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Duncan's Diary

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Extended weekend.

June 1st 2010 6:10 am
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Hi pals,

Mum is home for the fourth day in a row! Extra long walks, playing outside and inside all day. A guy could get used to this. I did a good job of protecting the meatz on the grill on Saturday but it was a large steak that took a while and I got a bit bored and maybe dozed off, for just a second or two. Nobody got near my area of protection though, so it was good work. I've also been supervising the power washing of the patio. Today I will oversee more power washing on the back of the house. The crew has been slacking a bit and complaining about the hot weather. I just go into my outside office and rest on the cool concrete while the ceiling fan moves the air to help me keep my cool.

I got my summer haircut Saturday, just in time for all this heat. The report card from the groomer said I was a good boy the whole time but I know I did a lot of wiggling, and they had to bring me up front before Mum was done at the register because I didn't like the way a new doggie was looking at me and I told him so!

Anyway pals, Mum asked me to check with all of you to get your informed opinions. She is talking about maybe a brother or sister to join the family. They would keep me company while Mum is at work and we could play all day or as long as we both wanted too. She said we wouldn't want a baby but somebody that needs a home and is old enough to hold their own with the bundle of fun that I am. So what do you think?

Oh, there a couple of new pictures. One showing me at work and the other caught me in an off moment.

Take care in the hot weather this summer. Bark at you soon.



Woo Hoo! Diary of the Day!

May 12th 2010 7:02 am
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Just found out I am a Diary of the Day pick for today. What excitement. I can hardly contain myself. Great way to start a rainy Wednesday. Thanks Dogster!


Great weekend

May 3rd 2010 9:49 am
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Hi Pals,

I had a great weekend! My first Mom came on Friday evening and surprised me. Mum had gone out for the evening and I thought it was going to be another lonely night, but no, I got company. She even took me for a walk! I was so excited she had a difficult time getting my harness on right. I was jumping, wiggling and squirming all over the place.
Then on Saturday I spent the whole day outside playing and barking and just having fun. We had a barbeque that evening & I got to have some steak. It was great. I didn't want to come in to the house so Mum opened the shed door and turned on the ceiling fan for me and brought me water with ice. When I got too hot I could go in there and lay on the cool concrete floor, drink my ice cold water and relax until I was ready to go barking after what or whoever went passed my yard.
My buddy Jake the Beagle is back. He sometimes stays at the house around the corner. He and I like to romp when I go on a walk passed that house. We did our usual greeting and played for a minute before his people realized he was out front playing with me. It was good to see him. Hopefully we can play some more.
Sunday was just as great as Saturday. I spent the day outside with my first Mom while Mum did stuff in the house. All I know is when I finally came in the house was cool and comfortable and that noisy machine is in the dining room. We had another barbeque and I got a little chicken. It was really good too! I sure hope next weekend is just as good. This could be the start of a great summer!


Weekend Update

April 5th 2010 10:28 am
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Hi Furiends,

I had a good weekend. We had lots of sun and warm temperatures so I got to spend most of my time outdoors patroling the yard and doing my gardening. I just dig holes mostly. Sometimes I plant something in it and cover it up. But it never seems to grow.
I have a new girlfriend. BOL. Her name is Coco. She is a Lhasa Apso. She lives next door to another Lhasa Apso named Moca. He is jealous and always barks at me when I come to visit. We go past their homes on my medium walks. I know she likes me but her human sister told Mum that Coco only gets all excited when I come. We touched noses through the fence yesterday. I'll have to bring her a present on my walk tonight.
Thanks to all my furiends for all the Easter goodies. The typist is still slacking and we can only send presents from the one computer. So I will have to respond when I get the typist at that computer.
Bark at you all soon!


Rainy Days

March 30th 2010 9:41 am
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Hi Furiends,

It has been raining or snowing around here all the time or almost all the time. I'm not good at telling time or reading calendars. We had a few nice days when I didn't get wet but it is really raining out there again. The weather people say we have had more wet stuff the last 2 months than in the records for here in the Philadelphia region. If I get to vote I want snow not this rain. The snow lasts and you can play in it, climb on it, mark it, bite it. The rain just gets you wet : (.

I got my Spring haircut a week and a half ago. It feels great. Mum is no longer tempted to try and brush me. There is nothing to brush!

I'll get more stories out to you soon. Have to work on getting more time from the typist.



March 18th 2010 7:31 am
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On the early morning walk my evil nemesis, the skunk that sprayed me late last summer was lurking about. Mum, always clueless when it comes to the local beasties, had no idea what was around the next corner. As soon as we turned, there he was. I gave my best excited bark. (Typist note: Duncan's excited bark is very high pitched and not much volume, sounds more like a Yorkie than a Scottie. No offense to Yorkies.) I knew he was scared, he turned, lifted his tail and ran under the nearest parked car. Mum just didn't understand that this was my chance to make up for the incident last year. I could have had him! I'd make him pay for that tomato bath I got. But she picked me up and went back around the corner. She knew I wasn't about to back down from the encounter. So we finished my walk by going a different way.
When she got home from where ever it is she goes all the time, we had another long walk and then I got a new toy. It was supposed to be a tough toy for strong chewers. Ha! BOL! I made short work of it and had it unstuffed and shreaded by bedtime. I got a new sweet potato chew and went off to dreamland to replay that skunk encounter without Mum's interference.
Thanks to all for all the well wishes and presents. It was a great Barkday.


Ready to turn 3!

March 16th 2010 9:08 am
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I am so excited. Mum tells me tomorrow is my 3rd Barkday. She also says it is a holiday, but I knew that. If it's my Barkday, it must be a holiday!

We had a not so good weekend. The weather was not nice at all. It was raining and very windy. I did not want to go outside, not even for a walk. Mum insisted that I had to go out, so I made her go out too. BOL. There were cans that had come from a fallen recycle bin that shot down the street like little rockets. Mum kept me close to her to make sure I didn't get too near that action. Shingle were flying off roofs and gutters were damaged. It was very nasty weather. I did get a new toy. So I had that to distract me from not getting my good, long, weekend walks.

Weather has finally cleared and we had a good walk this morning. So things seem to be better. Can't wait to see what Mum got me for my Barday!


Need a New Typist!

March 8th 2010 10:01 am
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I need to fire my typist. It has almost been a month since she was willing to type my thoughts and adventures.

Anypaw, here we go. As you know I had a vacation to visit with furiends of Mum and had a wonderfur time. I had a new toy that I worked on for a few days before I got the first ear off and then I got all the stuffing out through the hole. Looked like I was foaming at the mouth. BOL!

The weather here has finally started warming up. Almost all the snow is gone but everything underneath smells fantastic. I can't get enough of it. I am taking furever to get around the block on a walk. I have stop and get all the smells I can. They will probably float away on the wind so I'm enjoying them now.

My Barkday is coming up next week so I got new toys this weekend and my first Mom came for a visit. It is always great when she comes. I get plenty of extra attention and treats. Mum took me on the long walk yesterday morning. I haven't had one that far since the snow. The sidewalks were covered where the empty lots are and Mum wouldn't walk in the street. Really having a good time with the suede football. Well that's all I have for now. Time to go out and patrol the yard.


Home from vacation!

February 17th 2010 9:58 am
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Hi Furiends,

I am back home with Mum & Nora. I had a very exciting 4 days with furiends of Mum. They had even more snow than in my yard and they made a special path and ring around the big tree just fur me! I got to smell all different things. There were lots of other doggies including a Westie like Zaidie. We arrooed together for a while and then I finished my tour of the neighborhood. There were 3 peeps at this place so I always had someone to pet and pay attention to my needs and wants. It was fantastic. I got new toys too. And walks multiple times a day. I think it is better with more peeps, they can take turns so they don't get as tired with all that walking. Since I was having such a great time I was on my best behavior. And I got invited to go and visit with them again. I just have to get Mum to go away some place again. That's all fur now. I need to settle back into my regular routine.



February 10th 2010 8:10 am
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Hi Furiends,
It's been a while since I could get Mum to type out my stories. We've been having lots of snow here. I'm not getting my favorite long walks. The snow is too deep for me to get through on my own and Mum says she's been too busy shoveling to type fur me.

It is supposed to be snowing today but right now it is not doing much of anything. Something called a lull before it really gets bad out. We had about Scottie shoulder high snow over night. It is always such a fun surprise when Mum opens the door first thing in the morning and there is a fresh coat of snow for me to run into and mark.

She keeps telling me I'm going on a vacation, to visit with furiends of hers for a few days while she goes someplace else. I don't know about this. These peeps are very excited about me coming for a long weekend. Can't imagine that they wouldn't be. After all I'm about as cute as can be! Just not sure I want to leave my house and yard fur that long. I'm the guard around here. My job is to protect Mum, Nora and the house. Guess I'll just have to protect these new peeps while I'm there. Hope they have lots of good treats.

That's all the time Mum is giving me today. She going to do the shovel thing again before it starts snowing again.

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