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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

New Best Friend Alert!

June 25th 2010 10:04 am
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I have a new best friend, pups! His name is Lightening Bug!

Last night, Momma let me out to go potty before we went to bed. She went to turn off the TV box and the lights, and when she came back to the door she saw me in the yard, puppy bowing and hopping around. She kind of giggled and said "Fizz, who you trying to play with?" I couldn't answer her, I was having too much fun with my new best friend!

Momma tapped on the door and said "Fizzy, go to the bathroom!" But I just kept bowing and hopping!

*tap tap tap* "Go pee!"

*hop* *bow* *growl*

*tap tap tap* "Come on, Fizz, it's late!"

*bow* *hop* *growl*

So Momma came out to see exactly what on earth I was doing, and then she saw Lightening Bug glow and wink at me. She said "Oh Fizzy that bug doesn't want to play with you!" NU UH, MOMMA!!! Why else is he glowing and winking at me!!??!!

Momma made me go potty and come back inside, but not before I told Lightening Bug to meet me outside tonight at the same time. He's fun to play chase with.

Now I just have to tell all my other best friends that I have a NEW best friend! Let's see, there's Lucy 1 and Lucy 2, my neighbor Sarah, Sandy pup across the street, um....oh yeah! The hot dog dogs, Pepperoni and Rigatoni...and....uh, the mailman. And the UPS man. And Grammy and Pap-Pap. Who else....oh, Uncle Thumper...oh, and of COURSE Momma and Daddy. And then, let's see...oh right, the neighborhood squirrels and chipmunks and bunnies. Oh, and that caterpillar that I found on the porch once. He was definitely a best friend. Um...oh, the birdies that built a nest on our side porch! They're my best friends! And - what, Momma? I have too many best friends? Hm...maybe I do.

But Lightening Bug is my BESTEST best friend!!!


Leave A Comment | 9 people already have

Barked by: Wrinkles (RIP) (Dogster Member)

June 25th 2010 at 10:11 am

It always nice to make new friends! Tell bugsy Rinky says woof!
Barked by: Wendy G

June 25th 2010 at 10:17 am

WOW!! A bug dat habs wites in it?? an' fwashes an' sparkleses as it fwieses awound?? OMD!! R Pittsburgh sum kinda magical forest pwace or sumfing?? Wow...
Barked by: Braun Boy (RIP, Mommy's Boy) (Dogster Member)

June 25th 2010 at 10:20 am

WOW! What a cool new best friend! Wish I had one that was "flashy" like that!! Have a great weekend.
Barked by: Fizzy (Dogster Member)

June 25th 2010 at 10:36 am

Pups, he was the coolest bug EVER!!! Zaidie, you never saw Lightening Bug? They don't have them at Zaidie's Place in Canada? You need to come visit me, then, cause they're so NEAT!! WOOF!
Barked by: Cathey U

June 25th 2010 at 10:57 am

Wow Fizzy you do have a ton of best friends!
Lightening Bug fur sure sounds magical and lots of fun. What would happen if you put him in your mouth? Just for a little minute and not hurt him. You might glow from within. Or give him a ride and you could play hide and seek from your Momma. Run around and Lightening Bug lights up. "I'm over here Momma!" then he turns off his light when she heads toward you. Then run around and "Now I'm over here Momma!" "Can't catch me and Lightening Bug.
What a fun game!
Barked by: HarleyDavidson THD, CGC (Dogster Member)

June 25th 2010 at 11:43 am

Oh boy Fizz, what a cool new friend! We gots them here too and I gonna see if I can make a new friend.
Barked by: Sophie (Dogster Member)

June 25th 2010 at 3:27 pm

we got a gazzillion trillion lite up bugs here on Ohio!!! I eat em every night. Try are also fun to knock in the grass anf try to find!! I loves summer!!
Barked by: Fizzy (Dogster Member)

June 25th 2010 at 5:37 pm

Zoe that sounds like a FUN GAME! I'm gonna have to try that!
Barked by: Sophie (Dogster Member)

June 27th 2010 at 7:26 am

When you get bored with the game you can eat the lite-up bug. Watch out,to many will give you the urka-gurka's!!

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