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florida vacation

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November 26th 2012 6:20 am
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Good grief, Charlie Brown I didn't know I was a dogster diary pick, see ya never know when YOU DON"T LOG ON MOM. Anyway Hope everyone had a wonderful THNAKSGIVING, Mom left me for a few hours while she stuffed her face, but she did bring home a slice of Apple Pie WITH a scoop of VANILLA ICE CREAM. I LOVE ICE CREAM, I guess I'll forgive her...Some time this week were going on our ROADTRIP I think her friend z gonna take the ride with us. Mom'sgetting a rental car so she has peace of mind not worrying about her car getting stuck somewhere on I95. So pups have a wonderful day if I can chat before I go I will otherwise till I return WOOFWOOF



November 21st 2012 5:25 am
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Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all DOGSTERS
I'm thankful Mom rescued me, have a ruuf over my head and
good food and treats.

On another note Mom and I are leaving the later part of the week to
Mom's friend Joe (I like him alot) might take the ride~!



November 16th 2012 11:13 am
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Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy weekend.
Enjoy, Relax and be Naughty


new pictures

November 14th 2012 12:30 pm
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Mom added some pictures to my page. She especially likes the one with the wolf pup (Tiny Tim) and me when I was visiting Florida a few years ago. I'm sure he's ALOT BIGGER now. I like to visit the rescue site that Mom found me at. The weather is a bit chilly today, glad I have a fur coat BOL....Take care everyone



November 13th 2012 11:38 am
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Want to THANK dogster for being one of the chosen ones. The snow has gone but I'm sure it will be back. Mom said something about another storm coming up the coast. I think we had enough storms. I also want to THANK Chloe and Echo for the turkeys. They were both very tasty. Mom has been very busy since were going to Florida soon. ROADTRIP... I can't wait to go. Hope everyone is OK and their humans too....



November 7th 2012 11:23 am
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Guess what Well when Mom got home for lunch to take me out of course, it was snowing. Mom said the storm is just starting. I tried to eat the snowflakes. I sure hope its still snowing when Mom gets home tonight. Its suppose to get really stormy tonight, parts of our city are without power again, and its gonna get real cold tonight. I can't wait for us to drive to Florida.


Were OK after Hurricane Sandy

November 6th 2012 11:57 am
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Mom and I are OK. We did lose power for 5 days and I was even cold at night. The temperature really dropped 30's and 40's. I'm not a cuddling dog so Mom was usually under the blankets. She had to walk me down the stairs (we live on the 3rd floor) with flashlights, which are pretty much dead now. Mom was off from work all last week, the school had no power like us, and Mom just told me were getting another storm tomorrow, I sure hope we don't lose power again. Mom says we ruffed it. I agreed with a ruff. Mom and I feel terrible for all the people that lost everything. Hope New Jersey and parts of New York recover quickly. I haven't been for a car ride in weeks, Mom said something that I wasn't listening too about the gas lines. We'll be heading to Florida soon. Hope everyone is well. Bark to you later.


October 5th 2012 12:32 pm
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Mom got use of a computer for alittle while, so Mom listen and start writing. Yesterday Mom saw a man running after two little dogs on a very busy street, after pulling over and half a dozen other peolpe stopped the dogs were caught. Mom said we'll be going to Florida in a few months. YEA
Its hot today but by Sunday it will be 40 to 50 degrees. My kind of sleeping weather.
Want to THANK everyone for all the ballons and flags. It was very thoughtful. Mom says we got to go, BUT I"M NOT DONE YET...She has the final word and the CAR.


I'm still here

September 25th 2012 11:40 am
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Hello all my friends, its been along time since Mom posted anything for me. Mom's computer died months, months ago. She tries to use friends computers when she can. So heres a quick update in my life.
Mom found a lost Boston Terrier, owners were found. Stayed alot in the AC this summer it was HOT. Mom still playing catch up. Saw my friend Luna lots, alots alots of times. Shes my BFF. Mom's friend from work Carol, her dog is gonna be OK, beat the big C.Did lots of parks and played in the water, was always on sentry patrol at nite, still haven't gotton paid for it. Few Bully sticks here and there but I EXPECT MORE. Mom has to go hope with her taxmoney she buys a new computer. See ya


Say a prayer

July 3rd 2012 7:46 am
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Mom's friend at work has two bassethounds a male and female. She told Mom last night that the girl has cancer in the lymphnodes. She and her husband are bring both doggies down to Virginia for the girl to have chemo and radiation. The male PJ is a show doggie and has many ribbons. I sure hope the girl gets cured. She set up on her facebook page (carol carboni) a prayer list for the girl. Please stop by her facebook page and say alittle prayer . THANKS.

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