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Trick or Treat

November 3rd 2012 6:19 pm
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We had trick-or-treat night on Thursday. There is no way West Virginia would have trick-or-treat night on a Wednesday(because of church) and they won't have it on Friday(because of Football) so we had it on Thursday. (Mom says that it was a Holy Day on Thursday so maybe all the Catholics went to church in the morning?)Trick-or treat was orginially scheduled for Tuesday but they postponed it because of the storm.

We live in a valley and all we got was rain, rain and more rain. We didn't loose power and we are ok. However their are places in WV that have at least 2 feet of snow and the people there need help and prayers.

But to get back to trick or treat. Dorothy in heaven loved trick-or treat night. She loved to get dressed up in whatever strange costume mom would pick out for for her. She loved greeting all the children. She loved going to the nieghbors' houses to get a treat. It was her favortive October Holiday.

I was a little hesitant. The first time mom dressed me up I was not sure about it at all. I was shy and didn't want people to pet me. I was a good girl and knew not to go in the neighbors yard.

The Second year I was a little better. Mom got me an easier costume(devil ears and a stick I could carry). I knew some of the kids so I didn't mind them so much. And I learned where it was ok to visit and where it wasn't.

This year was fun. I dressed up like a bumble bee. It is not a costume I would pick out but it was warm and mom assured me that many people are afraid of bees. I know all the kids in the neighborhood now and they all let me trick-or-treat with them for a little bit. I went to everyhouse with a light on and mom took my treats. When I got home she showed me my loot-a whole bag of puppy treats. (My mom is magic. She turned chocolate into dog treats.)

Of course, there are pictures, but mom said she would post them later. OH guess what the best costume was we saw that night. Hold on to your hats, pups cause when you hear you will want to move into our neighborhood. BACON!!!!!!!That's right. Some kid was dressed like bacon. I'm going to find out where he lives.

So Happy Trick-or-Treat!


Diary Pick

October 26th 2012 12:32 pm
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I am a diary pick today! Hooray! I am so glad that something good happened today because I have been having bad luck all day. Here's why.

Mom stayed home from work today, which I thought would be a good thing but she said she wanted to clean the house. Now, why would you want to clean the house when you COULD be playing with one of the best doggies in the world.

Suddenly who comes bounding in the door, but Reece! Yes that's right, Reece the crazy pup. Mom said that she needed a refresher course on manners and I would have to teach her to be a good dog. Mom, why would I want to teach a crazy dog anything? Of course mom doesn't believe that Reece is crazy, but I have proof.

Mom was vacuuming. Every pup knows the vacuum is evil. Our new one(yes,we got a new one) even has a picture of a devil on it. So it is evil. I did what any sensible dog does. I went to the back bedroom and took a nap under the bed(it's nice and cool and shady-I wasn't afraid I was just soooo sleepy). Crazy Reece followed mom and the sweeper all over the living room. Then Crazy Reece found a ball. She would roll it right up to the sweeper (mom was using the wand) and it would get stuck on the wand and mom would pull it off and roll it to Reece. So not only did Reece like the sweeper, she thought it was a big toy. And mom wants me to teach her some manners. -Hey Mom! when you see crazy coming, you should cross the street. Crazy Reece.


It's My Gotcha Day!

October 24th 2012 6:58 pm
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it's my gotcha day today! HOORAY! Thank you everyone for all the cakes and hats and gemstones. Thank you so much!

For my Gotcha day today I got to run around like a crazy dog when I went on my walk. I got to chase squirrels and cats and Bubba Brownie came to play so I chased him, too.

Dad made me a cheeseburger. It was so delicious. Mom brushed me 100 strokes. She says that is an old beauty secret to make your hair (or fur) nice and shiny.

The best present came from my friend Roger! He gave me a dog bed. It is nice and comfy and big. Usually I sleep in grandma's bed or on one of the many couches in the house. I am also know to pull all the rugs around the house til they make a nice big lumpy nest. And when it is hot out the bathroom floor is nice and cool. Mom would really like me to sleep in bed with her and dad, but they take up too much room, I can barely stretch out. So I have all these places to sleep, but I don't have my own bed.

It is pretty big, so mom put it in the piano room. That way I can lay on my nice bed while mom plays TV and MOVIE ThEME SONGS FROM THE 1960'S.

So thank you everyone for remembering my day. I know my wishes are coming true.


New Neighbors

October 20th 2012 5:13 pm
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Well, we finally got some new neighbors. It wasn't that lady who really likes doggies and came to see me a few times. This is a young family. There is a mother and a father and 3 children who are not school age yet. Maybe there is only 2 kids, I'm not sure, the kids are hardly ever outside. And they have a dog! His name is Butter and he looks almost like my friend Reece! Only Reece is a girl and she is Huge! (She is bigger than me). Butter is not used to suburban living so he runs around like a crazy pup! We chase each other and Mom has made sure the new nieghbors know that Butter is always welcome in our yard. Butter is a lot of fun, but he is no Bubba Brownie. (Bubba Brownie is still my true love).


Once I had a secret Love

October 17th 2012 7:02 pm
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Or so I thought....

This summer, a really cute brown dog showed up in our neighborhood. He seemed well taken care of, but he had no collar or tags or chip. He sort of adopted the boys who live up the street. The boys tried to find this dog's owner, but no owner ever was located.(Mom thinks he may have been dropped off in this neighborhood which is sad and bad). But, he found some boys to take care of him. The boys named him Bubba. Or Brownie. It depends on which boy you talk to.

I often play with these boys when they are outside. I like to run with them when they ride their bikes. I also enjoy playing ball with them. So, I guess it would be envitable that me and Bubba Brownie would start hanging out together.

Ok, I really like Bubba Brownie. To me, he is the perfect doggie. Everytime I see him, I ask to go outside. One day, he had a hurt paw and I licked it until it felt better. We always are running around together, chasing things and just having a good time. I just didn't think anyone knew how much Bubba Brownie and I liked each other.

Today I was walking with mom when who did I see down the road. You guessed it-Bubba Brownie! I ran down the road and he ran up the road so we could meet in the middle. Bubba Brownie's boys were outside, too.

The first boy said to mom: "You know that Lucky and Bubba....

Other boy: "Brownie-His name is Brownie"

first Boy: "You know that BUBBA and Lucky are dating."

Mom: "Oh Yes. Lucky always makes sure she is outside when your dog is around. I think she likes him alot."

What! This was suppose to be a secret romance. How did everyone find out who I liked? Well, now that the secret is out, I don't care who knows.

I like Bubba Brownie.


Columbus Day with Big and Little

October 8th 2012 12:34 pm
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That's right pups, Big called mom up and brought up the fact that they didn't have school today and he hasn't seen mom and me in a long time so could they come over today. Mom did not have to work today, either so she said sure come on over.

It was a miserable, cold, rainy day but Big and Little know that I need a walk everyday so when the rain let up we went around the short block. We admired all of the Halloween decorations. Mom was hoping the boys would make some decorations for her, but they got sidetracked. Big made mom a groovy pumpkin drawing and Little wrote a book: "Thanksgiving Things". It was very sweet. It had things in it about eating cherries and hunting turkeys.

And of course, with mom and Big and Little all in the same room, the Fireband was back! This time they asked mom to play a song on the piano that she could play good and they would do the background music. I'm not real sure what song mom picked because the background music was so loud-oops I mean fantastic!

Then for lunch, the boys made a special witches brew: Blackberry Pomegranite V8 mixed with cherry pop drunk out of a Big Skull Pitcher. It was good. The V8 gave it a special kick.

Since it was raining we played a lot on indoor games. We played on the wii (Mom is still the Queen of Bowling) and we played cards: Go fish and War. Someone is really good at setting the deck and won the war in one hand.

All too soon the day was over and now mom has to go through the house and put everything to rights. What a fun, fun day.


Car Rides

October 4th 2012 6:22 pm
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First, I can't believe I came to my page to see it covered in balloons. I can't believe my page hasn't floated away! Thank you everyone. I'm sorry I haven't returned the favor, but ever since mom got that new job I have not been able to play on the dogster like I want.

So, I miss Dogster and I miss my car rides. When mom worked at Big and Little's I got to drive her to work every morning. But now mom and dad both leave and they don't come back for a long, long time. And I need to travel!

The other day mom was putting laundry in the car. She had the car door open and I hopped in. Mom said that I had to get out but I just made myself more comfortable. Mom said that pups were not allowed at the laundry mat, but I did not care. I wanted to go on a car ride and I was not going to move until I got one. So mom took me around the block.

I was in my glory. I was barking hello to all my dog friends. I was saying hello to all my kid friends. I was barking to surprise the stupid squirrels. Hah! They heard me but they didn't know where I was.

Then we pulled back into the driveway and I got out of the car.

Today I got to go on another car ride. I got to see this place where mom is spending her time. We have to go on the interstate and then we go on this country road and I got to see some cows! They were bigger than any dog. Then we got into a traffic jam. Dad said it was school traffic and it took us 10 minutes to go a tenth of a mile. [There are 3 schools right beside each other]. Finally we got to mom's work. It was very perky and energetic. You could tell children hung out there. I wanted to go into work with mom but she maybe a different day. (She didn't say no.) So mom went to work. Me and dad went home and then dad went to his late meeting. I took a big long nap.

I did have one more thing to say. Happy St. Francis Day. St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals. So it's our day too.


Stupid Squirrel

September 29th 2012 7:30 pm
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There are squirrels that live in the trees in our yard and in the trees across the street from our house. They are always hanging around and every chance I get I go out and try to get them. But, they always get away. Mom says they are mocking me. Sometimes they just sit on the neighbor's fence until I go running out of the house and then zoom there they go. Sometimes one of them will taunt me and I will chase it. While I am after that one the other two will run in my yard and get some nuts and run up my tree. GRRRRRR! I hate those stupid squirrels.

This morning I was sitting on my couch. I heard mom yell and dad said:"What?!" Mom said: "There's a squirrel in the house!" Yes, that mean, mocking squirrel was in my house! Can you believe it? The nerve of that squirrel. When mom yelled the squirrel ran back outside. It is a good thing I was busy getting my belly scratched or that squirrel would be stuffed on my mantle. But I dare that squirrel to come back into the house again. (As long as it doesn't come in when I am getting my belly scratched.)



September 21st 2012 5:47 pm
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First I want to thank everyone who sent me and dot pirate flags for talk like a pirate day. I did not get to celebrate it in Dogster Style because mom was busy celebrating it at her new job. Teaching children the letter RRRRRRRRR and the letter X marks the spot.

So I guess mom likes her job. And since she and dad are both back at work, I am back at my job, too guarding our house especially against those pesky squirrels. It's a hard job but the pay is good. Treaties every day.

And today, I got to go on a car ride. Mom only had to work a little bit today so she took dad to work and then she went to work. When the day was over me and mom went to pick up dad. When we got there he was still in a meeting so me and mom walked all over the parking lot. We met lots of dad's co-workers, including the security guard who wanted to know what we were doing. But he must have recognize me as a fellow guard because he let us continue on our parking lot walk.

Well, there's not too much to say today. Mom says she wants to just veg out. Hey! we're meat eaters in this house. (Meat out?)



September 17th 2012 11:59 am
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Remember how I barked a while ago about the miracle of the dead vacuum? It was struck by a power surge. Smote by electricity. A true miracle from above. And I don't think you should mess with that right?

Well, yesterday mom and dad went out for a while, without me. When they came home they had a big box. You guessed it. A new vacuum. BOO! BOO! BOO! You are messing with fate mom.

She hasn't actually used it yet, but I have a feeling that it's coming soon. Because when dad left for work today he asked what mom was planning on doing on her last day home? and mom said vacuum. BOO!BOO!

Then I said: "What you mean your last day home, mom?" Turns out mom got the job and she said to tell all of you who crossed your paws thank you. Yes I am glad mom got a new job, but I did not know there would be vacuuming involved. I would think if this was mom's last day at home we should be doing something fun together. Something that does not involve cleaning. This is why I have the meanest mom in the world.

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