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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

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Stupid Rain...

May 22nd 2010 12:16 pm
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Rain rain, go AWAY! It's rained all day and the yard is smooshy. Go AWAY RAIN! I was gonna help Momma trim the hedges but she can't do it now.

Momma was feeling nose-stell-gick this morning. I dunno what that means, but she wanted to tell me the story of how her and Daddy picked me, so I'll pass it on to you guys!

Momma: "Me and Daddy drove an hour and a half to this little farm. The lady said she had schnauzer puppies, so that's why we drove all the way out there. Daddy wanted a schnauzer because that's the kind of dog he had growing up, plus he has bad allergies and schnauzers don't shed. I had never had a dog before, so I had no bias. I just wanted a puppy friend.

When we got to the farm, the lady greeted us. She took us into a barn and there was four or five little pups! You all were so cute! You were the only boy puppy not claimed yet. Daddy said he wanted a boy puppy. I don't remember why. The lady picked you up and handed you to me. You were so little and squirmy and fluffy! You looked into my eyes, licked my nose, and then pooped on my shirt!!! I fell in love right away and told Daddy we HAD to have this one! We couldn't take you home with us yet, you were still too little. The next few weeks were AGONIZING! I wanted you home with me!! Finally the day came. We drove all the way back to the farm to get you. You slept the entire way home on my chest."

Wasn't Momma's story nice, pups? I pooped on her shirt and she STILL wanted me!! BOL!


What the...?

May 14th 2010 5:36 pm
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I learned about something new today, pup friends. It's something humans use to break up sidewalks. It's called a jack hammer, and I do NOT like it.

Momma and Daddy had the day off from school today because they had a lot of paperwork to do (something ELSE I don't like cause Momma has her 'puter on her lap all day and there's no room for me!). Anyhow, we were all excited cause we could sleep in! Except these men pulled up across the street at 8:30 in the AM and used this jack hammer thing to break up the neighbors sidewalk!! Oh BOY the words coming out of Daddy's mouth were B-A-D BAD! He was NOT happy. Momma kinda whimpered and pulled the blankets over our heads, but we could still all hear it. Daddy let me out to go potty and I was SCARED! It was SO LOUD!

Momma says she still has a headache from all the noise. Plus she says staring at the 'puter all day makes her eyes go wonky.

Maybe we'll go to bed early tonight! I love sleeping in the bed between Momma and Daddy!


Happy Momma's Day!

May 9th 2010 11:06 am
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Happy Momma's Day to all my pup friend's Mommas!

Here's all the reasons why I love my Momma:

* She's my Momma! Duh.

* Even when her and Daddy had absolutely NO MONEY, she still scrounged up some change to go buy me my special wet food cause she said she couldn't bare to see me so sad to not have my special wet food on special wet food day. Now THAT'S love.

* She holds me real tight when there's scary thunderstorms. Of course, this is the only time I let her hug me, so ...

* She makes sure I have cold filtered water in my bowl all the time.

* She saves paper towel rolls for me to play with!

* She stays home with me all summer!

* She cleans my eye boogies out. They're gross and goopy, but she doesn't mind.

* We sleep snuggled up together. She keeps me warm and safe at night.

There's plenty of other reasons, but Momma knows what they are.



They're Taunting Me

May 5th 2010 4:22 pm
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The local wildlife is taunting me. This squirrel keeps hanging out on the front wall. Momma says she doubts it's the same squirrel, but I know better. I can't reach him, but he just sits there and stares at me while I scream at him. I swear I hear him laughing at me.

The birds are also taunting me. They sit on the curb right in front of me. I can't reach them, either, and they just chirp and tilt their heads. Sometimes they hop along the curb and laugh at me.

One of these days I'll get one of just wait and see...


Fun Times with Kleenex!

May 4th 2010 2:28 pm
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Momma's sick today. Hooray! I mean, not that I'm glad she's sick, although she DID stay home with me today, and that's always great. What's fun is the game I try to play with stealing her dirty Kleenex.

She says it's almost as gross as eating bunny pooh. She blows her nose and throws it in the trash next to her. But sometimes, I'm staked out right next to the can and catch them mid-air! Then I RUN like the wind to someplace safe and shred shred shred! Sometimes I eat them before Momma can catch me. She hates this cause then I pooh them out whole.

I've been doing this all day, and Momma keeps saying "We are not amused!" like she's royalty or something. Yeah right, Momma. We all know who rules this house, and he's small and gray and furry. It's me, Fizzy!!


My Special Day!

April 28th 2010 2:07 pm
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OMD, pups, today was AWESOME!

It started out by Grammy and Pap Pap coming to my house to pick me up! It was so exciting to see them! They put me in their car and drove me to Momma and Daddy's school! Daddy opened the door to the school and I WOOFED "Hello Daddy! It's me, Fizzy, coming to get an edumacation!"

I went to Daddy's room first. Daddy teaches the little little humans. They're like 5 or 50 or something. Oh, and for those pups that don't know, Momma and Daddy teach little humans with something called awe-tism. Momma says they are very special.

*Note from Momma: It's autism, and we both teach special education.

Anyhow, I just plopped down on their carpet like I belonged there! The one little boy human, he was trying real hard to pet me, but it kinda came off like he was smacking me. Daddy showed him how to pet. I never made a sound or nothing. I just sat there while Daddy showed him what to do! I was a very good boy. I gave them all a bunch of kisses, then it was time to go to Momma's room! We had to climb SO MANY STEPS. Momma's all the way up on the third floor, and Daddy's room is downstairs in the dungeon or basement or something like that. I met another boy human on the steps, and he giggled and ran, so I chased that boy all the way up!! Daddy was huffing and puffing by the time we got to the top! So were Grammy and Pap Pap.

Anyway, we got to Momma's room. Momma teaches bigger little humans but they're still little humans. They're like 12-14 or 40 or 400 or something like that. Oh BOY were they excited to see me! One little girl human was super scared of me and crying, so Momma took her to another classroom. Scared? Of ME? I would NEVER bite a people! Anyhow the one boy human that Momma was SURE would be scared LOVED me! He followed me around the room and patted me and rubbed my ears! I gave him a kiss on his finger and he went "Yuck!" and wiped it off on Momma's shirt. I guess he doesn't like kisses. That's ok, though, he gave good ear rubs. Another boy human kept kissing my head. I liked him. I gave him kisses back and he LAUGHED and LAUGHED! And I stuck my tongue in a different boy human's mouth! BOL! It was an accident! He was trying to say "Aw, Miss Chrissy, he's so cute!" and he was right in front of my face so *slurp*!

Who's Miss Chrissy? They kept calling Momma that...

Anyway, Grammy and Pap Pap took me back to their house where I got to play with Thumper! We went into the backyard to play and we took turns marking the yard as our own. I think I won.

Daddy picked me up and brought me home, and I'm about to settle in for a long nap. It was a very long and exciting day! I hope I can go back soon!

*Note from Momma: Sorry, pups, I couldn't take pictures. My school is also a partial hospital, and there are laws that say I can't take the kid's pictures and post them anywhere without consent from their parents. But trust me, it was darn cute!!



April 27th 2010 4:25 pm
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I go to Momma's school tomorrow!!!! SO EXCITED SO EXCITED SO EXCITED!!!


Wish me luck!!!!



April 25th 2010 3:25 pm
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Now I've done it. So many scary noises today. It was just too much! I was so scared while Daddy steam cleaned the carpets downstairs, I made an oopsie on the carpet upstairs. Right in front of Momma. Who was not very happy with me.

Sorry Momma...


Worst Day EVER!

April 25th 2010 2:45 pm
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I'm having a HORRIBLE day! First there was a REALLY scary thunderstorm with lots of thunder and lightening! It was SO SCARY!

Then, Daddy got out the terrifying vacuum cleaner! I DO NOT LIKE that vacuum cleaner! It is SO LOUD and I have nightmares that it's gonna EAT me!

And NOW Daddy has out the carpet cleaner!! It uses water to make a steam monster to clean the dirt (and maybe a little bit of dog peeps) out of the carpet. It's PETRIFYING!!

Oh woe is me!! Too much scary noises today!!


Thanks Pups!

April 22nd 2010 2:47 pm
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Momma's feeling a little bit better today. She says she's not 100%, but she's not leaking like she was last night. I snuggled and snuggled with her in bed last night. I slept on her head. Normally she HATES this cause my fur tickles her nose, but last night she didn't mind. You were right, Zaidie pup, things are always worse at night. She woke up feeling better.

Momma says she loves this place. All you pups, with your adventures and fun pictures, give her a warm fuzzy feeling. She says your pawrents are pretty cool, too. She forgets sometimes how there's still people in the world who care about each other.

Thanks, pups, for all your nice words and presents! Now you all keep doing what you do, and make sure you write about it, so me and Momma have something to smile about every day!!

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