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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

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Momma's Famous!!

October 20th 2012 9:52 am
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Momma is in the paper today, pups! She's a celebrity BOL!!

Momma and some of her teacher friends went to the library last night to hunt for ghosts. It was a special tour that Momma saw on The Book of Faces, and some of her friends really wanted to go, so off they went! Momma took her camera with her and took a bunch of pictures. The local newspaper went on the tour with Momma and friends and took a bunch of pictures, and Momma ended up in the paper! They interviewed her, too! Here's a link!

The Article

Momma says if she realized the paper was going to be there taking pictures she would have put on more make-up before going! BOL!!!



October 16th 2012 4:44 pm
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She's done it again, pups. Momma bought me a Halloween costume. *sigh* This year I'm a shark.

*huge sigh*

Why does she do this to me, pups?



October 13th 2012 4:37 pm
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I'm so bored, pups. There's nothing good going on. Momma's been acting all crazy and saying the holidays are coming and she has to get cracking on presents. She's making all her presents this year. We all know how that usually goes. *crosses paws that no one ends up at the hospital due to craft related injuries*

The only exciting thing that's happened lately is there a squished pancake bunny on the road in front of my house. When Daddy let me out this morning I screamed and barked and yelled, but that bunny didn't move! Daddy said it's roadkill and it's never moving again. That hasn't stopped me from barking at it every time I go out.

I'm booooooooored. Any pup wanna come over and play?


Ho Ho's Coming?

October 5th 2012 4:58 pm
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Momma says I'm a very confused boy, pups. Last night I dragged out my singing Ho Ho toy. When you bite his belly he says "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!" and then he sings "Santa Claus (that's Ho Ho for those pups not in the know) is Coming To Town"! Anyway, Daddy saw him next to my water bowl this morning and he kinda giggled at me. When Momma came home she was super confused, cause Ho Ho was at the bottom of Toy Basket #2, so I really had to dig for him, which isn't something I normally do.

All during dinner I kept biting his belly and making him sing. I want Ho Ho to come. Now! He HAS to be coming soon because I heard the man living inside the TV box say it's supposed to snow tomorrow night! Ho Ho comes when the snow comes! So he'll be here soon, right?



October 1st 2012 7:22 pm
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Me and Momma sent out some balloons, pups, but we were having some problems, so might have gotten TWO balloons from us! Sorry pups. Dogster was giving us a hard time.

Thanks to Doo and Austin's Momma for pointing out the free balloons to us!!


More Sads

September 30th 2012 7:18 am
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Aw geeze, pups, we just got more sad news. I just found out that my next door neighbor pup, my best good friend and girlfriend, Lucy 2, died this morning. Oh and Momma are so sad. Her Momma, Sarah, came over to our house this morning to tell us, and she was crying and crying. Momma gave her a hug and cried with her. Lucy 2 was an AMAZING pup. She was such a good girl. She was gentle and sweet and loved tummy rubs.

Too many sads here, pups...


So Sad Tonight

September 28th 2012 7:16 pm
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My sweet pal, sweet Izzy B, has gone to the Bridge tonight, pups. To say that me and Momma are heartbroken is the understatement of the year. Momma can't stop leaking. I've been trying to lick away all her tears but I can't keep up.

We love you lots and lots, Big Orange, and I know you're having a BLAST with Ernie at the Bridge. But your Momma, and especially your Daddy, are so sad tonight. Do them a favor and stop by to say hello to them, ok? I know how much they loved you.


What the Woof?

September 27th 2012 8:03 pm
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I'm stuck in the Diary Pick Loop, pups! I'm a pick again today! Thank you to the pals who sent me stuff. You really don't need to use up all your zealies on me, pals! Although, if anyone has an umbrella, send it my way. It's been raining like crazy here, and I don't wanna go out to peeps. Momma got mad today cause she had to drag me outside when she got home from work, and I wouldn't peeps. All that happened is that we BOTH got soaked!!


I'm A Butterfly! *flap flap flap*

September 23rd 2012 6:33 pm
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Momma called me a social butterfly today, pups! I went on all kinds of visits!!! First we got in Twoey and drove over to Grammy and Pap Pap and Thumper's house. Momma wanted to show off her new car. Thumper still has to wear his cone of shame, but he sure doesn't act like he's sick BOL! He's just as crazy as ever! Grammy's neighbor came home while we were there, and I ran away from Daddy to go say hi to her! Hi, neighbor! Momma yelled at Daddy for letting me get away. Poor Daddy. Always getting yelled at.

Then we got back into Twoey and drove to other Grammy's house to celebrate Auntie Cole's birthday! Grammy wouldn't let me jump on Pap Pap to wake him up like I normally I just barked him awake! Love me, Pap Pap!! Pap Pap gives good ear rubs.

And guess who else was there?! My best good friend, Natalie!! Natalie loooooves me, and I loooooooove her! She used this little rectangle thing to take some videos of me and she put me in a music video!!!

I got all kinds of love and hugs and kisses...I'm a popular pup over at Grammy's house! Course, I'm the ONLY pup there, but so what!!

We got back into Twoey again and came home, where I've been napping on Daddy's recliner all night. Momma got out her sewing machine and practiced, and she says she's getting better. Maybe soon she'll try to make me a shirt! Oh boy...

I had the bestest weekend, pups, and I'm sad it's over. But Momma is only working 4 days this week cause she is taking a per-son-ull day on Friday! Extra weekend snuggles with Momma!! OH BOY!


Little Red Cars Everywhere!!

September 22nd 2012 3:28 pm
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Momma drove away from the house in her little red car, pups, and when she came back a few hours later, she had a NEW little red car!! She says it's pretty much like her old one, only with more stuff. Like power locks and windows. And a working clock. And working AC. And a radio that works on more than one station. And a USB port to play all her music. And windows that roll up all the way so water doesn't come in when it rains. And a tail light that isn't broken off. And...well, she says she could go on and on, but she won't. Old little red car was a good car. May she rest in peace in the junkyard in the sky.

I got to go for a ride in Twoey (that's what Momma's calling her, short for little red car 2). It was fun, except the seats are so new I kept sliding on them. But I approve!!!

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