time to make pics for you. That is so hard fur growlmy, because I know she likes to do those for your spawsial occasions.
Well if you get one during these weeks coming up, you will be spawsial indeed!
Growlmy has to be his taxi, rehab coach, doing care, exercises and taking him to physio, and appointments, etc, at least until he is allowed to drive again. Since its the right hip,that may be a while:(

Our den is beginning to look like a rehab unit, with all the 'junk' that growlmy is gathering fur future needs and usage.

Please pawray fur all this to go well...

I will make a note in my name-title to let you know that we are not doing the usual things...something like MJF's Pictureshop-Closed...or similar.

I know I will be missing things, but I know you all understand, too.



Dapper DandyPirate or Dusty Dirty Pooch...or Daily Diary- Pick

September 17th 2012 9:31 pm
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Take your pick, pups...which one am I??
Today, growlmy checked the confuser just before she left the den at 7am...she had to take Pawppy to an appointment.
Well, she saw I was a DDP, but there was no time fur her to do anything about it! She wonders why I always get this honor (And a hearty thanks to HQ & Diary Gal...), when she is otherwise occupied, BOL!
Thanks fur all my prezzies, and Cooper and his gang of pirate mateys sent me this nice pic, with a galleon to sail the ocean blue, to seek my bountiful booty! BOL!

Well, that takes care of the DDP and the DapperDandyPirate...
Now fur the Dusty Dirty Pooch...

When growlmy came home from being with Pawppy, she still couldn't let me get on here..she had chores to do outside. So she was working there about 6 hours! Sheesh! Well, I found good cause to dig and dig in the far back of our yard...growlmy wishes she had the camera in her hand,but her hands were filled with lawn care schnooter was no longer white and tan, but a muddy brown!
Then I found another snake, so I was trying to get it, but growlmy wasn't letting me...I barked and barked and dug and dug, to no avail...then when I almost had it, growlmy distracted me, and that slinky snake got away...slithered out of my sight...
Well, then I saw the new kitty next door.OMD! I had to race up and down the fence to try and find a way to access it...but once again our fence is not conducive to my getting out...
And Bandit tried doing fence races with me too!
Well when I got inside, I sure was hot, dusty and dirty!

Ice-cubes are good fur this problem, so I got to crunch some. They aren't bad, but ice-cream would have been better, considering that I was a DDP!

Woof at ya all later.
Avast and Yarghhhh to all my pirate mates!


A Request For A Shelter To Receive Votes

September 14th 2012 9:10 am
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I got a P-Mail from Sunny. She asked me to post a link fur pups to go to this FB site and vote fur a shelter that she supports.
Here is a link to that page:
Sunny's Shelter Site

Maybe some of you already have, but here is a link to her own diary pages so you can see what this is all about:
Sunny's Diary

Well thanks for reading and helping out!

In other woofs, not too much new here, except that growlmy is off to her work, shortly, so I will do guard duty till pawppy gets home from his least it is beautufur weather, not rainy like yesterday!
Sheesh, a while ago we were begging fur rain...peeps are nevfur happy, BOL!



September 12th 2012 6:30 pm
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The other day, I met Schatzi, my LWD stroll pal.
Schatzi is a German term for dearie or something like that....well her mom was not to happy with her little dearie, BOL! She was not white, at least not around her neck and shoulders. She was furry dark brown...and stinky to boot, BOL!
Little Miss Schatzi the not so white, LWD had found herself some delish doo-doo to roll in...OMD
Of course her mom was dressed in nice clean clothes, because she was going out with her friend as soon as her stroll was maybe not, because she was going to have to take care of her LWD to get her all clean again...growlmy rightly prophesied a bath in Schatzi's future...BOL!

Growlmy also made sure to ask where that doo-doo was so that I would be led past it on the other side of the street...growlmy is such a pawrty pooper, sometimes!

In other woofs, soon it will be that yearly event of Pirate Day...YARGHHHH!!

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