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December 11th 2014 7:46 pm
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OMD! I can't believe I was able to get into dogster! I have been trying forever. Sometimes I could see my page, but not do anything. So I am happy to be back. Unfortunately it is bedtime, so I will have to come back tomorrow and fill you all in on everything that has happened in the past forever. But, I want to say thank you to everyone who gave me and Dot presents and bones. I could see them, but I couldn't open them up to see who gave them or if there was any messages. HOORAY! I hope this means that dogster is finally on it's way to recovery and we can have puppy fun again.


Burglar Update

August 13th 2014 1:07 pm
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I already wrote about how I helped stop a burglar robbing our house. This was a real honest to Gosh burglar who was stealing everything he could get his hands on. He had on 3 pairs of pants so he could stuff things in his extra pockets so you know he was a pro and not just a kid.

Anyway, mom and dad had to go to court, twice. They never saw the burglar, they just talked to the lawyers. The burglar was in jail for 4 months. Now he is out on home confinement and has to go to drug court every day. Mom has serious doubts that he will be successful at drug court. Mom is also nervous because he lives in our neighborhood, although we have not seen him. I told mom not to worry, if he is out walking around I will bite him on the butt.

Now, mom has heard from friends who work at the courthouse that the burglar wants to go to trial. He says he is innocent. He was framed. He was hiding out in our house because there was a gang trying to beat him up. Meanwhile, he has some extra charges added on to his record besides breaking and entering and daytime burglary.

So that's the burglar update.


Hello-Long time no write

August 12th 2014 5:25 pm
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It's been a long time since I wrote in my diary or even visited Dogster, but mom read on The Facebook that Dogster is getting fixed and they need some traffic on the community homepage, etc. So I am gong to grumble at mom until she visits Dogster every day and writes a little something in my diary.

I don't want everyone to think I've been living a boring life, too boring to report anything. Why, I just got back from a vacation at my friend Roger's house. Roger got a new pup. This pup spent the first 6 years of his life in a kennel. So Roger adopted him. His name is Cuddles. And He had to make sure I knew that this was his house and those kitties were his kitties and not mine to try to eat.

But, Cuddles taught me how to grumble. Mom says I am the quietest dog she ever knew(except for thunderstorms, I love a good storm and will bark at it until I scare it away). But, normally, I don't say anything. But Cuddles will grumble, grumble, grumble when he wants something, so I thought I would try it. So, I've been grumbling everytime I want a treat. It sure saves a lot of energy my part. Instead of going to the door to pretend to want out and then getting a treatie for going to the door, now I just grumble, grumble grumble and TA-DA mom gets a treat. It's still good exercise for mom cause she still has to get up and move to get the treats so it all works out for everyone.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I will write on how I caught a burglar.(unless I wrote that already, it's been so long).


Pig Nose

May 31st 2014 7:32 pm
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Dad bought me a present. It's one of those poppers that look like a pig nose. You put a treatie on one and the treatie flies through the air. Mom says I'm supposed to catch it. But she says I am the worst at this game. I can never find where they land. Mom says: "You're a dog, use your nose." But, here is what I think. I learned that if I sit on the papers mom is trying to look at, or if I lay on the remote, or if I just find a place right in the middle of the floor, mom will shoot a treatie from the pig nose so that I will get up and look for it. I have been scoring lots of treaties by "being in the way."

But, I found a better treat, almost. When we went for a walk today, a little kitten came right up to me. It wasn't afraid of me at all. Mom said it was probably feral. It smelled me and I smelled it. Mom thought I was being all friendly to it. Then she noticed a big glob of drool coming out of my mouth. She had me on the leash and made me leave my new, delicious friend. (Don't worry, I would never eat a cat, but they do smell yummy). I guess I just have to stick with pig nose treaties.



May 26th 2014 2:58 pm
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Last Saturday was a really special day. Jake, the original Big, of Big and Little fame(featured more prominently in Dot's diary than mine)graduated from College. Of course mom went to see him. She has gone to every graduation he has been involved in from pre-k on up. Jake graduated Magma(is that right) cum Laud with a degree in Criminal Justice. He wants to go to law school, but he needs to get some money for it first. So he will be working for a while. But before he enters the real world, he's going to Vegas Baby! Maybe he will win enough money for law school.

So, I just wanted to say: Hooray for Jake! we are so proud!"


I'm a good watch dog

May 18th 2014 4:34 pm
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At least that's what mom and dad said as I watched that burglar break in our house and steal all of our stuff. I kept my eye on him.

But, in my defense, he was someone I knew. He lived in my neighborhood. He would pet me every day. I thought he was a friend.

And in my other defense, I did alert mom and dad that we were getting "company", who seemed to have a funny key to pry open the backdoor and go through all the drawers in the house. Mom heard me barking. She said: "Gosh darn it Lucky, can't you wait 15 minutes til the alarm goes off!" But, I just barked longer. So mom got up to let me out-that's why she thought I was barking. But before she let me out, she went into the kitchen to make coffee and noticed that the back door was opened. Then she heard me talking to my friend in the back bedroom. I wanted to know why he was holding mom's treasure box. Was he going to give her some sparkly things? I wanted to know why he was trying to hide behind the bed? Why was he kicking out the bedroom window? Mom saw him and yelled and woke up dad.

Dad went flying through the air. He tackled the guy and restrained him while mom called 911. The police came in less than 2 minutes. I guess it helps that the deputy sheriff K9 cop unit lives right across the street. Officer Jeremey and dad got the guy out of the house and all the other police came and they arrested him.

This guy had gone on a mini-crime spree in the neighborhood. He just went down the street breaking into houses and cars. He had tote bags full of stuff. Now he is in jail on a felony for assaulting a police officer among other charges.

Now, I'm not saying that we are heroes, but everyone has been coming over and thanking mom and dad and me for putting this guy in the Big House.

So I guess I am a good watch dog.


This is a repeat, but everyone likes it.

May 11th 2014 8:35 am
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I know it is you that makes sure there is food in my bowl in the morning and at night. I know you always make sure I have fresh, clean cool water. I know you sometimes slip me treats for no reason at all (even the occasional people food).

It is you that wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to let me out. You who clean up my messes when I am sick. You who apologizes to the neighbors when I go where I shouldn't.

It is you who play fetch and lazar tag and rope toy. You throw the ball for hours at a time. It is you who take me for a walk every day, rain or shine, summer or winter.

I know it is you that pets me and brushes me and gives me a bath. You cut my nails and check me for ticks.

I know you do all these great things for me. But, I'm still a daddy's girl.

Happy Mother's Day!


Hello Everybody!

May 3rd 2014 7:11 pm
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Hello Everybody,

I haven't written in my diary for a long time. Of course, it wasn't all my fault, Dogster has been having a major, MAJOR case of fleas. We hope it gets fixed soon. We miss our dogster pals. But, since Dogster is working today I thought I'd catch you up on all that's new.

I got to go on a car ride on Easter weekend. We went to Morgantown to visit our college friends(you know the ones who don't eat meat). That was fun. They got a pet. And it's not a dog! They got a cat! I tried right away to make friends with it, but everyone thought I was going to eat it so the kitty had to go live in a bedroom. It was still a fun visit.(And don't worry, mom snuck me in some meat).

Then we went to see grandpa. He is lonely since grandma went to heaven. I tried my best to cheer him up, but he is not a dog person and I think I scared him, especially when I jumped on him when he was trying to take a nap. I did get to see my two uncles. And Dad cooked a wonderful Easter dinner. It was a fun time.

Now, I've been spending my days guarding our house. That's cause mom got a job. She is working at a brand new day care center. So now I am alone Monday-Friday. It's sad I can't sit on the porch all day, but I do get uninterrupted nap time. And when I get super bored or lonely I can always do some remodeling. I am working on tearing up the bathroom floor. We need something new in there, I'm sick of that old stuff from the 1970's. I am also working on chewing a whole in the wall in the hall. Plus there is my project of chewing on all the table legs(so they match).

The weather is finally nice and all the flowers are in bloom. If the warm weather holds, dad is thinking about taking me on a camping trip soon. I hope so.

Well, it's good to be back on Dogster. Thanks everyone for the eggs and balloons.

Happy Spring!



April 14th 2014 12:36 pm
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I had company this weekend! Maw-maw and Pap and mom's sisfur CoCo. I did not know mom was a Cocker Spaniel. Mom said CoCo was adopted. Gee, was I adopted, too. I'm way better looking, and way smarter than mom and dad. Oh, this explains so much.

Anyway, Maw-maw and pap and CoCo came to visit on Friday. The people went out on the town a lot leaving me and Coco to hang out and steal each others dog food. We got along pretty good. CoCo has short little legs, so it took us forever to go on a walk. And she would not chase cars or cats or do any of that fun outdoor stuff. But, she clued me in on hanging out close to pap. Pap is very free with the human treats.

So I had an excellent time. But now I have a little tummy ache, because Pap is very free with the human treats.


Dog Party

April 9th 2014 1:30 pm
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The other day, early in the morning, as soon as mom got up, she let me outside which she usually does. But this morning, sitting on my porch was my best friend(and secret boyfriend)Barker! He lives behind us. He was waiting for me to come out and play. We ran all over the place. Anytime we saw a kid going to school we stopped and greeted them and wished them good luck at school. We played until mom and dad went to work.

When they came home, Barker was still there! While he was waiting for me to be able to come out to play, he dug a BIG hole in the yard. He dug it for me to hang out in when it gets hot.

We took a walk and Barker went with us. But, it was a big trick. We took a walk to Barker's house and he had to go inside and we could not play together any more.(at least until Barker escapes again.)

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