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"Home in my own yard..."

Home:Battle Creek, MI  [I have a diary!]  
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Hello There! I am Freckles, The Smiley Pup!

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"Hello There! I am Freckles, The Smiley Pup!"

Just chilling!

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"Just chilling!"

Happy Pup on Happy Anniversary Day!
Happy 25th Anniversary Growlmy & Pawppy!

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"Happy Pup on Happy Anniversary Day! Happy 25th Anniversary Growlmy & Pawppy!"

June 5th, 2013

It is going to be quiet around here, now that Murphy and my auntie have gone back home...its so far away...sigh...

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"June 5th, 2013 It is going to be quiet around here, now that Murphy and my auntie have gone back home...its so far away...sigh..."

Enjoying a sunny moment of contemplation.

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"Enjoying a sunny moment of contemplation."

First picture growlmy ever made of me. 6 1/2 weeks old, 2 1/2 pounds. I loved this  real sheepskin nest so much I shredded it up! BOL!

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"First picture growlmy ever made of me. 6 1/2 weeks old, 2 1/2 pounds. I loved this real sheepskin nest so much I shredded it up! BOL!"

I am stretched out on the cool grass...

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"I am stretched out on the cool grass..."

Hello, my dogster pals!
I am so glad not to have had to be wearing least for a while! BOL!

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"Hello, my dogster pals! I am so glad not to have had to be wearing least for a while! BOL!"

Spring! Compliments of Cooper and his furmily fur my DDP! Thanks!

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"Spring! Compliments of Cooper and his furmily fur my DDP! Thanks!"

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June 10th 2002

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Barking and digging and guarding us from felines, ours and the neighbors.

Touching my feet, and being disturbed from a sleep;Being wet, Wearing my winter coat, getting in the car, but I don't mind the rides...go figure!

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Anything I can rip the stuffing out of, the fleecy ones are the best!

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Anything, Especially salad items

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around the block

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the basics, plus many more, My 'mommy' tries to teach me a new one every few months

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My 'mommy's' son wanted a dog, he was happy with this choice.

I am a very large 'super sized' terrorist. 3 inches over the standard. 25 pounds of pure hard muscle. I love to be a couch potato when the daily chores of guarding my people are over. I love to roll on my back to give it a good rubbing. This is my favorite thing to do after my mommy takes my doggy coat off on a cold day, or when I am wet. My very long legs are good pogo sticks for jumping. My mommy had to put up a 6 foot tall fence, (which is buried one foot underground) all the way around my 1 acre yard to keep me safely in after she installed doggy doors for me. Yeah! No more tie out leash. I love to 'hunt' in the woodsy area in back of the yard and dig in the huge pile of logs sticks and yard waste.

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Woof…wooble-wobbly woofs ~ Pupdate For MJF

August 19th 2015 10:55 pm
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Pupdate For MJF

Woof…wooble-wobbly woofs…Ooohhhhh….I am spinning…..gotta go lie down again...

I’ll let growlmy take ovfur again…

What was happening on August 18th.
Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for all the pawyers, and POTP. Wow! Even from furs and peeps I do not know. I am touched and feeling your care and concern. Thank you all *very much*!
Thanks Whitely too, for making a link in your blog for MJF. So much appreciated.
Even Dogster Pals from of old came to my blog and here on his Dogster page to send their thoughts and encouragements.
I am overwhelmed! And so many prezzies on his page here too.

Please accept my thanks here, there is no way right now I have time to go and thank you all in person…since well, I work, and Minko needs to be fed and medicated 3 - 4 times a day…add MJF into that schedule, Oh MY…

Aug 18th in the evening:

Well, not too much has changed, other than MJF has eaten two treats…and barfed them up again, BOL! Poor dude.

He did keep his meal down when I fed it to him spoon by spoon, after mushing it up. And today again, he will let me feed him spoon by spoon…I should get a different job, feeding critters by spoon…like the work I already do at the nursing home, BOL!

The vet man said he thinks MJF has ‘old dog syndrome'…aka vestibular disease/syndrome.
He also maybe thought his eardrum was ruptured. He said it could be a tumor or head injury but those were less likely causes.

He gave MJF a steroid shot, some antibiotics in case his eardrum is ruptured and some meclizine to help with the dizziness. So far no changes noted. He still staggers about, and stairs are a real challenge, and there is no avoiding them here in our house, so sometimes I guide him with the leash, or I carry him. Going down is much harder…
The vet thinks this will resolve over time, and that is what others have related to us as well…from their own experience. I had no idea this was so common. Yikes:(

~August 19th~

I hope that when I have to go to work next, (tomorrow), that he will be some better…At least hubby gets home shortly after I leave.

He seems to be getting a teeny bit better, he ate a couple treats by himself…but not his regular food as yet…unless I feed it. His eyes are darting at a slower rate, but his head is still tilting…and when he tries to go potty…he refuses to squat, stubborn terrier stuff, OMD!
He even barked at something he heard, and sang a song with the ambulance that went by…
The varmints out back are likely having a hey-day since MJF doesn’t run too well right now, let alone even pay them heed, BOL! Poor dude.

He still is stumbling like a drunkard, and he looks at me as if to say, what is happening to me?

On a side note, MJF weighed in at 24.8 pounds, which is a loss of about 5 pounds from his last checkup (about a year ago), at his old vet office. He is on a low glycemic, grain free kibble, and it seems to have made good progress helping him back to his ideal weight.

Well, I need to carry MJF outside once more before getting our weary bones to bed…

It might be a day or two before I post again due to my work schedule...
And thank you all again:))


Pawyers Needed Pawlease ~ MJF Is Furry Sick

August 18th 2015 10:22 am
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Growlmy here.
MJF is furry sick…last night when I came home from work, there was no MJF to greet me. Strange. His food bowl was full and his treats were still on the floor.
Hubby said that while he really didn’t know if he was not right before this, but when he sat down to eat his own supper, MJF tried to run outside, He bumped his head on the way out. When he came back in he seemed dazed, and shakey.
This was still going on when I was back home, hours later. He was also jerking his head a bit, and his eyes too. They go back and forth in a manner called nystagmus. Likely this makes him dizzy and not wanting to eat. He does drink, though. He walks like he is drunk. YIKES:(

He can hardly make the steps to go outside…so I put on his leash and take him out slowly, and to keep him upright.
I even had to carry him once, Wow.

He may have had a stroke, a head injury or he might have a condition called vestibular syndrome.

So off the vet we go. It is a new vet office, since we have changed vets on account of Minko…who also is sill not eating on his own…sheesh, now there are two furs here that need to be fed as MJF does eat if I make his food all mushy and feed him with tiny spoonfuls.He has kept down two small meals like that…about a 1/4 cup of his grain free kibble mixed with water to a mush of about 1/2 cup.

We here covet your pawyers and good thoughts.
At 13 years, never having been sick, other than breaking a tooth this is scary territory for us.
I am so scared this means that maybe we are getting to the goodbye time…I sure hope not, OMD:((


Gotcha Day Number Thirteen!!

June 10th 2015 8:00 pm
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Wow, I have reached my thirteenth Gotcha Day!

Thanks so much to all who have sent me paw-mails, and prezzies on my page.

Cooper and his furblings went to work in their picture shop and sent this artwork to me:

My Happy Gotcha Day Picture From Cooper and his furmily! Thanks so furry much!!!

Isn't that a fun pic of when I was such a wee one?! BOL!

I got this picture from the Birthday/Gotcha Day Club:

My Happy Gotcha Day Picture From The Birthday/Gotcha Day Club! Thank You!!

I had a good day, that is until growlmy gave me a bath...Grrr...sheesh...something about not wanting a stinky pup in her car when she takes me anywhere...whatevfur...

Well, gotta go sleep now, my batteries need to charge for longer than they used to:)


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