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A Day in The Life of Kosmo

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I want my Mommy.

November 14th 2012 9:17 pm
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Mommy can't believe another birthday has passed without me. She often lies awake at night and wonders what I would have been like in my senior Labbie years. She wonders a lot of things. She misses me so much, nothing has been the same...


Summer Days

July 6th 2007 9:35 am
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Wow! Today it is hot! My mommy isn't home right now, so I turned on the computer to see more doggies on Dogster.
I have a new friend! He isn't one of my bestest friends yet because he bites my perfect tail and tried to bite my weewee.
He doesn't try to bite my weewee too much anymore but he takes my leash away from my mommy and tries to walk me. I tolerate him because he is so little.
He lives across the street and he is a little yellow monster named Amarillo and my mommy puppy walks him everyday. Mostly she just plays in the yard with him because he doesn't walk good like me because I am so good.
I like to go over there with her because I like to be with her at all times. I love my mommy and she loves me more and more everyday!


Cagefree Wonder

September 9th 2006 9:56 pm
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My mommy was just looking at a website of a shelter in Illinois, and she got sad.
She looked at some of the doggies who were visiting the shelterhotel and she saw their eyes peering through the steel bars, looking into a camera lense for hope. They look into the camera lense and maybe see their families, maybe they hear hope in the voices of the photographers, who use praise and cooing to focus their subjects. They peer into the glass eye with false hope - it is misleading. Pictures can't do them justice.
It is like looking through a dating service and hoping someone catches your eye.
It makes my mommy so, so very sad. It kills a part of her each time she looks, because she wants to bring every one of them home with her (well, mostly the retrievers) and let them live with no bars, no jail.
She hates cages!


Mommy's Rants

September 1st 2006 10:44 pm
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My mommy has been a little whacko lately.
She attributes these 'mommie sad' moments to Mariah, because my cousin/best friend Mariah went away and she is sad.
Actually, my sister Satchmo is my very best friend, but the past 8 months or so of rolling around the yard with Mariah - she became my other bestest friend.
Mariah had a bad heart- well, it wasn't bad. It was a big, wonderful, beautiful and loving heart. But some of its valves were rusty, and it didn't want to pump very well. It sounds like what happened to Mommy's Chrysler van.
Anywoof, she went away to the Doggie Heaven, the place I have a hard time getting my mommy to discuss. She tries to talk about it, but she can't. She has this weird stubbornish streak, and she doesn't want people to think she cries or anything, so if she doesn't think about it or talk about it, it doesn't make her cry.
When Mariah went away, my mommy started looking on Petfinder and Chessie Rescue sites to help my Uncle Steve adopt a chessie. He wanted to find one that really needed a good forever home.
My mommy logs onto these sites, and her heart breaks. It twists in her throat and makes her eyes burn as she fights back bitter tears of anger and sadness.
She can't believe all the doggies out there that need homes, not because they were born in a barn or under a bridge somewhere, but because someone 'tired of them', didn't like the responsibility, or simply gave up on them. Some of these doggies are Seniors, like my sister Satchmo. They stayed with their mommy's and daddy's until they were Seniors, and then they got tossed out in a field somewhere, or left at a shelter door in the night.
These thoughts stay with my mommy when she leaves the computer, and when she sees me wagging my tail, staring at her with the utter, pure adoration that only a doggy (or I guess, a little human baby) can possess, the true sadness settles in her heart. It is that face I show her, those eyes, pleading only for love and maybe a steak, but mostly love - that breaks her heart! She sees that and imagines that same face on another doggy, so trusting and safe with their 'parent', walking beside them, --- and then they are gone.
To search, to wonder, to not have any ability with their limitations of thought WHERE their parent has gone. Where are they?
Are they coming back? Mom? Dad?
It is like leaving a 4 year old child somewhere, helpless and unable to communicate.
"well,' some argue, 'they are just animals.'
No, they are not. This is not the case when you have taken an animal away from its dog mother, cared for it, and allowed it to imprint on you. Now it is yours, not a typical animal, but one that has been domesticated over the years to be a pet, a family member of the most dedicated type.
Well, this is her rant.
She gets so very upset because she doesn't understand that type of pure evil in people, and the thought of me with my beautiful topaz eyes, so trusting - being abandoned. She knows she is not capable of such a morally repugnant act, but the idea that she walks among the 'animals' who do such to their pets, just makes her sad.
On a lighter note, I had a long day and I am so tired!



April 2nd 2006 5:04 pm
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Last night we changed the clocks, so this morning at 10, I FINALLY rolled awake!
My mommy was confused last night, because the cable was weird. She was complaining to my dad that the times were all incorrect.
This morning when she tried to do a swan dive into the coffee pot, there was no coffee because she forgot to make it. She was very unhappy!
I on the other hand, was not excited about going outside and making my morning pottums. It was way too cold and blustery and I was looking forward to coming inside and sharing my mommy's blankie and her raisin toast.
I then got to go wake my dad. I took my Snoopy into his partially sleeping body and pushed it around in his face. I think he was happy to see me, because I am the cutest dog on the planet, but he wasn't happy about seeing my Snoopy.



December 31st 2005 9:12 pm
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WOW! I am so excited that it is New Years Eve and my mom said I can stay up till midnight this year!
My mommy and daddy came home a little early because my mom has been tired and she is afraid of the dark, my dad says, so me and my sister Satchmo get to HOWWWWWL when the clock strikes with my mommy and my daddy and I am rambling because I am so excited!
I was good, as usual this evening. I sat by the window and didn't chew anything. I watched to make sure no one entered our yard with a pizza or anything, and my sister Satchmo tried to go out the back door and smoke. She couldn't find any cigarettes though, so instead she looked at pictures of boy doggies on the internet. I told her not to go on the computer when mom and dad are not home, but she doesn't listen to me and she tells me I am being a 'narc', whatever that means.
I don't disobey my mom. She tells everyone how good I am, and how lucky she is to have such a perfect little baby dog. My daddy says that I am, well, I don't think it is appropriate to use the word HE uses, but I think it also means HAPPY. But he says that my mommy made me 'happy', and that is why I am so good, because I am a momma's boy.
I am thankful for all of my family and friends, and this New Year will be great!
I want all of my friends to say a special little howlprayer for my Grandpa, to make sure he has a great and healthy year as well. I love him so much! He watched me all the time and took reallllllly good care of me when he pupsat. I followed him around his house and out to his garage, when he would go outside, and he would tell me to lay down on 'my' rug, and I did! He is one of my best friends! Please say a prayer for him, and I will too.
I have to go watch Blazing Saddles with my mom and dad and my sister Satchmo.


It is going to be my birthday!

November 9th 2005 5:53 pm
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Wow! I am so excited! My birthday is Sunday! My sister's birthday is MONDAY! We were born almost on the same day!
I can't wait to see what I get from my mom and dad. My grandma and grandpa usually send me something really cool, and my Aunt Laura usually gets me a really cool toy, and my Grandma Lorraine usually gives me something fun, as well. I think I am probably getting a lot of Greenies, and rawhide chips and maybe even a new collar. My new bed was for my birthday but I got it a few months ago because I begged for it, and my mom couldn't resist. I have her wrapped around my tail, and she admits it.
Last year I got a Snowman toy from Auntie. I loved it, and my sister Satchmo loved it so much she ate some of its legs off. I got bones, my very favorite, and for my treat, a twinkie with a birthday candle!

This year, my mom is making a supercool cake for me and my sister Satchmo. She is obsessed with baking dog cookies and cakes, and it rocks! She is making us a bacon and chocolate bone shaped cake with chocolate frosting (carob of course, because I can't eat real chocolate) and smashed banana pieces. I will have dad take a picture of it so we can post it for my friend to see.
I am so happy with my moms newest obsession!
I also have a new bandana I am planning to wear to the party. It has little guys of some sort on it, and it says something like, "I am just too cute to listen" or something funny.
OHHHHHH and before I forget! My uncle Tim said he can tell I lost weight! He said I look so good and I have more energy and I look very handsome! My mommy is so happy about this! I only lost about 6 pounds, but that is a lot for a little guy like me!
I also want to wish my mommy a happy birthday, even though she stopped counting but I know it is coming and I love her more than anything and more than a good steak and more than any bone in the whole wide world!!


I am such a GOOOOOODIE

February 21st 2005 7:36 pm
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I was so incredibly big today. My mommy had to go to the doctor for her SARS/Tuberculosis/Unknown Resp. Ailment, and while she was gone I watched out the window the whole time. I didn't even try to get on the couch. My daddy was pleased, too. He said I was a very very good boy.
I just wanted to let everyone know how good I was today!
My mommy went to the doggy store without me, to get food for me and my sister Satchmo, and I think she cheated on me a bit, because I smelled some other doggy on her when she came home. She told me it was an itty bitty Satchmo and she only played with it for one minute. Next time she goes I get to go though, she promised me!



February 16th 2005 1:53 pm
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I am so excited today. The sunshine is outside and I can't wait to go on my walk with my mommy. I have been waiting for the sunshine all week.
I am also having a lot of fun babysitting my Cousin Carolina Rat Dog. Last night I played babies with her, but she still doesn't really understand how to play with me. She gets reallllllllllll jealous when my mom is loving me up. She whines and jumps on my moms lap and tries to block me from getting love.
I was thinking of having my sister Satchmo kick her butt for me, but I love her and I will just be patient. My mom says I am such a good boy for being a great babysitter.
My sister has been barking at something today, something must be outside. She usually barks and then tells me there are moose in our yard, but I think she is teasing me.


I think there is a chainsaw in my mom and dad's room

January 22nd 2005 11:48 pm
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I can't sleep. My mommy was wandering around the house and she woked me. My daddy is doing that thing where he rolls around and makes these really loud sounds. My mommy came out and got some water, then went to play on the computer. I decided since she was up, I would go hang out with her.
My sister and I played outside in the blizzard for, oh, only about two hours total today, or I think maybe it was yesterday. The snow goes all the way up to my chest, and my legs disappear. When I stand next to the moose in the yard, you can't tell that we aren't the same height!
My mommy is going to get some great pictures tomorrow when we all bundle up and head back out there.
I was thinking about maybe trying to swim this summer, since I like to 'swim' in the snow. I think it would be fun to try, and I know my daddy would love it if I was big and jumped in the lake. I wonder if my mommy will get me a life jacket. She tends to be over protective, since I am her baby.
In a couple of weeks, my cousin Carolina Rat Dog will be coming to stay! I get to puppysit for almost ten whole days! I can't wait! She is my Aunt Laura's Bichon Frise, and she is a little white puffball. My mom said she is going to put some pictures of my cousin Carolina in my photo album so my online friends can see how cute she is. I just can't wait to play in the snow with her. I hope she doesn't get stuck under all the snow in the backyard. My daddy said he will tie a glow stick to her, just in case. Actually that is not what he said he was going to do with it, but my mommy said I can't write about the particular body part. Oh well, I wonder what that means? Again with the 'being a little guy'. I can't wait 'till I am all grown up like my sister Satchmo.

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