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More Reese Fallout and Big and Little invade

August 15th 2012 2:27 pm
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Ok. Reese did not take my squirrely home. Mom put it in the laundry because it was covered in Reese spit. So I guess I owe her an apology for thinking she was a toy thief. But, she is a big slobberer. Slobbering all over my toys. so mom is going to take them to the laundry mat on Friday.

Reese also slobbered all over ME! And since my fur is long it felt kind of dry and tangled and disgusting. So much so that when mom said I needed a bath, I hopped right in the tub. I wanted to get the Reese spit off of me, too and I did not care if after the bath I smelled like lemon grass and peppermint. At least I didn't smell like Reese dog spit.

So after the bath I thought things would go back to normal but Big and Little came over today. Or should I say invaded the house today. They tore threw the place like a hurricane. They started in the master bedroom and played with all of mom's knick knacks. They asked: "Can we have this?" Holding up a thermometer house where the witch comes out on a bad day and Hansel and Gretel come out on a good day. (It had been mom's grandma's and it's at least 60 years old. It still works.) Mom: "Sure, when I die". Big and Little: "When do you think that will be?"

Then they worked their way into the Guest Bedroom where they looked at all of mom's photo albums. Big and Little: " Hey, how come all these pictures are in black and white?" Mom: "Color wasn't invented when I was little." Big and Little: "So the sun wasn't yellow, the grass wasn't green? Everything was just gray?" Mom: "Well, you see the pictures.

The next stop, the bathroom. Well, if you have kids you know how much havoc two boys can make in a bathroom stop.(Or men for that matter.)

In the music room, they got out all the musical instruments so the FireBand can rock and roll.

In the living room the tv showed nothing but Mario driving around all day.

And the kitchen looked like a failed home ec experiment because Little wanted to learn how to cook some eggs and Big was looking for mom's secret stash of candy.

And all of this was just in the first half hour.

Mom got them outside as soon as possible and we swam in the pool and rode bikes and went for several walks and played with all the other kids in the nieghborhood.

I think I am going to bed early tonight.


Bye-ye Reese

August 12th 2012 7:25 pm
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First of all, mom has been mispelling Reese's name this whole time. Reese is named after the delicious peanut butter candy.

Second of all, mom is charging up her kindle and dad is charging up the radio so apparently I can not download (upload?) any pictures until all this charging up is done. So definitly tomorrow.

Reese went home a little while ago. I could tell she was missing her family. Every time a car went up the road, she would go to the door to see who it was. Reese's boy, Jake, called up to say he wouldn't be able to pick her up because she wouldn't fit in his car along with all her stuff. Plus he had a BIG Date tonight. But that is ok. Reese's mom came over later.

Anyway, Reese and I had fun together. I can't believe she is only 10 months old. She is way bigger than me and she weighs way more than me. But, I still had to teach her to play. She likes to play fetch. She likes to play ball. When everyone was busy she got a rubber chew toy and used it as a paddle to push her ball all around. I didn't teach her that game.

I taught her to hunt for the lasar. You never know when the red dot will make an appearance so you must be extra vigilant. You never know if it will appear on the floor or on the wall or on the ceiling. Once it even was on mom. Reese and I went tearing all over the house to catch it. We tried to corner it, but it was very elusive. Finally we would catch it and mom and dad would clap their hands and praise us. It is an excellent game and it is more fun with more doggies to play with us.

But, as much as I like Reese, I am glad she is gone. This is a one dog household and I am that dog. Now, I have to count all my toys, because I think Reese took my squirrely home with her. Grrrrrr.


Play Date

August 11th 2012 8:44 pm
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Well, I am super sad because Grandma and Uncle went back home and it won't be until winter before they come back. Now who will cook me breakfast? Certainly not mom, who thinks that yogurt or cheerios is a fine breakfast. Really mom, there's not any meat in yogurt or cheerios. And dad has been eating breakfast on the run so who knows what he's eating. Grandma made me my own bacon and eggs every day.

Mom must have known how sad I was because she arranged for me to have a playdate. Reece is visiting me while her family takes one last trip before school starts. Reece is still a puppy but a big giant puppy. She is bigger than me! We have been play fighting and stealing each others toys. Reeece thinks that she will be taking my favorite squirrely toy home but she has another thing coming. Mom wanted Reece to show me how to get into the pool(I am hesitant on the steps and Reece is a swimming fool) but this weekend is the only weekend that is actually a little to cool for the pool!

The one thing about Reece that is sweet is that any time you leave the room, when you come back she is sooo glad to see you that she licks you all over. It doesn't matter if you are a person or a doggie. I think it is a little annoying. Dad was kinda shocked when he got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and when he got back in bed, Reece licked him like crazy. But, mom says it's sweet. But, that's mom, she likes dog spit all over her.

And dad got a new camera so mom says she will take and actually post pictures of me and Reece playing tomorrow. Yeah mom I will believe it when I see it.

well, it's late and mom has promised us doggies one more walk around the yard before bedtime. I will let you know if we see any shooting stars.(I know what to wish for-Meatz).


My Luck Continues

August 6th 2012 12:13 pm
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I am having one lucky summer.

First, grandma came to visit.

Then I got to go on vacation to rogerland and hang with the teenage girls.

And NOW, as soon as I get back from vacation who walks in the door but GRANDMA and UNCLE! they are back for another visit. I guess they were so lucky last time they visited they came back to try their luck again. Well, my name is Lucky so I must bring Good Luck to my mom every where I go.

Oh, mom and dad said they had a good time at the beach, but really how much fun could they have had since I wasn't with them?


Sad, Mad, Glad

July 27th 2012 5:46 pm
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Today I am sad because grandma and Uncle went home. Now who will pet me all the time and feed me scrambled eggs and ham for breakfast.

Today I am mad because mom and dad are running around like crazy people packing up stuff to go to the beach. Which mom says I can not go to because it is hot and sandy and has too many birds and people would shake in fear if they saw me at the beach.

Today I am glad because instead of going on a long hot car ride to the beach I get to go to RogerLand. RogerLand has a dog door so I can go in and out as many times as I want. RogerLand has a kitty I can chase and a big ol' doggie that I cannot chase. RogerLand has a teenage daughter who will pay tons of attention to me. And Mrs. Roger is a really good cook.

So I will be away from Dogster for a while enjoying my vacay at RogerLand while mom and dad are at the hot, sandy birdy beach and grandma and uncle are spending their casino winnings. Have a nice week everyone! Stay safe and cool.



July 23rd 2012 11:13 am
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Grandma! GRandma! GRAndma! GRANdma! GRANDMa! GRANDMA! GRANDMA and Uncle are here visiting me! My butt is wiggling so much I keep hitting my head with my tail. HOORAY FOR GRANDMA! (and Uncle)


Construction Project

July 16th 2012 10:27 am
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We have a very nice backyard swimming pool. It isn't fancy. It's an above ground, but it's not a quick set. It is one step up from a quick step. It is probably dad's most favorite non-living thing. And all of the kids love it too. (Even though Jake and Luke have their own pool, an inground, and Big and Little have a pass to a big private pool they all say it's more fun in mom and dad's pool-you can spin around it and make a whirlpool). I have been in the pool too. It's refreshing and I have my own raft. (And it eliminates baths in the summer as well). But in order to get in the pool, you need to climb up a ladder and then climb down a ladder. Or in my case have dad pick you up and put you on your raft. Or if you are a boy, stand on the top of the ladder and yell: "CANNONBALL!" and jump.

But, if you are grandma, the ladder can be hard to negotiate. So dad and Uncle decided to buy steps for the pool.

They came a few weeks ago in FOUR!(4!)Four! boxes. Mom kept eyeing those boxes and kept trying to figure out how to be out of town when dad decided to build them. And they had to be built soon, because Grandma and Uncle are getting ready for their first of FOUR!(4!)Four! annual visits. They are coming next week. And dad said to mom on Friday: " We have to build those steps this weekend."

And even though mom has a broken toe(you should see it, it's all huge and purply and she keeps bumping it on stuff and then I have to cover my innocent doggie ears) she knew a broken toe would not get her out of the super fun construction project. (Super fun was meant sarcastically. Everyone knows how well mom and dad work together).

But then mom was rescued. Yesterday who came over but Roger! Yes the same Roger whose house I get to visit when mom and dad go to the boring, hot, stupid beach. Roger of the dog door. Roger of the two kitties. Roger, the father of a teenage girl. That Roger! Roger is mom's hero.

Roger and dad worked hard in the backyard building the steps. There was no cussing. There was no leaving in a huff. There was just building and beer drinking and plenty of swim breaks. And in a few hours the steps were done!

Now I don't have to have dad hoist me into the pool. I can just climb up the steps. I can sit on the landing and watch when I don't want to float on my raft.

Mom is so happy that she didn't have to help. Now if only someone would show up and help her with the rest of the housework.


Big Adventure

July 10th 2012 12:51 pm
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first, I want to thank everyone who gave me presents for Fourth of July and Canada Day and for all the trouble we have been having in West Virginia. I would have said thank you sooner, but I heard Dogster had fleas. And I have been on a BIG ADVENTURE!

When West Virginia lost power that meant that the laundromat was down as well. And mom and dad were quickly running out of clean clothes. So I heard mom tell dad: "When we go, we should just take all the dirty clothes and I will wash clothes when we get to my mom's." GO? Are we going somewhere?

I hopped right into the car with the dirty clothes. We were going on a car trip. We were going to see mom's mom and dad. Maw-maw and Pap. They live very far away.

So after forever in the car we finally got there. They live in the suburbs of the city. Mom said that I had to be on a leash and stay in the yard because in the city suburbs people will pay $100.00 for cow poop but will make mom pay them $100.00 for dog poop.

I got to see CoCo, Maw-maw and Pap's cocker Spaniel. We established rules as to who was the boss dog and what I could steal from Coco and what Coco could steal from me.

On Friday, mom spent all day washing clothes and then Friday night, mom and dad and Maw-maw and pap had a nice steak dinner. Me and Coco got the scraps.

But, why did we drive all the way up to PA? Was it just to eat steak with Maw-maw and Pap? Was it to try to sneak poop in other people's yard? It was a mystery.

On Friday, mom and Dad and Maw-maw and Pap got all dressed up fancy. And they left me and CoCo all alone. But before they left, mom gave me strict instructions to behave myself. She said that they were going to her brother's (my skin Uncle's) Wedding.

While they were gone, I explored Maw-maw's house, but CoCo just sort of laid around in her secret spot. Then everyone came home to change their clothes. They were going to a big after wedding party. A big afer Wedding pool party! Hey I like to swim too. But once again I was not invited. Mom told me I needed to guard all of the musical instruments. I guess mom and dad had to do the music for the wedding and they didn't want to do the music for the reception.

They got home very late and mom did not bring me any cake.

The next day mom and dad packed up the car. I was not taking any chances and sat in my seat the entire time they were packing. We traveled a little bit and then we went to see Grandma and Grandpa. That's dad parents. They live in the country and I ran and ran and ran and went to the bathroom every place I wanted.

Then we ate spaghetti. And then we went home. To West Virginia. Where most of the power was back on. I helped mom yesterday unpack and open up the house. And now I have to go help mom make a giant meatloaf.

I was glad to go on a surprise trip. I still think I should have got cake.


Reese Aftermath

July 3rd 2012 12:21 pm
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So, my good buddy,Reese is back at her own home. Her "mom" and "brother" Luke came to pick her up. She wasso excited she peed a little bit. My mom did not care at all. She said that Reese was not the first living creature to pee on her floor and she knew that Reese would not be the last.

Reese's family's vacation was fun, except at the end when there flight got cancelled and they had to stay in Miami an extra day. And when they finally got a flight out, they had to split up and half the family ended up in one city and half ended up in another city. But, one thing they didn't worry about was Reese because they knew that mom and me were watching her.

We had a really good time. I miss playing with her a lot. Luke called and said that Reese misses me. He said she keeps bringing him bones that me and mom gave Reese to take home. I miss her, too, but as she is still a puppy and I am a little bit older, I am glad for some peace and quiet. Actually, Luke said that Reese slept hard all night as well. And she was a big bed hog.

Mom knows something about Reese being a bed hog. Even though she has a cage, because of the storms, mom just left Reese's cage door open so she would have the option of sleeping some place cooler in the house. Well, she got in bed with mom and dad and she is a superbig bed hog. She pushed mom so hard that mom fell out of bed! I would never push my mom out of bed,not even to get the best comfy spot. (Plus, I don't sleep with mom and dad. I have my own bed.) Anyway, Reese pushed mom out of bed and now mom's toe is swelled up like three times it's normal size and it's a lovely purple and mom has no shoes that fit comfortably. When Reese pushed mom out of bed, mom landed on her foot funny and broke her toe. OUCH! That's a puppy for you.

Manwhile here is an update on the storms. The power is slowly coming back. And mom is seeing how neighbors are getting togther. There have been neighborhood cook-outs to get rid of all the food that is going bad. People who have power are opening their homes and sharing there appliances. Mom and Dad are making ice like crazy. Nieghbors are all sitting out in the cool shade of their porches talking and chatting and getting to know each other. Mom and dad came upon a group of neighbors having an impromptu Bible Study and prayer group. so maybe the world isn't as bad as we think.


Weather Emergency

June 30th 2012 5:43 pm
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Last night we had a really, really, really, really, really bad storm. It was so big it effected the entire state of West Virginia. It was a major wind event(but not a tornado). It knocked down all kinds of trees in every area of the state. Of course the trees fell on power lines and now hardly any one has electricity and now we are in a state of emergency because it is 100 degrees and no one has air conditioning.

We were one of the lucky ones. We only lost power for a little bit. We still have electricity and air conditioning. Of course all the stores and gas stations are closed. Mom says she's never seen gas lines like this not even during the gas shortages of the seventies.

The governor has declared a state of emergency and said to stay in unless you absolutely have to go out, or you are going to a shelter. Mom and dad had to go out so they saw all the cars waiting in line for gas. They saw cars pulled off to the side of the road because they had run out of gas or they were too hot. Is this what the future will be like? People will just drive and drive until there is no gas and then they'll get out and start walking?(or killing people who have gas.) Mom even heard on the radio that this one town was out of gas and not to go there. And another annoucement said to avoid the gas station at another place because things were getting "testy".

Mom and dad went to church. There was no power but there were about 25 people there so Father said Mass anyway. We are Catholics so we have lots of candles. Mom and dad sang some songs. So it was a nice candlelight service.

I am glad I am a dog and don't have to worry about gas. I am glad we have electricity because that means air conditioning. Reese and I have been playing all day long. We are covered in dog drool. Mom says we will miss each other tomorrow, when Reese's family come to get her. But, right now, I am going to steal some of her toys and put them in my toy box. That's what friends are for.

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