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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

All About Me

November 16th 2009 5:28 pm
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I just realized I never started a diary! Woof! I'm such a silly boy. So much has been going on in the past three weeks that I forgot!

A few weeks ago Momma saw me peeing blood. I felt totally fine, acting as crazy as I always do, but Momma sure seemed scared. So I had to go see the vet lady and she took pictures of my belly. I thought that was kinda weird but Momma said they were SPECIAL pictures that could see INSIDE my belly. Weird. Anyway, vet lady said I had something called bladder stones and I had to have surgery to get them out.

I had no idea what that meant, but Momma was leaking from her eyes a LOT that day and kept hugging me and kissing me. I hate hugs. Kisses are good, though. She was also talking about money a lot that day, too.

Two days later I went back to the vet lady YAY! Except they CUT ME OPEN. Boo. It HURT. Bad. And I had to wear that stupid lampshade every day. I HATED that stupid collar. Daddy joked that I could be a lamp for Halloween. Momma didn't think that was funny. I just wanted to sleep.

I wore that stupid cone for TWO WEEKS. I licked open a stitch at one point and they used a STAPLE to shut me back up! OW. Not cool, vet lady. Not cool at all. Poor Momma had to sleep on the living room floor with me for a few days cause I couldn't get in the bed. I kept bonking her with my cone because I NEED to snuggle every night but I couldn't fit on the air mattress with my stupid cone. I HATE that cone.

I finally got my staples out and the vet lady said I don't have to wear my cone anymore HOORAY! But Momma said I smelled BAD and then *gasp* HORROR OF HORRORS! She gave me a BATH. THAT'S ALMOST AS BAD AS THE CONE! But then I was allowed to snuggle with her, so I guess that's ok.

The only good thing out of all of this was I got to eat a LOT of hot dogs that Momma stuffed with little white things! Although that eventually turned out to be a problem. I started puking. So Momma makes me special food now that's chicken and rice and Pepcid and I LOVE that.

I go back to the vet lady this Thursday to get more pictures of my belly. Keep your fingers crossed that there's no more rocks in there. Momma keeps talking about a special diet that I'll have to eat, but I'm MORE than happy to keep eating chicken and rice and Pepcid everyday!


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