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Dad has lost my new leash!

March 31st 2014 12:02 pm
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You may remember that I got a package in the mail. There was some boring people stuff in it, but the most important thing was a new leash for me! A beautiful green leash that really brought out the red in my fur. I felt like a true princess when mom put it on me. I showed it off to all of my friends. They were all jealous.

Yesterday, Dad and I went to visit Roger. He got a new doggie named Kia and we were going to the dog park. So dad got my new leash. And he took my old leash, too, in case Roger couldn't find Kia's leash. And we always have a leash that we keep in the car, in case I want to get out and shop during a car ride. So dad has all three of my leashes.

We did not go to the dog park because it was too muddy.

Mom and I got ready to go for a walk today and there were no leashes on my hook. Mom texted dad and dad said the leashes were in the car. Mom said we will just have to go for a walk when dad came home from work today. But mom doesn't understand that once something is lost in the car, it is lost for good. The car is a worm hole that automatically sends things into another dimension. Now I am afraid my beautiful new leash is gone for good.

Mom says not to worry-she has finder power or as we say in our house, she looks like a woman and not like a man. (I think that means mom will pick things up and move things around when she is looking for something and dad.....)

Oh and by-the way-I could go for a walk without a leash(we don't have a leash law here), but I like to chase cats(I don't know what I would do if I caught one)and while I would come back when mom called, there is a cat in our neighborhood that sits on a leash. Mom thought that would just be a little too tempting.



March 27th 2014 12:20 pm
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I got a present in the mail today! Hooray!

This morning when mom was in the shower, my best friend the mailman(he's a man so I can say mailman and not postal carrier) came right on my porch. He is my best friend because he gives me a treat every day. He has a doggie that looks just like me at his house. He doesn't care if I chase him up the road. So you can imagine how excited I was that my best friend was on the porch. He did not visit, though. He just left a big box.

When mom got out of the shower, I showed her the box. She brought it in and I smelled all around it. Then mom opened it. There were some presents for her:perfume and body spray-girlie stuff.(Mom got a lot of books for presents that just came right to her Kindle). There were presents for dad: Guitar strings, a hot pot for work, some boy stuff. And then there was a present for me!

A new lead. Mom had lost my good leash, it was a slip on one that mom really liked because it didn't have hooks and she has bad hands. I liked my old leash better too because if I shook myself, I could step out of it.

Anyway, mom lost my old leash. She had let me off of it to run in the field. And when we got home, she didn't have it. She went right back out to look for it and it was gone. It gets mom mad because there has been the same trash and discarded things like one glove, a shoe etc. on the road for a year and my nice leash gets pick up within a half hour.

I'm getting way off track. I got a new leash! It's green so it brings out the red in my fur and makes me look even more beautifuler. It's a slip on one so no hooks for bad hands. The only trouble with it is I can't shake out of it-yet. I'll figure it out!

So that's all the news for today. Hope something good happens to you today, too.


Daddy went some place without me!

March 25th 2014 10:34 am
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Yesterday, after we had a nice dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, dad started packing his suitcase. Suitcase! That can only mean a road trip! Where are we going dad? To see Grandpa? To see Maw-maw and Pap? To see our old college friends or our friends who live in the mountains? Hmmm.

I noticed that mom was not packing her suitcase. That means we must be going someplace with Roger! Fishing? Camping? Canoeing? Up to the deer camp? It has to be a good adventure.

I gathered up my traveling stuff, some toys and chewy sticks. I put them on my favorite blanket. But then dad said: " You can't go this time. You need to stay home and guard the house."


It turns out dad had to go to the hospital where they put electrodes on his head and listened to him snore all night long.

Early this morning, I heard someone fiddling with the door. It was dad. He was done snoring for the doctors. He probably snored so loud the rest of the hospital couldn't sleep so they kicked him out early. He brought us delicious breakfast of sausage and bacon biscuits. Mom got up for a minute, looked at dad, looked at the clock, asked dad what time he needed to leave the house to go to work and then she went back to bed. So we ate her biscuits, too.


It's Spring! Sweet Spring!

March 20th 2014 5:03 pm
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I know it's been a hard winter, and if you believe the weather channel the snow is not over yet, but today it's Spring and all the peoples are playing outside.

I live right across the street from a field. Dorothy used to think it was a miracle field because she once found a cheese sandwich there. It is one of the rare flat pieces of land in our neighborhood(we are mountaineers). All of the kids congregate in the field and play ball: baseball, football, soccer, golf. And the house where the police dogs live has a nice basketball hoop and sense they have a ton of kids they don't mind when a ton more come over to play basketball. And when they are done playing ball they just hang out in the field.

I know that it's Spring because all the kids are back in the field or are playing basketball. And if the kids are too little to play in the field they are out going for a walk or driving their little pedal cars. Finally, a car that I can catch.

So I have been outside all evening playing ball, hanging out, walking with the babies. I think everyone is happy that today is spring. Mom says everyone was going stir crazy because winter was so bad this year. I don't care why, I'm just glad everyone is outside playing.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17th 2014 11:49 am
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you get a bunch of snow? We did. About 3 inches but it was thick and heavy and now most of it is gone. Mom thinks this will be the last snow of the season, but I wouldn't be too sure about that. I think the peoples are going stir crazy with all this winter. But, I think most of us doggies like the snow. As my sisfur always said: "Snow, it's weather you can eat!".

There is absolutely nothing else going on here. So maybe the snow is a little annoying. I know once it's spring time there will be mudholes and fishing trips to report on but until then.... SNOW.



March 11th 2014 12:53 pm
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Hi all my Dogster Pals! We are really happy that Dogster is not closing, cause we would have missed all of our friends. But, we are also happy that we met a lot of the people behind the pups, too.

It is a great day today-warm and spring like, but I think we are going to have one more spell of winter weather. I don't care, I like winter the snow is fun to romp in. I like spring the mud is fun to roll in. I like fall cause leaves are fun to sniff in and I like summer because dogs were meant to sleep in the sun.

Today, mom is cleaning-AGAIN! Geeze mom you just cleaned last week. That new child care center better open up soon. Or mom will be forced to start cleaning out closets. I-YI-YI!

We haven't been doing a lot(besides cleaning). Mom has started taking me on "Monster Walks" where we walk the inside and the outside blocks in the neighborhood. She keeps me on the leash so I will set a pace for her to keep her heart rate up. But, that's not really fun for me. I like to run and go visit all my friends, especially the ones behind fences in the back yard. Then we run the fence and bark and bark and bark. Mom won't let me do that anymore-she says I am aggravating the other pups. I have the meanest mom.

I do have one request. My friend Princie will be making her journey to the Rainbow Bridge this evening. she is not a Dogster dog. She is a dog I know in real life-she is Roger's dog. Princie is really old-20 and she is fading fast. This is a good although sad decision and any prayers and good vibs for Roger and his family would be appreciated.

Well, I think the kids are coming home from school. I better go out and greet them.


What's going on?

March 3rd 2014 12:24 pm
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Hey, is this the last day that Dogster as we know it will be open? Has anyone heard anything definitive about what is going on on the best site on the interwebs? I've heard some rumors on FB but was wondering if anyone here has heard or knows anything.

Meanwhile we are having a snow day! Dad's office called him yesterday and told him not to come in and mom is still waiting for the new center to open so she is home as well. But what good is having a snow day when no one wants to come out and play in the snow? Mom and dad both say it is too cold for them to go out and play with me. I think they are both wienie butts and should have all of their meals at Wienie Hut Jr.

Well at least we are eating good during this snow storm. Mom managed to go panic shopping before there was a reason to panic and this morning we had pancakes and sausages. But last night we had Delicious Ribs. I managed to steal one. Hey, mom you should not have left it right where I could reach it. It was sweet and good.

so if this isn't the end of Dogster-HOORAY!
If this is the end of Dogster I am going to Howl for the rest of the day. Anyone is welcome to join me.



Hanger, my new favorite toy.

February 18th 2014 11:38 am
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I have many toys. I have a stuffed squirrel and a froggy and Scat from Ice Age and some kitties and a Devil Trident and various hats and sticks, just to name a few. I am rich and blessed with how many toys I have. I like to carry my toys around. I don't think it's a fun walk unless I take a toy with me. And I always take a toy in the car for any type of car ride. But, because I am just like a kid, when I take my toys out I very seldom bring them back in. So all of my toys are either in the yard under the snow(which is melting fast-HOORAY)or in the car.

So the last time I went for a car ride, I needed a toy. I looked and looked. Finally I found a plastic hanger on the floor of mom's closet. So I picked it up. I took it on the car ride. And miracle of miracles when the ride was over, I brought it back in the house. I put it in the place of honor on my couch. At bedtime, I took it to bed.

Mom said that if she had known all I wanted was a hanger think of all the money she would have saved on fancy toys. I am telling mom to take a hint and go clean out the car so I don't look all pathetic carrying a hanger around.


O Happy Day! Hoorah! Hooray!

February 14th 2014 12:16 pm
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First, Happy Valentine's Day to all my pals. Sorry I'm a little slow on the thank you and gift giving. We had stopped going to Dogster because it was too sad for us.

But then, we heard a rumor and we checked it out. Dogster is not closing it's community! Yea! Hooray! Calooh! Calay! Jump for joy and sing and dance and spin around and fall right down.

Of course, mom is not as trusting as we pups are and she thinks there will be a catch. One of the things mom is wondering about is they say it'll take about a month to set the site up, but is Dogster Community not running right now? Maybe they are finally going to fix all the fleas that were so frustrating. Hopefully they will make it fun again like back in the olden days.

Meanwhile, mom is having fun talking to all the humans behind the cats and dogs on the facebook. It gives her something to do while she waits for the new childcare center to open up. Now it's the snow and bad weather.

Although it doesn't look to bad today. Yesterday we woke up to more snow than we were expecting, but today its melting and slushy. Of course it's suppose to snow more tonight. That's ok, cause I love the snow.

Anyway. I'm so happy to still have Dogster and now have facebook, too.



Still in the Polar Vortex

January 23rd 2014 6:38 pm
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You all know I have my own room, that mom calls the guest room. Sure I let other people stay in there, but it really is MY ROOM.

It has been so cold, though, that mom and dad have been keeping all the doors shut. So we have been hanging out in the living room. But at bedtime, dad put a space heater in his and mom's bedroom and kept my door shut!

So I did what I had to do. I jumped right into mom and dad's bed. I let mom rub my belly. She was so happy because she said she misses sleeping with a dog. We were fine snuggling together until dad came to bed. He snores so loud, I thought there was a bear in the house. I had to get out of bed to keep watch.

But, it was still so cold in the house. So I got all of the blankets off all of the couches(and we have a lot of couches in our house). I put them all in a pile on the soft rug and made myself the best nest ever. Now mom says I am her little bird. Mom is crazy.

Here is a little bit of news. Mom got a job at the new learning center. (that's what they call daycare centers these days). It is so new it is still getting its finishing touches on it. Mom went in today to look at the building and get check out her room. She didn't need to meet the other staff, because she knew them all! She thinks they will be having the GRAND OPENING in Feb. Wonder if doggies can go?

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