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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

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Happy Day!

September 21st 2012 1:58 pm
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It's Momma and Daddy's 598739087250987895 Anniversary today, pups!!

Momma: Fizzy, it's only 10 years. Don't exaggerate.

But, Momma, you said that's how many years it's been!!!

Momma: No, Pooh Fry, I said sometimes that's how long it FEELS.

Oh....ok.....(humans are weird).

In other news, guess what?! Momma's little red car is going to car heaven tomorrow. She's bringing home a NEW little red car! She said it costs a bunch of money, but it's worth it. And *I* get to ride in it on Sunday, cause we're going to Grammy's cause it's my Auntie Cole's 585489798753 birthday!!

Momma: Fizzy, quit exaggerating!!! She's not THAT old!

*sigh* Ok Momma...


So Much Goin On!!

September 20th 2012 1:39 pm
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I'm a Diary Pick again, pups! I'm stuck in the loop-de-loop!!!

Things have been kinda busy here this week. Momma and Grammy went yesterday to a place where they tried to learn how to use a sewing machine. For those of you who are friends with Momma on the Book of Faces...well, you know how well THAT worked out for them. For those who aren't...let's just say Momma was supposed to make a bag. She didn't bring home a bag. She brought home a lump of fabric with a lot of strings falling out of it. She didn't get home til late so she didn't get to send any pups a pirate flag for talk like a pirate day. Sorry, pups. I can't use the 'puter by myself, and Daddy still doesn't know what Dogster is. But thanks to all the pups who sent me one! My page is all covered in pirate flags! Arrrrrrrrgh, matey!!

Thumper had his surgery today. They had to shave his eyebrow right off, AND he has to wear an eyepatch! Too bad talk like a pirate day isn't today, he'd fit right in!!! Anyways, he's on his way home now. I dunno how long it will be before we find out if the lump passes the test, but I'll let you pups know when I know. Thanks for all your prayers. You pups and your peeps are awesome!!!



September 16th 2012 1:22 pm
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I'm a Diary Pick today, pups!! Aw shucks...thanks to everyone who sent me a're too nice to me!

I gotta go, pups! I'm going to Grammy's to watch the footballs with Daddy! It's the last time I get to see Thumper before his big surgery day, so I have to give him advice on how to get as many treats as possible during the recovery. It's what us pups do! Bye pals!


POP Needed Please!!

September 13th 2012 1:20 pm
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My best good friend, Thumper, needs some POP please, pups. Thumper is Grammy and Pap Pap's pup. He has a weird thing on his eyelid that he needs to have surgery to remove, and they need to test it to make sure it's not the nasty c-word. They're hoping it's just a cyst. His surgery is next Thursday. Do you pals mind saying a prayer for him?

Boy I hope that eye thing passes its test...


"Fizzy, BE QUIET!!!!!"

September 8th 2012 3:08 pm
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I've been getting yelled at ALL DAY today, pups. Momma woke up feeling sick with a headache and a sore throat, and all she's wanted to do today is rest quietly. But she opened the windows cause it's FINALLY not a gajillion degrees and she wanted some fresh air. And there's so many SOUNDS coming from outside! And smells! So BARK BARK BARK BARK!

"Shush, Fizzy."

But MOMMA! George is outside! BARK BARK BARK!

"Knock it off, Fizz! I have a headache!"

But Momma!! Lucy is out there, too! BARK BARK BARK!!


But Momma!! A leaf blew past the window!! BARK BARK BARK!!!


*sniff* Ok, ok...


All Better!

August 30th 2012 7:56 pm
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Momma's feeling all better today, pups. She said sometimes life throws a curve ball at you and it's hard not to get upset. I don't know about all that, pups. Momma doesn't like sports. But anyway, Momma has been doing a really good job at allowing herself to feel her emotions (even the bad ones) then letting it go. So she's moving onwards and upwards, pals!

It helps that I've been a SUPER GOOD BOY at taking my Auntie Bee-ot-tics. Momma thinks it's the one pill, Clavamox, that I'm no good at taking. It tastes awful, pups. But I'm not taking that one this time! I'm taking another one with a super big long name that I can't pronounce and Momma can't remember. But she crushes it up with a Pepcid, then puts it in a scoop of plain yogurt. She also mixes in my powdered potassium citrate that tastes like moo beast, and it's a delicious treat for me every night!


Thank You

August 29th 2012 8:10 pm
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Momma had a really really bad day, pups, and she's been upset all night, so she's not really in the mood to help me too much with my diary. But I wanted to say thank you to all my pals who sent me rosettes on my DDP today. You pups are too nice. Now I'm gonna go snuggle with Momma, cause she needs a good Fizzy snuggle right now.


I Failed! *sob*

August 28th 2012 6:52 pm
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I failed my peeps test, pups. I got an infection. A bad one. Something about e-cool-eye. From eating bunny pooh. Momma says I REALLY need to quit eating bunny pooh. But it's SO GOOD.

I gotta take another Auntie Bee-ot-tic. Momma says the good thing is, is the pill is free. FREE! No paper monies for it! The bad thing is, I'm a notorious horrific pill taker. I'll take my pills for my peeps (Momma: He takes potassium citrate every day to balance the pH of his urine so he doesn't get more stones) cause they don't taste bad, but the Auntie Bee-ot-tic tastes like yuck. Patooie.

Bummer...I wish I didn't fail my test...



August 26th 2012 11:27 am
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Well, pups, it's officially. Momma and Daddy go back to school permanently tomorrow. *sniff* I'm protesting by barking "my fool head off" (Momma's words, not mine) all day. At nothing. I know, I know, them special kids need my Momma and Daddy. I'm usually good at sharing, but I'll miss them (To all my new pup pals, Momma and Daddy are special teachers. They teach kids with awe-tism.)

*sniff* I don't like sharing my pawrents....


Oh Boy!!

August 23rd 2012 4:21 pm
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I'm a Diary Pick today, pups! Aw shucks...I always feel so special when I'm a Diary Pick. You like me! You really do! Thanks to the pups who sent me gifts! I got a lot of steak and burger eating to do while I wear my special ribbons!

You'll all be happy to hear that Momma's sigh-nusseses are fine now. It took a few days but she no longer wants to drill a hole in her head, so THAT'S good!

I gotta go back to the vet tomorrow. *sigh* Momma followed me around on Monday while I was in the yard and made me peeps in a cup. Then she stole it and drove it to the vet to make sure no new rocks are in my belly since I don't eat my special food no more. I take a pill instead (in yummy delicious baby food or peanut butter or CHEESE). Well, the good news is my peeps passed with flying colors for the rocks. But they think I have ANOTHER You-Tea-Eye. So I gotta go have the vet steal some peeps from me, just to make sure. I sure hope I DON'T have a You-Tea-Eye, cause then I gotta take those nasty Auntie Bye-ot-tics that taste really really bad. I spit those out no matter what. Sometimes me and Momma wrestle on the floor when it's time to take those! BOL!!

BAYL pups!

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