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Strange Weather We're Having

March 26th 2010 12:20 pm
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Little came back to play again today, but he wasn't feeling good. He has an earache and a sore throat, so mom said we would have to play inside all day. But, mom did not look out the window when she said that or she would have changed her mind. It was pouring down snow! SNOW! and Everyone knows that Dogs and boys love snow. We would have had so much fun romping in the snow together. I kept trying to get mom's attention so we could play outside. Little paid attention and everytime I went to the door, he let me out. And when I would come back in he would give me a treat. Mom told him to stop. That he was giving me too many treats. Silly Mommy. There is no such thing as too many treats. But, mom had to put the treats up higher than Little could reach, even if he stood on a chair which,of course, he tried.

Since Little had a cold, we stayed in and watched Terminator. We went fast during all the boring talking and smooching parts. Then Little started feeling better but he was bored, so mom taught Little how to make brownies. I stayed under the table the entire time, but Little didn't spill anything. Not even when he had to crack three eggs. I did not get to eat the brownies because they are chocolate.

By the time mom noticed the weather, it was done snowing and now it is nice and sunny, but she still said that Little better stay inside. He did go out on the porch and started coughing. Mom said the cold air took his breath. The sunshine was good it just needed to be a little warmer. I don't know, maybe mom did see the snow this morning.


More Cause for Celebration

March 24th 2010 11:17 am
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Yes! There is more cause for celebration! I am one of the Daily Diary Picks! How nice, especially after being a tad upset with HQ for losing Dot's page. Thank you to everyone who sent me gifts and messages of congratulations!

Another reason to celebrate, Little came back to play again today. It is always great to have a boy here. First we had a rock and roll show. He is trying to play Bad to the Bone on the guitar. But, the electric guitar is big and heavy (and out of tune), but he has the rhythmn down on it. He also wants to learn how to play the theme song from the terminator. We always knock at the door like the terminator does now. (If you know the song you will know what I am talking about).

After the rock and roll show we ate doughnuts and drank champagne-well, sparkling grape juice. Those doughnuts were ok, but they would have been better if they were meat flavored.

Then we went bike riding. We met some new kids who live on the back street. Well, mom knew the one boy but the other boy was new. While I sniffed around the neighbors' yard, mom and Little and the boys talked about boy stuff: cool bike tricks and supermario brothers and how mean their sisters are.

After the bike ride, we played lazar tag. That is my favorite game. Then we had lunch and did the whole thing again!

It's good to be a dog with a boy.



March 23rd 2010 12:05 pm
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HOORAY! It is a time for celebration! Dot got her page back! We are soo happy! We're glad that HQ got on the fleas and now we can see everything!

Here is another reason for celebration! Mom got her a new washer. Some really nice guys brought it in a great big truck. I stayed in the house and watched the guys through the window. I had to protect the indoors. Mom is washing clothes right now and it hasn't popped any fuse. Mom read a book: Wiring made simple. The book said that if the appliance is defective, the circuit breaker will pop. Since this is a new washer, we shouldn't be having any electrical problems. Which is also a reason to celebrate because dad did not want mom rewiring the house.


More about losing Dot's page

March 23rd 2010 10:03 am
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Another reason it is a little upsetting that we can't find Dot's page:

Yesterday when Little was here he said he couldn't remember what Dot looked like. They went on Dogster to call up her page and it was gone. Fortunately mom has tons of pictures of me and Dot all over the house.

Plus many of the pictures on Dot's page were made for her by other Dogster Pals. It seems a shame to loose those gifts. I am just hoping it is only a temporary thing while the site goes to make great new changes.


New Changes to Dogster?!

March 23rd 2010 8:33 am
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You all have probably noticed the new changes to Dogster. Most pups I've talked to like the new wider pages and they have had some real good ideas implement. I am hoping they are still working on all the changes because right now Dorothy Dot Louise in Heaven's page is not showing up. Page can't be found. I know that mom wants me to be the active Dogster dog, but we still like to visit Dot's page and Dot does have friends that I don't have that mom likes to visit through the links on Dot's page. I have found some other pups whose pages got eaten up by the Dogster Dog as well. I'm hoping they get this problem solved soon, I know it's only been a few days since Dot's page has gone missing and they are working on the site. I would just hate for Dot's page to be lost forever. (If we had emoticons in the diary pages I would put a frowny face up. )



March 22nd 2010 2:13 pm
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OMD! OMD! You won't believe what mom had delivered to me this morning. A BOY! My very own boy. Ok it was Little, a boy I know and have played with before. But when he came this morning mom said:
" Lucky, you have to be Little's dog because he doesn't have a dog."
and then she said to Little: "Little, you have to be Lucky's boy because she doesn't have a boy."

We had so much fun. We rode bikes all morning long. (Well, he rode and I ran along side). We took two! 2! Dos! Walks. We ran around the yard in circles. Boys get the zoomies just like pups! We dug in the garden. We went to the burn pile. We visited George and Huck. We ate good boy /dog type food: lunchmeat, eggs, cheetos, bananas. And we did all that in the first hour!

The weather turned bad so we came inside and Little put on a big rock and roll concert. He played all of mom and dad's instruments. The piano, the keyboard, the electric guitar, the violin, the flute, the whistles, the maraccas. It was a big, loud rock and roll show.

Then mom and Little and I cleaned out the carport and the laundry room because I may have had a boy delivered today, but tomorrow mom is having a washer delivered.

Now I am exhausted. I don't know how all you pups that have boys actually living in your house do it everyday. I can't wait til next time Little comes to play.


Chatty Puppy

March 19th 2010 1:36 pm
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Mom came home early this today. Big came home sick from school today, so Big's mama came home early and so my mama came home early. Anyway, it was a nice spring day and Mama and I were sitting outside. Then I saw a squirrel. It was right in my own yard! Right in my tree! I started to growl. Then that squirrel took off and I started to bark. Not a little burp or grunt or gruffle, but a deep, rich full bark, bark bark. Bark, bark, bark. BARK, BARK, BARK! BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK BARK, BARK BARK! I dare any squirrel to come into my yard. Mom couldn't believe how much I was barking. She did not know I was such a chatty puppy. the last time I barked this much, I was scaring away a bear from my pap's hunting cabin. Of course I did scare the squirrel away. And I barked at a strange garbage bag in the miracle field. And I annoyed the nieghbor who wanted to know what my problem was. (Mom just laughed and said: "Squirrel). The people who were walking up the road know not to walk in my yard or bother my mom. Now all that barking is making me thirsty. Arf, arf.


Old Fashioned Girl

March 18th 2010 9:16 am
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This morning I was playing outside, enjoying the nice Spring Weather when I found this great new toy. I brought it over to mom and she just laughed and laughed. She called it a stick. She threw it and I went after it and brought it back to mom. She threw it again. She said this was a game called "Fetch". She said that a long time ago doggies did not have baskets full of toys (like I do). They just found an old stick and would chase it. It is a great game and there are sticks all over my neighborhood. So now I am going to be an old fashioned girl and play fetch all day. Mom said if that is the case maybe she should give my big basket full of toys to the shelter. "NO! Mom! I love my loofa dog, and my snowman and all my half-eaten store bought sticks."

I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day. Mom put me in 2 green bandanas. She said I looked fresh and springy. And I got a present from my neighbor George. He brough me a bag of flip chips. He is Huck's dad. Someone brought Huck the flip chips, but Huck is an older dog and not so much into chewing. I had the zoomies a lot yesterday and tried to get Huck and Mollie to run with me. I'll tell you, I just love being outside and now that I have discovered sticks I don't ever want to come back in the house again.


Daddy does Laundry

March 16th 2010 8:09 am
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If you have been reading my diary, you know that our laundry room has suffered during this cold, snowy winter. The washer froze and then it exploded taking the dryer out with it. So mom and dad have had to make the weekely trip to the laundry mat while they save their pennies for a new washer.

Mom likes it when dad goes with her because mom is a short woman and she needs someone tall to claim the big dryer on the top row. But, yesterday, mom's cold was soo bad that dad said he would go to the laundry mat by himself. I mean you really don't need two people to do the laundry, do you? And as an added bonus, dad promised to stop and get dinner on the way home.

When dad came home, mom said great! She would put the clothes away after we ate. Dad said: "Oh my gosh! I forgot to get food!" And he and I went on a road trip while mom put away the laundry.

So mom is putting away the clothes. She is looking for one shirt she has that she forgot to tell dad not to put in the dryer. If this shirt even hears the word dryer it shrinks up. But she couldn't find the shirt. In fact, she couldn't find any of the light color clothes! So when me and dad got home with the burgers mom asked if there were any clothes left in the car. NO! Dad left a whole load of clothes in the washer at the laundry mat! Silly daddy! Mom says no good deed goes unpunished.

But this reminded mom of an incident that happened when mom and dad were first married. Mom had some really cool shirts. These tops were so cool that now when tv shows flashback to the eighties, these shirts make an appearance. So mom was very fashionable and dad was doing the laundry. When he got home mom's cool shirts were gone. Dad said someone must of stolen them because they were so fashion forward. (although a part of mom sort of thought that dad might have "lost" them). Now mom thinks her cool 80's shirts are probably still stuck in the washer at the college laundry mat.

Oh-and one more thing: After dad had to do the laundry by himself he told mom: "Let's go out to Scratch and Dent this weekend see if they have a washer."


New Trick

March 15th 2010 4:57 pm
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Last night there was a cat in my yard. I knew I needed to go out and protect my yard from all things cat but mom and dad were both asleep. How to wake them up? I tried walking all around the house, but that didn't work. I tried staring at them until they woke up, but they were snoring away. I tried jingling my collar. I snuffled and grunted. But nothing. Then I rang the bells on the door with my nose. As soon as I did, mom got up and let me out. Of course the cat was long gone, but I did not care. Mom was so happy that I rang the bells. She has been trying to teach me that trick since I came here. But, I would not ring the bells. I even went so far as to stare at the bells and shake my collar so it would sound like ringing, but that wasn't actually ringing the bells. I don't ring them very hard, just a little bump and if you don't listen carefully you will miss it. The only bad thing is that I did wake mom up. She is still sniffling from this cold so I think she didn't care that much. She was taking cold medicine so she went right back to sleep. Poor mom, sniff, sniff, sniff just like a puppy.

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