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November 8th 2009 8:55 am
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On Friday, mom came home from work and started rushing around like a crazy woman. She was doing dishes and taking out the trash. She said: "Lucky, we are going on a CAR RIDE!" I like to go on car rides. I have already gone to the drug store, the vets, the fast food resteraunt and every morning when dad takes mom to work, I go along for the ride. But this must of been a special car ride because mom pulled out a tote bag (actually it was the free fabreeze pet career that Dorothy got from dogster and Fabreeze). She packed up my water and food bowls and my food and my treats and my baby and my blanket. She packed up all her stuff, too and when dad came home he packed his stuff as well.

Were we moving? No, we were just going to visit mom and dad's friends who live in the mountains. These were some of mom and dad's oldest friends. ( I don't mean old like a hundred years old, I mean they've known them a super long time). They used to work at the same place that dad worked, but then, they moved to the mountains and we stayed in the city.

It was a long drive and I spent most of it asleep in the back seat. But then we stopped. It was a sobriety check point. There were police officers with lights and sirens all over the place. I picked my head up to look. The officer was asking dad for his id and insurance. When the policeman gave it back to dad, I thought he got a little too close so I barked. Not my little snuffle grunt burpy noise. I barked a deep rich WOOF! The police officer jumped back. He hadn't realized I was in the back seat. Mom and dad explained it was the first time I had ever barked. ( Mom said that I have a beautiful voice).

We got to the mountians, but it was late so after a brief visit, we went to sleep.

In the morning, when I woke up I met the mountain friends' dog Roxie. She told me not to eat her food, to stay out of her dog house, that she had a boy and he was hers. Then Roxie and I went out and ran all over the mountain. It was great. There were so many cool things to smell: deer, squirrel, possums and yes even bear! (although, we didn't see anything).

Then we came back for lunch. That was when mom said that our mountain friend mom was not feeling good and we would have to cut our trip short. I was so mad I peed on the rug! (I got in trouble for that) and mom had to clean the rug. And we still had to go. (So doggies, if you want to stay somewhere, don't pee on the rug because then you will definetely have to leave).

We left the mountains with promises to be back before spring. Mom drove home. She drove like a crazy woman. The sun kept getting in her eyes and she didn't have sun glasses. But, she didn't get stopped by a policeman. (for me to bark at)

When we got home, mom went right to bed. It seems the mountain mom was not the only mom who was sick. Mom thinks she got the piglet flu. That is the other flu that is going around. It isn't as famous as the swine flu so it is only the piglet flu. (Mom tells me to credit Urban Dictionary for that. It is a good site. You should go to it.)

That was my first exciting weekend trip. And my first bark. And my first time peeing on a rug. Now it's back to making mom feel better.


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Barked by: Cassie (Dogster Member)

November 8th 2009 at 3:12 pm

Wow....sounds like you had a fun weekend....but tell your mom we hope she feels better soon and that she doesn't have the "piglet" flu. Hope you will be as good of a nurse as Dorothy Louise was...she can give you some guidance from the Bridge.
Barked by: Kirby (Dogster Member)

November 10th 2009 at 11:25 am

You bark, you went to the mountains and you played "alot" and oops you peed. Hey a pup gets excited, it happens!
Sounds like a really good weekend. We hope your momma gets better real soon.
kirby & tribe

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