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October 29th 2009 8:54 am
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My name is Lucky! Lots of pups on Dogster know my angel sister, Dorothy dot Louise so I know I will make lots of fun friends here, too.

I came from the animal shelter. This is what happened.

I used to belong to a pretty good family. We had a nice house and a yard and a kid. I went to dog school where I learned how to behave. But, I did like to run. I liked to chase squirrels. One day, I chased a squirrel far and wide and I got lost. I tried to find my way back home but I just got even more lost. Finally the nice people from the animal shelter picked me up.

I was all matted and dirty and a little hungry. Although, I did figure out how to knock over garbage cans and eat the very best people food ever-leftover takeout!

The animal shelter people cleaned me up and took good care of me. They took my picture and put it in the paper and put it on the web page, but my family didn't come.

Lots of other doggie and kitties got families, but not me. I knew it was because I was soo quiet. None of the people noticed me. See, I don't know how to bark. I used to wear a collar that hurt me everytime I barked so now I don't bark.

I was about to loose hope when I had this dream. I dreamt this big, fat, happy, dalmation came into my pen. She looked around and said: "Gee, it's been a while since I've been here."

Me: "You've been here before?"

Dog: "I was here a long time ago. Now I am at the bridge. I'm here to tell you that tomorrow, you are going to go to the best family ever! So get ready."

The next morning, I waited and waited. People came and went. Doggies came and went. Then this funny looking couple came in. They looked at all the dogs. They checked me out too. But they moved on. Suddenly, that big fat dalmation that I dreamed about rushed through the shelter. All the doggies barked at the dream/ghost dog. All the doggies but me. That's when the lady said: " Honey, this doggie didn't bark." The man said: "Well, that's the dog for me." And I was adopted.

I am still trying to get used to my new family. They were surprised at how well mannered I was. I was surprised at how casual they were. If I want to sit on the couch or the bed, that's fine. I think there feelings are hurt if I choose to sit on the floor.

I still have tons to report. But, I think tonight is a doggies favorite holiday. Trick-or-treat. The lady, my new mama, keeps trying on goofy outfits on me. As long as I can get some take out from it, I don't care.

I'm so happy to be on dogster and I will be taking all pup pal requests.


Trick or Treat

October 31st 2009 9:10 am
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On Thursday, the new mama did not go to work. She was coughing up a lung, but at least this day she was awake and conscious. She went into a closet and brought out a big bag of stuff. Halloween costumes. She tried them all on me. I did not like all of them. Some I did not look right in. Finally she narrowed it down to two: either superman or ladybug. She did not ask me what I thought about it. She just kept saying how much fun I was going to have this evening. After fussing for a while ( and I was very good, I didn't mind at all) the new mama finally decided on Superman. Hey! I am a girl so Supergirl! Then she took a ton of pictures which I am sure she will post soon.

The new dad came home and he moved some furniture into the drive way. We all sat in the driveway. A neighbor came over and sat down, too. His name is Dave. He is one of the neighbors that dad takes shopping. Suddenly, like at 6 on the dot, people started coming in the driveway. Kids and grownups all dressed up in costume like me. It was trick-or-treat night. It was also my official coming out party. Trick-or-treat night was Dot's favorite holiday and everyone would come to see Dot's costume. So people who didn't know Dot went to the bridge had come over. They were sad about Dot, but happy to meet me. I was happy to meet them as well. Turns out I love kids and candy. I there was one little boy who was covered in sucker. I helped lick off the stickiness. At first mom was nervous since she didn't know how I did with kids but, I know all about kids and babies. That baby was delicious.

At eight on the nose all the kids stopped coming. Mom said it was trick or treat for dog time. So we went all around the neighborhood and I found all the candy the kids had dropped. But the new people would not let me eat chocolate. So I got a sucker instead. It was great.

I think I will like my new neighborhood.



November 2nd 2009 12:57 pm
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If you have read my angel sister Dorothy's diary, then you have read about Big and Little and Jake and Luke. My new mama is a nanny ( although she prefers the term Governness, it's so Dark Shadowy). She has been with the same family for 18 years. One day one of the boys introduced her as :"Like our mom, only mean." So now mom introduces the boys as: "Like my kids only mean."

Today, Little came over to spend the day. Big has the swine flu so he went to Granny's to rest. After spending the day with Little I can see why. There is no rest with him. First he found where mama keeps all the treats. She had told him to give me one so that I would get to know him. Well, he really wanted us to know each other, because he gave me an entire bag of treats. He shared some with me.

Then we went for a walk. Mama knew I was still getting leash trained, so she didn't let him walk me. But then mama's shoe came untied. So she gave Little the leash. She said: "Just stand here with Lucky and don't let go." Well, as soon as I saw mama wasn't holding the leash and Little was, I started running. Little did not let go and ran right along with me. Mama did not chase after us. She wasn't playing that game. Mama said: "Lucky! come!" So Idid. I knew I was in trouble. Mom took us back in the house. When we went on another walk I was very good. And mama's shoes stayed tied.

Then Little and I played catch and we ate lunch and we ran all over the backyard. He found mom's camera and took tons of pictures. If any come out, we will post them. I was sorry to see Little go, but I am so tired, I need to take a big nap. I am not hungry though. Little gave me more treats than mom knows.


Dog From Mars

November 3rd 2009 10:28 am
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Today mom and dad took me to the vet. At the shelter, they gave me shots, but not rabies so they took me for that and for a general check-up.

I had fun at the vet. There were some doggies that were not feeling good and I wanted to see them all, but dad had me on a short leash. There were some kitties there, too. Apparently, I have had some problems with cats. I think they are delicious. But, like I said dad had me on a short leash so I just had to sit and greet people and animals as they came in.

Soon it was my turn. I am pretty healthy a good weight, a wet nose. But, I have some allergies and a hot spot. Mom and dad knew about the hot spot and did their best to keep my from licking it. Mom thought that once I figured out this was my real family, I would stop licking, but until then: I got a dog from mars collar.

I totally hate it! It keeps getting stuck on things. I can't walk up the steps. It was hard to jump on the couch. Plus, I think the squirrels are laughing at me.

I also have to take a pill for a cough. Dad was going to wrap it in ham and feed it to me but mom said: "Lucky has been so well trained let's see if she will just take the pill." Dad laughed: "Right! a dog take a pill on the first try. " Mom said she would try and if not then she'd wrap it in ham. And guess what! I took the pill on the first try. I am a good girl. But for a reward would she take off the hated collar? NO!

So I put up some photos of me in the Dog from Mars collar. I also put up some pix of me and Little. Little is 4 years old. Not so little.



November 8th 2009 8:55 am
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On Friday, mom came home from work and started rushing around like a crazy woman. She was doing dishes and taking out the trash. She said: "Lucky, we are going on a CAR RIDE!" I like to go on car rides. I have already gone to the drug store, the vets, the fast food resteraunt and every morning when dad takes mom to work, I go along for the ride. But this must of been a special car ride because mom pulled out a tote bag (actually it was the free fabreeze pet career that Dorothy got from dogster and Fabreeze). She packed up my water and food bowls and my food and my treats and my baby and my blanket. She packed up all her stuff, too and when dad came home he packed his stuff as well.

Were we moving? No, we were just going to visit mom and dad's friends who live in the mountains. These were some of mom and dad's oldest friends. ( I don't mean old like a hundred years old, I mean they've known them a super long time). They used to work at the same place that dad worked, but then, they moved to the mountains and we stayed in the city.

It was a long drive and I spent most of it asleep in the back seat. But then we stopped. It was a sobriety check point. There were police officers with lights and sirens all over the place. I picked my head up to look. The officer was asking dad for his id and insurance. When the policeman gave it back to dad, I thought he got a little too close so I barked. Not my little snuffle grunt burpy noise. I barked a deep rich WOOF! The police officer jumped back. He hadn't realized I was in the back seat. Mom and dad explained it was the first time I had ever barked. ( Mom said that I have a beautiful voice).

We got to the mountians, but it was late so after a brief visit, we went to sleep.

In the morning, when I woke up I met the mountain friends' dog Roxie. She told me not to eat her food, to stay out of her dog house, that she had a boy and he was hers. Then Roxie and I went out and ran all over the mountain. It was great. There were so many cool things to smell: deer, squirrel, possums and yes even bear! (although, we didn't see anything).

Then we came back for lunch. That was when mom said that our mountain friend mom was not feeling good and we would have to cut our trip short. I was so mad I peed on the rug! (I got in trouble for that) and mom had to clean the rug. And we still had to go. (So doggies, if you want to stay somewhere, don't pee on the rug because then you will definetely have to leave).

We left the mountains with promises to be back before spring. Mom drove home. She drove like a crazy woman. The sun kept getting in her eyes and she didn't have sun glasses. But, she didn't get stopped by a policeman. (for me to bark at)

When we got home, mom went right to bed. It seems the mountain mom was not the only mom who was sick. Mom thinks she got the piglet flu. That is the other flu that is going around. It isn't as famous as the swine flu so it is only the piglet flu. (Mom tells me to credit Urban Dictionary for that. It is a good site. You should go to it.)

That was my first exciting weekend trip. And my first bark. And my first time peeing on a rug. Now it's back to making mom feel better.


Health Update

November 10th 2009 7:03 pm
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Just wanted to update you on the peeps. Mom seems to be over the piglet flu. Last Sunday she had a high fever and achey muscles. She took some asprin and went to bed. By Monday afternoon she was up and about and pretty much back to normal.

Dad on the other hand, Mom must have given him the piglet flu. Just as she was getting better, he was getting sick. Mom wasn't having it, so she made him go to the doctor right away. And since he was over there, he might as well get his driver's license renewed. (The DMV is right down the road from the doctor). Dad went to the doctor and got some medicine. It wasn't the flu. It was bronchitis.

Then he went to the DMV. (If it was the flu, would mom not care that he was spreading germs all over town? Mom says it won't be the schools that spread the flu, it will be Walmart.) The DMV now does an eye exam, which dad failed! FAILED! So now he has to get his eyes examined and new glasses by Friday when his license expires. Of course, tomorrow is a holiday and the state is closed. So now dad is wishing he had the flu because mom is going to kill him. She has only been telling him about this eye exam for two months.

As for me, I have been having fun. I have found a secret collection of stuffed babies. They were up on a shelf, but I could reach them. I don't think they were Dorothy's because they don't have dog slobber or her scent on them. I put them in my toy basket. I like them a lot.


Diary Pick

November 13th 2009 6:30 pm
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Hooray! I was a diary pick today. Thank you to everyone who sent rosettes and well-wishes.

I sure needed them because mom was in a vile mood and she and dad had a fight about something stupid, I'm sure. Dot whispered in my ear that if mom and dad are fighting there is probably home improvement involved. There was. Something stupid about a drying rack and a clothes line. I never saw people argue before. I didn't quite know what to make of it. But after the heated discussion, they calmed down and life went on back to normal.

I played in the field (still no miracles) with Huck today. It was great. I ran and ran and ran like a crazy girl. Mom and dad both think that I have to be younger than 3 years old. They think I am too active, too nosy, too playful and too chewy. I chewed a nice big hole in mom's favorite yellow corn-on-the-cob eating rug. I needed a place to hide dad's fishy beanie baby. I guess it's mine now.

Mom says that I am getting a BIG surprise on Sunday. I am going to meet some of my family-grandma and Uncle are coming for a visit. Mom says I will not know what hit me when those two come to town. Then I will truly know what being spoiled is.


Special Day

November 14th 2009 11:55 am
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I know that yesterday mom and dad were fighting, but today mom is being extra nice to dad. What's up with that?

Like this morning, she made dad a special breakfast. She made him an omellette and toast and juice and said that it was his special day.

Then when dad got ready to take the nieghbor to the store, mom made sure the list was easy and he would be in and out of the store in no time at all. She didn't have him do a bunch of running around errands. She said it was his special day.

At lunch she made him 2-yes-two sandwiches- on the good bread. Plus she gave him some cheesie poofs. (Which he shared with me. I had never had cheesie poofs before. They were good.) Mom said it was for dad's special day.

She let him watch whatever he wanted on tv, even though she thought it was stupid, because it was his special day.

She let him take a big nap because it was his special day.

Now she is getting ready to cook something complicated (for mom) for dinner. It involves seafood. She also keeps saying something about having a cake for dessert. Because it is dad's special day.

I don't know know what is so special about this day. But, I have to get ready because it is dad's birthday and I have been learning to bring him a card. It's a cute trick. Maybe I'll get some of that special cake mom is talking about.


Something Strange

November 15th 2009 5:11 pm
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Today has been a super strange day.

First mom is running around cleaning. She even brought out the sweeper. I do not like the sweeper. I hid in the bedroom until it was done. But, as I was running by the plug, it stopped! Mom thought I learned a new trick. But dad said: "No, you blew a fuse." Mom said: " Stupid house. Apparently not only can you not use the washer and dryer at the same time, you can't run the dishwasher and vacuum at the same time."

[Side Note from Dot: " It's not like you vacuum all that often, mom."
Mom: "Yes, Dot, that's true. But I love the dishwasher. Do I have to tell you how wonderful the dishwasher is?"
Dot: "You know mom, most dog's would love to do the dishes."
Mom: " I know Dot but let's have a discussion of dog's favorite household chore later and let Lucky get on with her story."]

Hmm! I wonder if I COULD learn how to unplug the sweeper.

But that is not the strange thing. After mom got done sweeping, she took it in the car port and she took it apart. She hit it really hard and all kinds of dog hair came out of it.

I know this because I followed mom outside to watch. Mom did not know I was out. So after I watched her kill the sweeper, I thought I would go see my friend Huck. That was when mom saw me going down the road. She called my name. Uh-oh! I was in trouble.

She said: "Lucky come!" I didn't have a choice, I had to go. And I know that when I got to mom she would probably hit me with a stick or smack me. That is what happened at my old home. I was doomed. I went sadly to mom. And that is when the strange thing happened! Mom petted me. She said I did a good job. That I knew my name and I came when I was called and I was a good girl. Then she gave me a treat! No spanking for running. Treats for coming when called. I am still getting used to this new family.

Meanwhile, I hear grandma and Uncle are on their way. And once I meet them I will know why dad drives mom crazy.



November 18th 2009 1:53 pm
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Now I know why I am called Lucky. It is because I have a grandma. I have never had a grandma before. I am super lucky. Grandma and Uncle came on Sunday and we have been eating ever since. I thought a little dog food and maybe a crust of toast was a good breakfast, but not any more. Grandma makes eggs and bacon and hash and sausage. It is soo good. Then I was happy to just eat whatever was left over in my bowl for lunch. But not no more. Grandma makes sandwhiches and soup and hot dogs. And I don't even want to mention what grandma makes for dinner-I know it is rude to brag. Plus my keyboard is getting all slobbery.

Plus Uncle is visiting as well. I never had an Uncle before. Uncle will just pet me and play with me and let me outside. (And sometimes he forgets to shut the backyard. Good thing I come when I am called.)

Now, I have to get the house all ready to grandma and uncle. They are out on an adventure and they did not take me. But that is ok. I am going to hide babies on all the furniture and then they will have to play with me when they get back.

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