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Real Estate Agent

September 14th 2012 12:31 pm
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As you all might remember, my next door neighbor had a stroke and had to go to an assisted living place far away.

Well, now his house is up for sale. I believe that his house is just part of my house. It has an excellent front yard for sitting in. It has an excellent backyard that is right next to my sweet boyfriend Frankie(shhh! don't tell mom). Plus, I was always welcome in the house when Dave lived there. I was mom's good helper when she cleaned out the house and I did stop someone from stealing the stuff in the carport.

So you can see why everytime someone comes to look at the house I feel the need to go out and check out these prospective buyers. Doggies are very good at telling if someone is a good person or not. I was going to suggest that dogs get jobs at banks to approve loans, but I think the doggies would bite most of the bank employees on the butt for not being good people.(Not all the bank employees, just the bankers who get the big bonus bucks).

Oops I got way off track.

Anyway, I have met lots of people looking at this house. So far I hope the lady who came by yesterday would buy the house. She was very friendly and she loves doggies herself. She has two chihuahuas. After she got done petting me, she went over to Huck the dog across the street and petted him. Then she started petting Molly the wiener dog. I think this lady would be an asset to our nieghborhood because I bet she has lots of treats.

One note totally off the track: Mom has a job interview tomorrow. I guess she did pretty good at the preinterview. So everyone cross your paws.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

September 13th 2012 12:08 pm
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OMD! I went to the funnest thing yesterday. We went to a baseball game! Big and Little were playing! It was so much fun. Whenever they would be up to bat, I would go right to the fence and bark! Big and Little are "Power Hitters" Well, they got some hits. And Little actually made a double play.

The place was sort of woodsy so in the boring parts of the game me and dad walked all around. I even got to walk in the creek.(It was low so I didn't get too wet.) I met some other doggies there, too. We all had a good sniff.

I don't know who won the game because mom said that wasn't important. The most important thing is that we have fun. And I did have fun. So I guess I did a good job.


News of the Week

September 11th 2012 1:08 pm
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This morning mom took dad to work. I usually get to go when mom takes dad to work in the morning but today I had to stay home. Mom was dressed up in her interview clothes. She had a preinterview interview. I think I should have went with her, because I feel I would be a great asset to mom on the job. I could teach children how to behave around doggies and I could help them eat their breakfasts and lunches. Not to mention just getting them to run and play. Mom said that when she gets a job we will see about me going to work with her. So keep your paws and fingers crossed.

Mom had planned on taking me to the vet after her job business but Lucky for me the vet was closed for lunch and mom had a doctor appointment herself this afternoon, so I escaped going to the vet for my allergy shot. Honestly, I had to take a bath after Reese left so I shouldn't have any allergins left on me.

So mom had lunch and went to the Doctors. (Nothing serious, just an annual, although the appointment was free thanks to the new healthcare.)When mom came home I almost didn't recognize her.

She had gotten her hair cut. Really really short. Mom said the stylist was really good because she kept going on and on about what great hair mom had and was she ever a hair model etc. Mom knows she works for tips and mom has been in enough tip jobs herself to be a big tipper.

I just wonder why humans love to get their hair done and get all groomed up. I think this only proves that dogs are superior beings because we know how terrible the groomer, the bathtub and the vacuum are. But people just love them. Are people Crazy?! Yes. That's why they need dogs.

well that's really all that's been going on. Now I have to find a good hiding place because I heard that the Vet has evening hours!


Smartest Dog in the World?!

September 3rd 2012 4:16 pm
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Mom thinks I am the smartest dog in the world. I know and you know that while I am smarter than most people(mom included) I probably have just average dog intelligence.

This is why mom thinks I am supersmart.

As you know we have been watching Reese. Me and Reese get along pretty well. We have our moments and we do a lot of play fighting. (Not real fighting. Any ugly faces and we are in trouble). The only time Reese and I have had trouble was at feeding time. And really, what dog wants to take the chance that another dog will steal her food?

So at feeding time, mom fed Reese in the kitchen and me in grandma's room. That way mom could shut the door and Reese couldn't come in. Except that sometimes I just was not hungry. I know, Dorothy is turning in Heaven. I just am not a food hound. I do not need to eat as soon as it is served. Sometimes, I'll go an entire day without eating. I am even like that for treats, too. So there were times when mom would feed me in grandma's room and I wouldn't be hungry.

So mom said fine and put my food up high. She said that when I was hungry to come and get her and she would feed me. And that is what I did. Around 9:00 last night I got hungry. So I went and got mom and led her to grandma's room. Mom was very good and followed me straight there. She didn't waste time by asking what I wanted or opening the door to let me out. She just followed me down the hall, got my food off the tall shelf and shut the door. And I had a delicious dinner.

So, I may not be the smartest dog in the world, but at least my mom speaks dog.

Oh and by the way, Reese's mom came and got her today. Reese got right into the car, she was going to drive home. But, Reese's mom said she wasn't old enough to drive. At least I'll get some peace and quiet tonight.


Me and Reese to the Rescue

August 31st 2012 6:43 pm
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Reese, the giant puppy is visiting. She came yesterday and I spent most of the day keeping her in line.

In the evening, mom took me and Reese for a walk. I didn't need to be on a leash because I am grown-up and well behaved. Reese is still a puppy and is still learning the basic commands. So mom had Reese on the leash and me just free. We were in the big field, smelling things and doing our business.

Mom stepped out on the curb and lost her footing. She let Reese go and tried to regain her balance and just started rolling down the hill. Reese ran right down the hill with mom and since I was at the bottom of the hill anyway cut across the field so I stopped where mom stopped.

Mom lay on the road for a few minutes. Reese stood on mom's right and I stood on her left. Mom tried to get up but she couldn't so she just lay on the road for a little while longer. [This is a fairly busy road, so maybe any cars saw me and Reese and decided not to go up or down the hill].

Finally mom got up. Her glasses were broken. Her hands and face were bleeding. Her whole body was in pain. She was sore and upset and I think that if I was a doctor I would say that she was traumatized. Reese and I could tell she was soo upset.

Once mom felt a little calmer we headed home. One of the few neighbors we have who don't like pups pulled over in his car. He was about to give mom "whatfor" for having us doggies just running around when he saw mom's face. He gave mom a towel and some water. He made sure she was ok enough to walk home. (Well, that's what me and Reese are for).

So we made it home safe enough. Mom was still upset so she took a special pill. It made her sleepy. This morning when mom got up she said she was sore and achey, but nothing was broken. She is bruised and looks like she was in a fight.

That is what she told the kids down the street when they asked what happened to mom's face. She said she was attacked by pirate ninja's and whipped them all. Now the kids think she is super tough.

Mom meanwhile wants everyone to know how good me and Reese were. We stayed right by mom and made sure she was ok. She was soo impressed she gave us both extra-special treats and she keeps giving us tons of hugs and pets.

I think I am going to have to teach mom how to walk without falling over.


News of the Week

August 29th 2012 5:12 pm
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Well pups, school has started again and mom is still um at liberty or between engagements or OUT OF WORK. She has had some interviews and some leads so keep your paws crossed because you know that even though it is great to have your humans around, they can certainly interfere with napping.

And mom has had a lot of pick-up work. Bits and pieces here and there. We had a fun two weeks with Big and Little. And Little is still talking about mom maybe giving him piano lessons. (Since mom isn't working, she has been playing the piano more. Her style is improving. Today she played Torch Songs: Stormy Weather, Somebody Loves Me, Ain't Nobody's Business if I do. She likes the different rythmns of the right hand and the left hand. But what do I care, the only thing that matters is that mom gives me a treat when I listen to her).

Oh and Reese is coming to visit again. I think she is coming tomorrow. That explains why mom cleaned the house. She put up all the stuff that she has found is Reese's mouth, especially mom's Rubber Ducky Nativity Set. (At least Reese only ate a cow and not the Baby Jesus).

Mom spent the day cleaning the house. It was hard because the vacuum is still fried. But, we since we have hardwood floors and only area rugs I don't even know why we have a vacuum. I think it is very telling that when we had the power surge the vacuum and mom's phone charger got fried. That very evening mom and dad went out and got a new phone. Said it was cheaper to get a new phone with charger than just a charger. But, no new vacuum. Hmmm. Doesn't that just say a lot.

Jake and Luke both want mom to help her with their schoool work. Jake is taking a Literature Class. He doesn't know what kind of Lit. So, yeah, I guess he needs help. And Luke is still studying for the ACT.

Mom and Dad both have sinus infections. I heard there was a lot of that going around. Mom went to the doctor and got some medicine that really winds her up. Can you tell?

Well, I hope you all have a good week. Don't know what we're doing for Labor Day except keeping things out of Reese's mouth.

Have a good week. I'm going to go settle mom down.


The Happiest Day Ever!

August 23rd 2012 12:53 pm
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Today is the happiest day in the world!
Mom was cleaning the house.
Dust, dust,dust.
Polish, polish,polish.
Vacuum.....Hey what's wrong with the vacuum?
That's right. Mom's vacuum is not working. She tested the plugs and nothing.


Ding-dong the vacuum's dead.
Which ol' vacuum?
The big, loud sucky vacuum.
Ding-Dong the wicked vacuum's dead.

Have hope pups. If it happened to me, it can happen to you.


Return Appearances

August 17th 2012 5:39 pm
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I am truly exhausted! First, Big and Little came over to play today. Their mom is a teacher and today was the first day of school for the kids who live in our county, where their mom teaches. They go to school in the next county over. We went on many, many walks today and Big and Little would sing: "We don't have school and you do ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." I don't think they realized that no one could hear their song because all the kids in our neighborhood were IN school.

Then when Big and Little left, Jake came over. He had Reese with him!He visited for a little while and then he left. Without Reese. " HEY JAKE! YOU FORGOT YOUR DOG!" His family was having an emergancy(nothing serious, but it required going out of town) and mom said we would watch Reese.

I just took a bath to get Reese spit off of me. And, mom just got back from the laundry mat where she washed all the drool off my toys and here is this big, giant, drooling, goofy puppy who is teething. In the short time she has been here she totally chewed up a hairbrush, a basket and a roll of toilet paper. Mom has been going through the house putting shoes and other things up high behind closed doors.

So think about me pups as I entertain this weekend. You know what they say about houseguests(who aren't breakfast making grandmas): After three days you are allowed to bite them on the butt because they are getting on your last nerve.


More Reese Fallout and Big and Little invade

August 15th 2012 2:27 pm
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Ok. Reese did not take my squirrely home. Mom put it in the laundry because it was covered in Reese spit. So I guess I owe her an apology for thinking she was a toy thief. But, she is a big slobberer. Slobbering all over my toys. so mom is going to take them to the laundry mat on Friday.

Reese also slobbered all over ME! And since my fur is long it felt kind of dry and tangled and disgusting. So much so that when mom said I needed a bath, I hopped right in the tub. I wanted to get the Reese spit off of me, too and I did not care if after the bath I smelled like lemon grass and peppermint. At least I didn't smell like Reese dog spit.

So after the bath I thought things would go back to normal but Big and Little came over today. Or should I say invaded the house today. They tore threw the place like a hurricane. They started in the master bedroom and played with all of mom's knick knacks. They asked: "Can we have this?" Holding up a thermometer house where the witch comes out on a bad day and Hansel and Gretel come out on a good day. (It had been mom's grandma's and it's at least 60 years old. It still works.) Mom: "Sure, when I die". Big and Little: "When do you think that will be?"

Then they worked their way into the Guest Bedroom where they looked at all of mom's photo albums. Big and Little: " Hey, how come all these pictures are in black and white?" Mom: "Color wasn't invented when I was little." Big and Little: "So the sun wasn't yellow, the grass wasn't green? Everything was just gray?" Mom: "Well, you see the pictures.

The next stop, the bathroom. Well, if you have kids you know how much havoc two boys can make in a bathroom stop.(Or men for that matter.)

In the music room, they got out all the musical instruments so the FireBand can rock and roll.

In the living room the tv showed nothing but Mario driving around all day.

And the kitchen looked like a failed home ec experiment because Little wanted to learn how to cook some eggs and Big was looking for mom's secret stash of candy.

And all of this was just in the first half hour.

Mom got them outside as soon as possible and we swam in the pool and rode bikes and went for several walks and played with all the other kids in the nieghborhood.

I think I am going to bed early tonight.


Bye-ye Reese

August 12th 2012 7:25 pm
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First of all, mom has been mispelling Reese's name this whole time. Reese is named after the delicious peanut butter candy.

Second of all, mom is charging up her kindle and dad is charging up the radio so apparently I can not download (upload?) any pictures until all this charging up is done. So definitly tomorrow.

Reese went home a little while ago. I could tell she was missing her family. Every time a car went up the road, she would go to the door to see who it was. Reese's boy, Jake, called up to say he wouldn't be able to pick her up because she wouldn't fit in his car along with all her stuff. Plus he had a BIG Date tonight. But that is ok. Reese's mom came over later.

Anyway, Reese and I had fun together. I can't believe she is only 10 months old. She is way bigger than me and she weighs way more than me. But, I still had to teach her to play. She likes to play fetch. She likes to play ball. When everyone was busy she got a rubber chew toy and used it as a paddle to push her ball all around. I didn't teach her that game.

I taught her to hunt for the lasar. You never know when the red dot will make an appearance so you must be extra vigilant. You never know if it will appear on the floor or on the wall or on the ceiling. Once it even was on mom. Reese and I went tearing all over the house to catch it. We tried to corner it, but it was very elusive. Finally we would catch it and mom and dad would clap their hands and praise us. It is an excellent game and it is more fun with more doggies to play with us.

But, as much as I like Reese, I am glad she is gone. This is a one dog household and I am that dog. Now, I have to count all my toys, because I think Reese took my squirrely home with her. Grrrrrr.

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