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Freckles' Fabarkations, Rebarks and Jacktoids

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Woofs from my Jack Sack

January 30th 2010 1:19 pm
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I'm being a couch potato on this cold afternoon. The sunny spot is no longer on the carpet, so the best place is my 'Jack Sack'. And watch out you felines... if you get too close, you may get a Jack Attack!
I always like to recharge my batteries in this cozy bed, even though it smell a lot like my feline furblings...Sometimes I even deign to share it with one of them, but only Minko. Pipo wouldn't like to get that close to me, besides, he tries to beat me up... He thinks he is the king around here, but I am the big Jack!
I go for these long walks everyday, but lately my pawrent puts that despised doggy coat thing on me. Today she even put 2 coats on me, she said it was too cold for my old bones...I can't wait for warmer weather, so that I won't have to endure that stuff anymore.
I have noticed that my pawrent has been spending a lot of time on that Dogster stuff lately, I sure hope she isn't looking for another furbling...There's enough of us here already! She says she is enjoying reading all about other pets and their furmilies.And telling them about all of our secrets. Maybe that will make me more famous...? At least I'm famous in my own furmily, especially when I get to visit my dog cousins, or see the canines that live on my walking path.
Oh, yeah, I can't wait for the spring so that my pawrents will get back doing yard work. Then I spend more time outside, and can get digging in our wood piles to hunt for all that vermin that lives there. Last fall I ousted a rabbit and a bunch of moles and mice. I'm a good JRT!
I just don't like to be back there much when no 0ne is with me... I'm too social for that! At least life got more interesting when my pawrents put in dog doors for me. Then the only thing was, they had to be watchful of the kitties who learned how to go through them too! I used to try and escape to run wild in the back woods, but with the dog doors came a big fence, too. Bummer! So now I just have my acre of yard to run in, but somehow it isn't as much fun to charge through the dog doors, when there's no real eascaping...
Well that's about all for now, I'm so glad that my pawrent listened to my whines about starting a diary on dogster. Now I'll have to help her remember to keep it up.


Careful, Please!

January 31st 2010 12:23 pm
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My pawrent was going to get her coat out of the closet, bu she didn't see me in the patch of sun nearby and stepped right on my tail!
I didn't know if I should be scared or angry, so I yowled and yelped and growled, before I got up and begged forgiveness for I don't even know what, and grovelled at her feet.
I always do that when she steps on me or bumps into my body if I'm too close to her feet under the table or desk. I get annoyed because of being disturbed out of a sleep, but then feel bad because I realize the incident was an accident and not directed at me personally. So that's why I growl and then grovel.At least I'm not like one of her kitties who left a couple of holes in her ankle when she stepped on his tail. (That was not one of the kitties that live with us now, they're too nice to do that...)
I don't like Sundays too much, because for one I don't get a walk, and my furmily is gone 2 times for several hours when they go to that church stuff. So I have to make up for it by going outside and barking at the neighbours or chasing creatures in my yard...
Today I lost a source of amusement, because my neighbours have re-homed their 2 geese before they move away. At least it was fun to watch the people try and capture them so they could be put in a travel crate. BOL!
I had a tiff with Pipo, because he wouldn't let me have very much fun with Minko. I was trying to be nice and curl up on top of him to keep us both cozy...
Well, Its time for some shut eye. Bye.


Cat Bed

February 1st 2010 5:48 pm
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Oh How comfy it is to be in the cat bed... All by myself! Now I'm up high and I can even see into the livingroom. I'm not allowed there because I tried to make nests on the ciuch cushions too many times... My pawrents seem to forget that is what us dogs do, especially terriers! Its not fair. She has all these purr pads on the furniture for the kitties, but I'm not even allowed in that room. Bummer! GRRR So now I have learned how to get in a different prime spot, near the furnace grate, and so cozy with a fleece blanket in it. Woof! Thank you pawrents for not shooing me out of this comfy place, you know that the kitties have lots of other choices...
I can't wait till the end of the month, that's when my 'bossboy' comes home from college for a whole week. Yippee!
I wish I could go to this groundhog event tomorrow. I would love to help them get that P-Phil out of his hole, why I would dig it right out so everyone could see very easily if there was a shadow... I want winter to go away, so I can go walking without my dog coat... And then the ground would be soft enough in my yard so that I could do some serious digging!
Woofs for now!



February 2nd 2010 6:23 am
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Oh no! that groundhog saw his shadow... so now I have to wear that coat for 6 more weeks...Ugh!
I think I shall have to over there and dig some ground over his den hole as my opinion of all this winter stuff.
Well my pawrent has to go to the dentist, so I get to be a couch potato for a while.


Busy Morning

February 3rd 2010 7:57 am
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Hi everyone in dogland. OK, in catland,too.
I had to wait for my walk this am because 1st all the snow had to be cleaned up. And then, my pawrent went to visit the neighbours dog person. The dog is a little mini Dachshund. Her name is Bacon- I think sausage would be better. Anyways they are moving away, so I'm losing my through the fence playmate...Howl.
After that is was walk time though. I drove my pawrent nuts, because there were so many tracks in the fresh snow to sniff and follow. Deer and rabbits and squirrels, and my sometimes walking friend, a Westie, but we were to late to see her. More Howls.
But no groundhog tracks. That guy had better stay in his hole if he knows what's good for him. He made all this snow stuff come down with his wintry prediction. BOL
When we got back and I had my big rolling session from getting my coat off, it was time to have breakfast. I have to do work to get it though, nothing is free my pawrents always say...I have to 'perform' all my tricks.
Well, when she threw a piece of food across the room for me to find after a brief wait that bad cat Pipo was blocking my way and he beat me up 2 times before I could get to it. I wasn't even paying attention to him. BOL and howls and yowls and yelps, too...
After my tasty breakfast, I finally got to go back to my couch potato part of the day to recharge my battery for the next adventure coming my way. Soon?!
Woofs and licks

Its late in the evening, now. My pawrenthad a busy day at the computer but mostly on Catster, (HOWLS), because my furbling kitty was the DDP. So there was lots of Catmail... I had to be nice to Minko today because of that. I only pestered him once...
I often wonder what she does when she is doing all this computer stuff on Dogster and Catster. My Daddypawrent says she's showing off her furbabies! He said Minko was Famous, for today... I wonder what that means.
Well, I have made my nest for the night. Bye>
Woofs and licks.


New Stuff

February 4th 2010 7:50 am
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Hi, again! Woofs to all,and grrs to all those squirrel dudes who dare to live in our yard!
My growlmy put up some new pictures of me. She has a lot more of me when I was a teeny puppy, but they're not digital, so maybe when she gets them scanned onto a CD...
This morning on my walk I saw a couple of ducks in the creek. Hardly ever see those, so that was fun, but they swam away when they saw us coming...They must get really cold feet in that icy water...Brr! I wouldn't want to go swimming now!
My growlmy says she has to do some real work, now, so I'll woof goodbye for now.


Ear wash and Licks

February 4th 2010 8:44 pm
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Oh Joy! Minko washed my ears again. How I love when he does that. I wish he would never stop. Maybe his name should also be Sir Lick a Lot! BOL!
Well, when pawpy came home from work today, I got to live up to my name. I washed his face for him. Cleaned off all the days troubles...and he croons to me how much he loves my attentions...
Last night when my pawrents wer'nt looking, I did a different kind of licking... I found some yummy garbage. I think it was the supper leftovers. BOL,BOL!! I licked off the cheese and the beans and the tomatoes, oh why can't my growlmy give this kind of food every day? And then I went into shredder mode...! OMD! What a mess! I couln't find any more food to lick on those paper plates, so I had to rip and shred them up. Much better than a garbage disposal. Anyways I had to get the stuff ready for garbage day, which was this am. I'm so helpful. BOL! and I'm a good boy!
I couldn't figure out why my growlmy put something heavy on the garbage can lid today. Doesn't she know that I wanted to practice my new trick of garbage disposer?
So I am Sir Lick a Lot! and Bark a Lot, BOL!
That's All Folks!
Barks and Woofs to all.


Wintery Day

February 5th 2010 6:32 pm
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Oh, I am glad that my furmily does not live in the DC area. I love to go there and visit my grandgrowlmy and uncle, but not today than you. Howl! There is a park right across the street from where they live and every morning all the neighborhood canines get to romp and play there. I bet that it will be pretty quiet there tomorrow morning, every one will be cleaning up tons of snow. I hope they all stay safe and warm. Dogs and cats and humans...I would love to go and romp with my DC buddies, but I think it can wait for spring. Anyways, my human brofur needs a taxi service from his pawrents to and from school. So there.A good excuse to stay here in Michigan. Besides I don't like that snow stuff. We usually get plenty of it here, nice to know that we can share our experiences...BOL
Right now I'm all curled up in my doggy nest. It really smells like my kitty brofur, Minko. He spends a lot of time in here, it must be really cozy, but then he leaves all his cat hair in it. And sometimes little hard things, my growlmy calls that stuff litter.She has to shake it out of my nest or vacuum it up.
I wonder why growlmy is always growling and whining about the chores her furbabies make her do? I thought if you loved someone you would even love to clean up after them? BOL
Well, as I was saying i'm curled up in my doggy nest, and relaying my jactoids to growlmy by this esp method... BOL,BOL!!!
Nighty night!
Barks and licks to all



February 6th 2010 8:50 am
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Oh-oh! My growlmy wasn't paying attention this morning, and permanently deleted a pal request...before she could respond to it. Sorry! If she has offended anyone, please forgive her...
You can always try again...



February 6th 2010 9:13 pm
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Well my growlmy and pawppy keep talking about this thing called snow. they say they're glad we don't live there. We have enough on the ground where I live in Michigan, and I'm not complaining...But it sure was COLD here this morning when I went for my daily 2 mile stroll. My growlmy put 2 coats on me. UGH, she said something about wind chill whatever that is. But the sun was shining, that made it look pretty. I even got to greet a big Chesapeake bay retriever. Huge brown dog. She didn't have a coat on...lucky dog(I think).
I hope all my furmily's furends and furmily in the storm areas are safe and warm and cozy. And starting to be dug out!
Oh No! My pawppy just told growlmy that we may get a big snow here later this coming week, though not as much as DC. We must be getting payback for being glad it wasn't us...
Well, sleep warm in your nests, tonight.
Woofs and Licks.

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