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florida vacation

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February 16th 2012 11:31 am
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Its raining her in N.Y. I can't understand why its not snowing . It is winter, ? RIGHT? I want SNOW... Mom said it might snow on Sunday , she didn't say which Sunday.BOL. Mom will be off from work next week, yea lots of trips to the park , What? What do you mean were gonna paint the apartment? Get ready for doggie prints on the walls Mom.



February 15th 2012 7:51 am
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Just wanted to bark THANKS to all my good friends for the gifts on my birthday. Destiny and Chance are gonna send me, not Mom, something good from their bakery.I'm gonna check the mailbox before Mom this way I can eat everything since its mine. Demon and Wesley sent me juicy steaks, very tasty, Riley your such a romantic sending me a rose, Zoe and Lucky gave me hearts, even got a gold heart from Coco Rose and family. Baby got me a diamond, a girls best friend and the Hoosier gals and guys for the BIG heart. THANKS AGAIN for being wonderful friends. It doesn't feel much different being 3 years old. I'm still a crazy, energentic pup. Mom cooked Chicken my favorite and of course I got ALOT. Also ate a chicken wrapped pig bone, a few treats thru out the night, and Mom got me a vanilla cupcake with ice cream, really not ice cream but sherbert. Wish you all could of been here. I feel asleep was dreaming of running my paws were moving sooooo fast Mom tryed to tickle my paws and I didn't even mind.



February 14th 2012 5:18 am
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Happy Valentine's Day to EVERYONE. Its also my BIRTHDAY. Mom gave me this morning a new stuff TIGER, he has long arms and legs and of course a squeeky in the belly. I love the tiger.I was still playing with it when Mom left for work this morning. She also got me Milo's Kitchen CHICKEN fillets,and Chicken rapped pig bones. She bought me two bags of each. THANKS MOM. I can't believe I been with my Mom for 3 years, boy time flies when your having fun. Mom said she gonna bring home a little cake for me tonight, guess I can share with my BFF Luna. Got to see her this morning, I love Luna and she loves me. Well hearts out to everyone on this day.



February 10th 2012 8:38 am
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Want to THANK DOGSTER for chosing my diary as one of their picks. Its been quiet,just the way I like it. Yea baby, I like it like that, its also a song..BOL. Its suppose to snow late tonight can't wait gonna wake Mom up as soon as the flakes start to fall. MOM WAKE UP, she's gonna pretend not to hear me.


Busy Mommie

February 9th 2012 12:49 pm
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Mom has been sooo busy at work she has no time to enter a few lines in my diary. So here it goes. The lady who lives under Mom got taken out of the building by the police. She has a history of slamming doors like hitting a home run. It scares the ---- out of me everytime she does it like daily... Mom tries to comfort me but I shut down. I don't know how long she'll be gone but I hope it forever or at least a very long time. Mom wants to sell the apartment and move thats how bad it gets. She has complained to management numerous times and they don't do anything. WHAT A SHAME. A dog like myself having to suffer like this...



February 6th 2012 5:22 am
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Way to GO GIANTS>>>>>What a exciting game, you know they could of lost it.Mom made lots of good stuff. She walked me at halftime, so she wouldn't miss the game. I don't think well be going to the parade in the city, even thou I love parades.
Mom said the weather is suppose to change next week COLD and maybe SNOW. Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoy your week



February 3rd 2012 12:29 pm
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Mom is feeling much better, she yelled at me when I tryed to pull her while out for a walk, I try not to pull but I can't help myself at times. I want to be LEAD DOG of a SLED TEAM.
I hope Mom cooks some goodies for the football game, I heard something about Chicken Wings, chili, chips, dips, beer, sounds like my kind of party. Wishing everyone a great weekend and I hope well Mom hopes the NY GIANTS WIN.


Mom hurt her back

February 2nd 2012 5:03 am
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Well over the weekend Mom slipped a disc in her back. Ouch
Want to say thanks for Dogster for chosing my diary as one of their picks. Also THANKS to all my pals that wrote and congratuated me on what I job I did protecting Mom. She has been feeding me really really well, always sharing her dinner with her. Mom has to rest now so THANKS EVERYONE AGAIN



January 27th 2012 5:41 am
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Last night while Mom was cooking dinner, I started barking at the window, she thought I was barking at the thunder, she went to the window and saw a person on the fire escape, scared the sh-t out of mom. Mom said she was gonna call the cops. The person said he locked himself out of his apartment. Mom called the Super and he handled the situation. Mom was sooo proud of me and I got treats up the yazoo last night. Mom was lucky I was there to protect her. So this morning Mom told me to protect the apartment while she was at work. I knew I always had a job but now Mom knows it too. Hey Mom, HOWS MUCH DOES THIS JOB PAY?????



January 25th 2012 12:56 pm
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Mom had a good laught last night on the phone with her sister from Florida. Mom's sister found a black hairy catipillar with red stripes on it while picking oranges from a orchard. Well she brought the catipillar home sent it up with citrus leaves in a little betta tank, well after a while the thing made a cocoon and turned into a beautiful winged MOTH one evening. She decide to let it free in the morning. Well morning came she went over to the betta tank and guess what, the MOTH escaped. She said her dogs were barking like crazy that night. Well guess she dog must of got yem and ate yem. Poor Moth didn't even enjoy the wings, but also earned his wings. RIP

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