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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

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Oh BOY!!

July 1st 2012 5:56 pm
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Holy cow, pups! You all are so good to me! When Momma got on the computer today, she had so many e-mails from Dogster to say that I got presents from my pals for my Gotcha Day!! Aw shucks, make a pup feel so special! Thank you to everyone who sent me something!

Momma remembers when she brought me home. She said her and Daddy had just got back from their vacation at the beach swimming with the sharks. (Momma: Not really. There were no sharks.) Her and Daddy had already come to see me a few weeks before, but I was too little yet to leave my doggie Momma. So when they got back from their vacation, they hopped in the car right away to come and get me! They drove for days and days to get me! (Momma: More like an hour and a half.) They got to the farm, and I was already to go! I had a bag packed and everything! (Momma: He for real had a bag packed. The breeder made him a baggie of toys and treats. It was really cute!) Momma sat in the back seat with me, and we drove for so long that I curled up on her chest and fell asleep!! Momma said it was the most precious thing ever! When I woke up, I was home! I had my own yard and everything!

It's been the best 8 years ever, pals, and I'm so glad I've gotten to share a lot of them with you!


So Close!!

June 26th 2012 3:55 pm
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I've been having a goofy day, pups! The doorbell woke us all up tis morning, and I started barking right away, just in case Momma and Daddy didn't hear it. BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!! Momma almost pooped her pants, I scared her so bad!!

Daddy ran down to see what was going on. Neighbor George was getting a tree cut down and they needed to use our driveway for part of it, so they had to ask for permission first. Daddy opened that door and I barked real good at the tree guy! BARK BARK BARK BARK!! The tree guy actually jumped cause I scared him so good.

Daddy let me out, and I was hopping around the yard like a bunny, barking at all the tree guys and their tree stuff. Oh, and George. I always bark at George, cause when I do he comes over to pet me. So I'm standing there, barking my head off, when a BIRD flies down and lands RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! I heard Daddy make a "oh boy" kind of noise. I looked at that bird. He looked at me. And I JUMPED at him while I barked. BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!!! I was SO CLOSE, pups. SO CLOSE to catching him and having him for breakfast!! But he flew away. :(

Daddy said he doesn't know much about hunting, but he thinks you're supposed to be quiet so stuff doesn't run away. Hmph.

So close...


Good Summer So Far!

June 20th 2012 7:51 pm
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Summer vacation isn't even a week old and I'm already having tons of fun, pals! Momma hasn't done anything TOO stupid since her disastrous hair experiment the other day. On Sunday I got to visit both Pap Pap's houses and play with my best good friend, Natalie. Then on Tuesday my best good friend Natalie came to my house and played with me! But then Momma and Daddy were one all day cause they took her and Joshie to the zoo to look at animals. Boo. Today I played in the back yard for a while, but it was too hot. Plus I was trying to eat all the weeds, so Momma made me go back in. I was TRYING to help her weed the driveway, but she said no thanks. Hmph.

But so far I've been having lots of fun, even though it's SO SO hot! I love summer vacation!


Already, Momma???

June 16th 2012 6:09 pm
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It's only the first day of summer vacation, pups, and Momma's already making trouble!

Momma goes to this website called Pinterest. It's this website where you can "pin" things to a board that you want to remember. Here's Momma's boards if you want to look.

By the way, Momma says if you're interested in having your own boards to p-mail her your e-mail and she'll send you an invitation.

So anyhow, Daddy's not home cause he had a guy date night with his friends (doesn't it seem like Daddy's NEVER home when Momma gets into trouble?) Anywoof, she's on this Pinterest site, and I hear her clicking around.

"Ooooooh Fizzy! I'm gonna go try this RIGHT NOW!"

Oh boy.

She runs out into the kitchen and I hear her banging stuff around. She had found some sort of recipe for something called a hot oil treatment and it had olive oil and honey in it. She made it hot for a few minutes, then ran upstairs with it. I followed her into the bedroom and BEGGGED her not to put it in her hair! But she did. And this is what I heard.

"Hm. This is awfully sticky..."

"Ow...this is really hard to get in my hair..."

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Fizzy, I just ripped out a clump of my hair!!!!" Get it out! GET IT OUT!!"


The next thing I know Momma is running into the shower, screaming and crying that her hair is a big sticky icky mess.


Luckily she got it all out.

I guess I can see how this summer is gonna go....



June 15th 2012 7:04 pm
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Oh BOY, pups!!!! Guess what, guess what?!?! NO MORE WAKE-UPS!!!!!




Oh Boy!

June 10th 2012 4:47 pm
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Only 5 more wake-ups, pups, and then it's summer vacation! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Everyone here sure is happy and excited that it's just about over!!

In other news, Momma and Daddy went to a baseball game on Friday. Grammy picked me up so I could have some play time with Thumper. While I was there, I puked up a HUGE hairball of Momma's hair! Grammy saved it and put it in a baggie so Momma could see it. Momma about pooped her pants when she looked at it! She went on the Googles to find out if this is normal, and apparently as long as I'm eating and poohing and peepsing fine, I'm ok. Momma thought hairballs were just a cat problem, not a pup problem! Momma says she guesses she needs to vacuum more...I'm ok with her not. I hate that thing.

I'm still getting my ear drops, too. I don't mind them too much. But pups, this is the stupidest sick time ever. Who gets sick and doesn't get some chicken out of it?!?! Bummer...


Aw, Crap On A Stick!!

June 5th 2012 4:39 pm
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*sigh* I gotta go to the vet's place tomorrow, pups. Momma took me to get my hairs cut yesterday, and my groomer, Karen, told Momma she thinks I have an ear infection. She said when she plucked my ears it smelled ucky, and there was some yellow goopy stuffs. Momma HAS noticed that I've been itching my ears a lot lately, but she thought it was just cause it had been so long since my last hairs cut.



The Countdown Is On!

June 3rd 2012 11:22 am
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Momma and Daddy have started counting again, pups, which can only mean one thing! Summer vacation is about to start!!! HOORAY!! Last count it was 10 more wake-ups (not including weekends) so it's real soon, pals! Oh boy! I love summer vacation! Momma says she's really looking forward to it this year, cause this school year was just a little too emotional for her taste. I just can't wait to snuggle in bed every morning!!



May 24th 2012 5:01 pm
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I'm a Diary Pick today, pups!! Thanks to everyone who sent me a gift! You pals are the best!

If you haven't seen, MJF left me a HUUUUUUGE tray of cheese in my last diary entry! I'm having a cheese party!! Come on over, pups! All you can eat cheese!!!


I've Been Dipped!!!

May 21st 2012 6:44 pm
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Momma is so clumsy, pups. You all know that. I've barked about it before. But listen to what she did to me tonight!!

Momma made something in the crockpot called French Dip Sammiches. It smelled like heaven in my house all day, pups! Anywoof, she put all kinds of stuff on top of the MEATZ, and it made a juice. Momma put some of that juice in a little bowl. She also made french fries to go with the sammiches. She was holding the little bowl of juice in her hand when she dropped a fry on the kitchen floor. Silly me, I had my back to it and didn't see it, even though I was standing right under Momma's feet!! She bent over to pick up the fry before I could eat it, and she spilled some of that MEATZ juice on my back!!!

It wasn't super hot, so it didn't hurt. The problem? Daddy's been chasing my all over the house shouting that he was gonna eat me cause I smell like MEATZ!!!!!!! I *THINK* he's teasing, but you never can tell with Daddy cause he does like to eat the MEATZ. HELP!!!

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