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Saving Mom's Sanity

September 20th 2013 12:58 pm
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First, Arrrrgh! I missed the free pirate zealies for talk like a pirate day. Dagnabit.(oops that would be for talk like a prospector day). I mean Arrrrrrrgh. Thanks to all the pups who hoisted the jolly roger on my page. It would be a pleasure to sail the seven seas with any of you.

Second. I helped mom from Freaking out and going totally crazy today. We had dropped dad off at work and me and mom were heading home. We made it safely merging on and off the interstate(which is the part that mom hates) and we were on the regular, busy non-interstate big road. The lights on the dashboard started to come on, slowly one by one. First the one that said ABS. Then the one that was a picture of a battery. Mom was like: "What the heck?" We just got new brakes. Then the NO TRAC lit up. Next the fasten belt sign followed by the word BRAKES. The radio stopped playing. The air conditioner shut off.

I could here mom saying: "Please get me home. Please get me home." I knew she was getting worried. So I sat up and let her see my happy face. Don't worry mom. If the car breaks down I will get us help.

Mom said she needed to get me home. We finally made it to turn down our hill. It was hard to turn. Mom said it was like driving her Grandma's car, the one with no power steering. She coasted down the hill and made it into our neighborhood. See mom. I knew I could keep you calm til we got home.

The car stopped right in front of the only business in our neighborhood. Mom asked the man if she could leave the car there until she could figure out what to do. The man said: "Sure." He said: "Pop the hood, let me see." The man said:" You just lost your serpentine belt. It's an easy fix. I can do it for you if you can wait til this evening."

Then the man said: "I see you and your dog walking everyday." He told me I was a pretty dog. He used to have a dog like me. And so I saved mom and her sanity by keeping cool and calm. And I got the man to help mom by being a dog like the one he had as a kid.

Now let's hope dad can get a ride home or at least figure out how to ride the city bus.


I got a medal

September 11th 2013 5:31 pm
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Yesterday, me and mom went on a car ride. HOORAY! Car rides are my most favorite things. We went to Dr. Gateway. HOORAY! I love Dr. Gateway. The people there are so nice. There were only two doggies in the waiting room. One was just leaving. He had got into a fight and needed stitched up. The other doggie was waiting for her sister pup who was sick. So, I got seen right away. (which was a little disappointing because as soon as they called my name a I mean nice... kitty came in. But mom said we needed to go in the back.

The doctor checked me out and said my allergies were clearing up. She said that my ear infection was gone. I was not too fat or too skinny. I looked really healthy. Then she said: "It'll just be a little pinch." If I was healthy, why was I getting a shot? Mom said it was so I could stay healthy.

Then when we were paying,(mom said it was the cheapest vet visit she ever had) I got a medal. Mom said it was for being the best puppy wrangler all summer long, every time Reese came over to play. Well, if I had known I would get a medal I would have played even harder with Reese. Um, ok, no I wouldn't. But I love my medal anyway. I love how it jingles. Now, when I need to get mom's attention, I just shake my head and jingle my medal.

After the doctor, we went to the bank. And JACKPOT! When mom got her money there were 3, that's right THREE treaties in the envelope. All for me!

What a good day.


Play Date

September 6th 2013 5:44 pm
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Mom said she was so happy how I comforted everyone when Grandma went to heaven, that I deserved a reward. So, was it a big, pile of bacon? No! Was it a canned ham? NO! Was it fried Chicken Skin? NO! She decided to have Reese come play with me. Reese! why would I want a hundred pound puppy to come and play with me, when I would be just as happy going on a car ride to the Dairy Queen? But, mom worries about me being an only child (but, not enough to get another dog-we don't have the room.)Me and Reese did have a lot of fun. We got the zoomies indoors and outdoors. We knocked everything off the table with our giant, waggely tails. We went on walks all over the neighborhood. We stole each others food. We stole each others toys. We even went swimming. So I have to admit, I did have a good time with Reese and I was sorry to see her go.

But, I have a new friend in the neighborhood. He is an extremely cute, very sweet Pittie named Trip. Me and mom met him the other day. His kids were trying to get him to come home, so mom let them borrow one of my leashes. The kids say he is always getting loose. He seems to be contained all day, and it is only in the evenings that Trip is on the run. He always comes over to play with me.

Here is what is on mom's mind about Trip. She doesn't know where in the neighborhood he lives and she only knows his owners as that kid and his brother. He has a collar and you can see the hook where his id tag was. He is a sweet dog, very friendly. and even though mom knows he is as nice as pie, he is a pit bull and there are some people in the nieghborhood who think all pit bulls are mean. Mom is afraid that those stupid, ignorant people are going to do something mean to Trip. Mom thinks that tomorrow she is going to find Trip's people and talk to them about that. She is going to try to get their phone number so she can call when Trip comes to visit me. But, she doesn't want to get the kids in trouble for letting the dog out. That's just wants on mom's mind. I think as long as Trip doesn't try to eat my food we will be just fine.

Anyway, that's about all that's been going on this week. Now, I heard that dad was going to visit Roger, so I am going to jump in the car so I can go with him. CAR RIDE! HOORAY!


Sad News

August 29th 2013 1:33 pm
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I have some sad news. My sweetest, nicest, most wonderful grandma, the one who always came to visit me with Uncle, went to heaven last week. We are all so sad. She was supposed to come and visit me this week and me and mom were getting her bedroom ready and cleaning the house, but Jesus got Grandma's room in heaven ready before we could get our company room ready.

So me and mom and dad went up to grandma and grandpa's house on Friday morning. Lots and lots and lots of people came over the house, too. I let them all pet me because it made them feel better. Sometimes everyone who was at the house would get all dressed up and go out to see grandma. They would come home sad so I would get to work making everyone feel better.

There was one day when mom said they would be gone all day. So many people volunteered to let me out on that day! Mom knew I would be ok inside all day, but she knew that people want to help anyway they can so I got a dog sitter.

It was a long day, too. They were sad, but they knew that my grandma was tired. She told us she was ready to go. And she is now in heaven with two of dad's brothers and a lot of her brothers and sisters and friends. She was 84.

The next day, on our way out of town, we went to visit my Uncle D and Aunt J. Uncle A (who always visits with Grandma) and Grandpa came to Uncle D's house,too. I finally got to meet all my fur cousins! They have 6 pups. They live way, way out in the country. I got to play with all those pups. Mom said it was a reward for all the good work I did making people feel better this week.

Now I am back home and I am exhausted. It's time to nap(in my own bed.)



August 16th 2013 10:20 am
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Yesterday, Big and Little came to play. The pool was too chilly to enjoy and it had to be cold if a kid wouldn't swim in it. Plus only one boy brought his swim trunks so they had to either take turns swimming or swim in the pool in their underpants. They are at that age where they say: " Don't look at me." As they strip naked in the living room with the doors wide open. (Mom just laughs and thinks to herself, I have been changing your pants from the time you were born until last week, but I won't look at you.)

So anyway, the pool was too cold and mom won't let the boys download any games that cost money (and everyone knows the free version doesn't have the all the good options). So the boys got out moms record player and records and we had a big dance party.

We started dancing in the living room, but there was too much furniture so we went out on the front porch, moved down the driveway and ended up Dancing in the Streets. Of course, we had to turn up the record player really loud. We certainly gave So You Think You Can Dance With The Stars a run for their money. (We don't watch those shows-don't get mom started on why not- Do they have dogs on that show? If not, I know why, dogs would totally win.)



August 13th 2013 5:20 pm
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I'm so lonely, my BFF Reese went back home on Saturday. Yes, I know I said Reese is a big Pain in the Butt, and she is, but now, I have no one to torment. I have no one to wrestle with. I have no one to steal toys from. I have no one to zoom around the yard with. I have only my food to eat and it's no fun to steal your own food or hide your own toys or bite your own butt. Mom asures me that Reese will come back again and she said that she will even set up a playdate. When mom? When?

Meanwhile Big and Little have been hanging out here with me for two days a week and mom have been hanging out at their house for two days a week. And when mom comes home from their house, she smells suspiciously like dog. A new dog I don't know. Yes, Big and Little have got a dog. Mom says she is a Big dog. A chocolate Lab that will be 2 years old in Feb. and weighs between 90-100 pounds. Her name is Shadow. Mom says she is still chewing on everything so she(mom) was going to give Shadow some old chewstick that I never used.(Still in their Package). When mom told me, I suddenly had the urge to chew on stuff-Try to give away my stuff eh? I guess I'll show her.


Too Much Company

August 9th 2013 6:41 pm
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Ok. I have had to contend with both Reese and Big and Little. That is too much company. Big and Little have been coming to play because they have 2 weeks before school starts but their mom is a teacher in another county and their first day of school was today. So my mom said: "Sure, send the boys over,they'll be good for the dogs."

Big and Little have run us ragged. They brought their scooters and have attached my leash and Reese's leash to the handles and away we go. We are like sled dogs. The boys even say mush. So Reese and I pull them all over the neighborhood. I am way better at it than Reese. Mom thought I would see a cat and it would be goodbye boy and goodbye scooter, but I keep my eye on the road. And Reese is such a big copycat, she does everything I do.

After the scooter pulls, everyone goes swimming. Well, not me. I only like to swim in dirty lake water with fishes,not chlorine water. The chlorine sort of bothers me. So while mom was lifeguarding, and Big and Little were doing cannonballs and Reese was swimming all around the pool looking for balls, I showed my secret trick.

In the next door neighbor's yard there was a cat. I really wanted to say hello to the nice kitty, so I climbed our fence. Mom saw me before I got to the top. She was flabbergasted. She never knew I could climb fences. That's because I never showed her that trick. I'll tell you, that's a good trick to know.

So with both Reese and Big and Little here, I have been learning all kinds of tricks. But, I can't wait until I am the only dog or kid in the house again.



August 4th 2013 2:43 pm
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What a week it has been. First I had the best canoe camping trip ever. Then when we got back, grandma and Uncle came to visit. Plus I had a playdate with Big and Little and now my BFF is visiting for awhile. And by BFF I mean Best Frenemy Forever. Yes, Reese the Giant Yellow Lab has come to stay while her family goes to Mexico. I guess they don't allow Giant Yellow Labs on ocean liners, so mom volunteered to watch her.

Mom says dogs have three emotions: Happy, Lonely and Jealous and I have certainly been showing my jealous streak. Anytime Reese want to get a pet, I need to get a pet. Any place Reese wants to sit, Kabam! there I am. Any time Reese wants to eat, my face is in her food bowl(and I am not food crazy!)And the worst part is, mom and dad think it is a joke. Well, mom did give us some rules.

1. No play fighting on the furniture.
2. No play fighting on top of mom.
3. No ugly faces when we are play fighting.

Also mom has put up all food bowls and feeds us separately.

Reese brought a lot of balls to play with. I have a lot of plushy toys. But most of my toys are in the car(you can't go on a car ride without a toy) or in the mailbox.(You can't go for a walk without a toy. But, I seldom carry them all the way around the block. If mom doesn't see where I drop them, the neighborhood kids find them and stick them in the mailbox.) But, I digress. Reese was playing ball with mom and all my toys were missing so I went to the back bedroom. When I came out, I had a Godzilla from mom's Godzilla collection. (Doesn't everybody's mom collect Godzillas?) Fortunately, it was a Godzilla mom had doubles of so I didn't get in too much trouble. I got in more trouble for climbing up on the cedar chest to reach it,than I did for putting teeth marks in Godzilla's tail. I waved it all around Reese, but I would not let her have it.

We went swimming. I don't really like to swim in the pool. I prefer dirty, stinky lake water full of fish, but when Reese jumped in the pool, I got in too. I would not let her sit in the boat. That didn't seem to bother her. She is a swimming fool. And she is tall enough to stand on her back legs on the bottom of the pool and not go under water. So she is walking all around the pool like the fool she is.

These are only two things Reese did to upset my routine. And I heard she is staying for 10 whole days. The only good thing about Reese so far is when she asks for a treat, I get one as well. Maybe I can figure out a way to get her treats and mine.


Going Back In Time

August 1st 2013 9:16 am
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Yesterday, Big and Little came to play! I know! First Grandma and Uncle and now Big and Little. Grandma and Uncle left to go to the casino early so Big and Little had the run of the house. They found mom's old record player. A record player is a device where you put these big round black discs on the thing and it plays music. Big and Little were amazed that mom had the entire Chipmunk collection. Mom explained that they had the albums on the wrong speed, but Big and Little liked it on 78. They were also impressed that mom had some modern records like KISS. (Mom didn't tell them that she bought this record when it first came out in the seventies). Big and Little really enjoyed playing records all day, but how do you burn CD's of these albums? Can we download this record to their phones? And why did mom keep putting a penny on the needle? And what's that scratchy noise in the music? Big and Little liked playing records so much that they want mom's record player. Mom said when she dies they can have it. Now they want to know when mom is going to die. I think I better keep and eye on Mom and Big and Little.


The Best Weekend Ever!

July 28th 2013 12:08 pm
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OMD I just got back from the best weekend ever. If any of you pups think you had the best weekend ever, you would be wrong because I had the perfect weekend.

It started on Friday, when mom and dad started packing up the car. I knew something was up and everytime the car was opened I would hop in with a traveling toy. But it wasn't time to go and it wasn't time to go and it wasn't time to go! Then another car pulled in the driveway and out popped the godchildren and their mom. The godchildren are ages 21,19(20 in two weeks) and 15. Mom and dad were their sponsers when they were baptized). So we finished loading up their car, which meant putting our second canoe on top and FINALLY it was time to go.

We traveled down the road a little bit and then we came to the most wonderful place in the world. We went to a place called BeechFork. I have been to BeechFork Lake before but this was the campground. Now I need to brag about my home state. If you have never been to West Virginia I would invite you to come. It is beautiful. I know it has a reputation of being poor and people who visit are often surprised that we have the same stores and resteraunts, etc. that everyone else has. But come to West Virginia for the nature. We have great skiing and white water rafting and hiking and climbing and great state parks. Beech Fork is a state park. And it was very dog friendly. Every camper had a dog or two and I met many new pup friends.

We got two camp sites right on the water and as soon as we got there, we took the canoes off the cars and into the water and we went boating. It was so much fun. We only went for a little while and then we pulled over and swam. When it started to get evening we came back and set up camp and cooked dinner.

Mom and dad cooked hot dogs on sticks right on the fire and I got to steal one and have it too. Later they did marshmellows and made smores. And I got to sleep in a tent!

OMD! Sleeping in a tent is soooo much fun. It's like sleeping outside and inside at the same time. I could hear all the nighttime animals but I was not allowed to go out and chase them, but it was still cool to be right next to them.

The birds woke us up early in the morning and after we had breakfast, we got into the canoes and went. I was in the boat with the adults. I was supposed to sit in the middle with mom, but I walked all over the boat. I liked to sit on top of the cooler. It let me be the look-out. I also showed everyone that I am a very good balancer. I would just walk on the sides of the boat to get where I wanted to be.

We would pull over to little inlets and coves and swim. We stopped to have lunch and hang out for a while. After I would swim I came up on shore to play in the mud and catch butterflies. I figured out when the butterfly landed on a branch I couldn't reach to pull the branch down.

When it was time to go I stood by the canoe and gave the kids a starting push. Then I jumped in my canoe. We were gone all day long and got back as the sun was going down. I was pretty tired, but not too tired to eat a hamburger.

Just about at bedtime it started to rain. A Thunderstorm. My favorite type of weather. I was not allowed to chase the thunder, but at bedtime I knew I didn't want to sleep on the floor of the tent so I jumped up on the air mattress. Mom and dad were happy about that.

It rained and rained and rained. Finally the rain stopped and mom was happy because she needed to use the rest room. Mom thought she zipped up the tent but she left a little tiny gap. I figured out how to use my nose to push the zipper and I was out of the tent. I wanted to lay by the fire for a while,but mom came back from the ladys and saw me. It was back in the tent I went. I tried to open the tent again. I works if there is a little space to stick your nose to push, but mom made me sleep right beside her to keep and eye on me. (Of course I could have got out again, but I let mom think she was watching me).

This morning we just had time to pack up and go. Goodbye children. Goodbye children's mom. Enjoy your canoe.(Oh, mom and dad gave the kids one of our canoes).

We got home and took a big nap. Now we have to get the house ready because Grandma is on her Way. GRANDMA! Can this week get any better!

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