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Confessions of a Mommas Boy

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Fo shizzle my nizzle- Im Snoop Dog...

May 6th 2008 3:06 am
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So MyDear made me take that fun celebrity test-the one that made
ol cranky pants Millie- Amy Winehouse- BOL! I cant stop laughin my buns off at her for that!

Me on the other hand- Im Snoop Dogg- Ahhh yeah.. Im gettin into character around here too- you know, chillin in my crib, hangin out wif my beyotch (AmyWinehouse- BOL!) and well- I guess thats it. I wonder what celebrity Sumi Lou is?? Gee I hope its sumthin compatible to Snoop Dogg!

your lil buddy from the hood-
(mommas lil lover man-and Sumi Lou's hunk o love!)


Being a big brudder is tough work!

March 28th 2008 7:58 am
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Since my new sweet little brudder- Harvey- came to live
with us- gee I have been busy! I follow him around- happily eat up any food he may drop while eatin-(he is quite a piggy) and snooze right next to him when I can. I even try like heck to get him to play wif me- I will do my Tigger bounce right on up next to him- but so far he aint interested in playin wif me. Oh well- maybe soon! I escort MyDear anywhere and everywhere she takes Harvey- I supervise and make sure she is doing it right- after all- Im the guy of the house- I have to make sure everyone is doin there jobs correctly!

Like last night- MyDear decided to give Harvey a baff. I felt a little sad but I helped anyway. You see, MyDear carries Harvey like a widdle baby-dresses him in clothes, and gives him bafffs in the sink- I cant do any of those things cuz Im such a big boy. That baff looked so nice- MyDear used the special Mango shampoo and was caressin Harvey all over- he loved it! I sat so good by MyDear and supervised the whole thing. THen I helped MyDear blow dry Harvey and towel him all over- he felt good all over I could tell! But MyDear had a suprise for me too- she got out my brush- Boy! When I see that brush I get the warm fuzzys! I flopped my bod right down and rolled over as if to say
"Im all yours woman!" MyDear brushed and brushed and I gave her so many kisses- It was pawsome!

SO Gramma and Grampa gave me a big huge suprise. When Bonnie Blue took her journey to the Bridge, I inherited her entire treat collection- YEHAW! Did I make a haul! Bonnie had more treats stockpiled up than you could believe! MyDear wanted to throw them in the garbage- she said they were junkie and we only get good quality stuff- HA! I couldnt stop pawin at the bag- Millie was barkin at the bag- we wanted to at least sample them. So MyDear broke down and gave all of us a "Chicken Cookie" DING DANG I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH SHEER HEAVEN! "CHICKEN COOKIE CHICKEN COOKIE- I LOVE CHICKEN COOKIES!!!!!!!!! Ill do anything for just one- Come, sit, shake. roll over, clean house- JUST GIVE ME CHICKEN COOKIE!!! Harvey can even eat Chicken Cookie cuz they are really soft- he has no teef just like Bonnie! BOL! WHen MyDear even walks near the CC's- I start bouncing bouncing bouncing straight up and down- I cant help myself! MyDear tried to give me one of those yiccky organic "treats" this morning-I mean, I ate it- I didnt want to hurt MyDears feelins- but I didnt like it! Not like CHICKEN COOKIE!!! Gee Im droolin just thinkin about em!

Did you see on my page? I got the coolest new thing from my good pal Rocky
I got a Rock of Love backstage pass! ARrRRrrROO!! I love it! Rocky and I are (*blush*) totally into Rock of Love- in fact, I got the funniest rosette ever- Rocky said, we should agree, to stay in our parents houses, and continue to Rock their worlds. BOL!!!!! I wuv it! THanks Rocky!


Hope, Love and Elvis!!!!

March 1st 2008 6:50 am
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Pupper pals!!! Guess what?!? You may have noticed that my main pic isn't of my lovely face... but rather it's a pic of Elvis!

They-who-do-not-wish-to-be-named (silly pups!!!) have come up with the most fabulous and brilliant idea to celebrate, support, and show our unity for Elvis!

Grab this pic! Right-click! Save to your Desktop! Upload it as YOUR main pic! Let's show Elvis and his pack just how much we love them, support them, are thinking of them, and are hoping for the best!

Let's unite and give Elvis and his pack the best kind of love there is... Dogster love!

The photo is courtesy of
Daisy (beloved angel) and Ella's dad. ITs pawsome! The words and efforts we have totally plagerized of of their pawsome mom! Talk about an angel~!!


No not our Elvis...

February 23rd 2008 7:37 pm
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Well I just found out. I have been behind on my Dogstering
today and just read Elvis's diary. After I got a grip on my cryin
and cussin- I want to send a message to everypup I know to please
keep Elvis and his family in your pup prayers. He was given a grim
prognosis, and has Acute Neutrophilic Leukemia. I see so many of
our pup pals here have mentioned Elvis in their diaries today- thats
what our Dogster family is best at- extending the love and support. Thinking
of you E- and sending our love too.

With so much love and prayers-


Im 4 today! Its my birfday!

February 14th 2008 5:23 am
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So today is my 4th Birfday! YIPEEE!!! MyDear has already started the paw-ty!
Im gonna have the best day- I can tell already! Everyone woke me up with Birfday kisses- hugs and I have already scored a couple treats! I think we are having a pawty tonight- Ill keep ya posted!

Ill check in later with an update on bein 4!! ARrrRrRrOO!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day to all my pals too!!

Love and kisseys-
(mommas lil lover man and Sumi Lous birfday hunk!)


You call it disgusting? I call it a snack!

February 9th 2008 6:46 pm
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So there is this special fairy that has been leaving fun frozen yummy treats all over my yard for me! Yes i know, what luck! MyDear I think, again, is jellus cuz she has been runnin around the yard tryin to find the "snaks" before I can get to them- and then in effort to ruin my good fun she has the nerve to bag em up and throw em away in the garbage!! HOW RUDE! At least eat em! GEEZ! WHAT A WASTE!!! So no one in the house will kiss me anymore.. MyDear even called me "PoopFace" .. Yes, my beloved MyDear who loves me more than she could ever put into words, refused one of my wonderful wet kisses and called me "PoopFace" or maybe it was "Poopbreath"? I dont quite remember- and frankly, I dont care!!! Those frozen poop treats are beyond deeeelishous!!!

Its been snowin like crazy here! We had 14 inches last Wednesday- and now its like a bajillion degrees below zero again- YUCK! I am a total inside guy! Now my beloved sis Millie- she is part Polar Bear. She begs and begs to go outside- then flops her pink lady belly in the nearest snowbank and refuses to move! The only way MyDear can get her to come in the house is with this fun ditty that MyDear calls "Cookie Time" .... (insert singing voice similar to cats mating ) "Cookie Time! Cookie Time! Millie you are so good and smart! Come get a cookie!!!" (this means like, a real cookie-not the yard variety) That is THE only way Mils will come inside- WORKS FOR ME!!! Cuz no ones gettin a cookie of ANY variety without gettin past me first- BOL!!!!

Stay warm pals- I wuf you.
(Mommas lil lover man- Sumi's sweet dude from Wisconsin)


Its Katsumi's Birfday today!

January 28th 2008 8:54 am
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Oh my gosh I could hardly wait to get outta bed this morning! Its my sweetie Katsumi's Birfday- she is two!! Yahoo! We are gonna be pawtying all day- so if you are boppin around Dogster and have some time- please join us in a celebration on her page today!!

If you dont know Katsumi she is a super beautiful gorgeous Harlequin Dane- she has had a rough start in her short two years- but her Mom and Dad are so wonderful- she is doing great! She is a great pal too- not to mention my special honey! Yup- she is my girlfriend and main skweez!!

Here is a link for ya if you wanna make pals or drop her a pawmail- I know
she would love it!:)


Happy Birfday Katsumi Lou! I hope your day is as pawsome as you!

Oliver xxoo
(mommas lil lover man and Sumi Lous birfday wuv muffin!)


POP is Dog of the Day!

January 23rd 2008 4:43 am
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Oh my gosh- I cant believe it- Im so excited!!! One of my bestest Dogster buddys Pop
is Dog of the Day!! He is a super gorgeous Cocker Spaniel- 13 years young! He lives across the pond in France with his wonderful family. I just know they are having a fun day celebrating the big honor!

Way to go Pop! If you dont already know the super cute Pop- check him out- he is sooooooo sweet and fun!

Hope you enjoy your day Pop!

(mommas lil lover man and Sumi Lous Valentine guy) xxoo


Dude Perfume?

January 15th 2008 7:39 pm
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So MyDear decided that it was time for Mils and me to go to the Booty Parlor. Yeah Im thinkin I was just there like, oh, one minute ago, but whatever. So off we go- Mils and I both this time- heehee- I was thinkin- "Dang this is gonna be good!!" BOL! Mils and I? Together? Same day- Same Booty Parlor? We have NEVER EVER gone on the same day but I wasnt gonna argue- let the games begin!!

So we pull into this really neat new Booty Parlor joint- The Fur Shed. Yeah sounded cool to me! So MyDear trots us both inside to the nice lady and proceeds to tattle to the nice lady about like, every bad thing we have ever done in our whole lives. I mean- geez! I was hopin for a fresh start here- Thanks to Millie and her "attitude" we have had some booty parlor problems thats for sure. The lady didnt seem to mind us stayin even after MyDear ratted us out on all our nawtyness. Plus lady was distributin treats like you wouldnt believe-so I was super fine wif stayin to get bootylicious.

Next thing ya know, after lots of latherin, rinsin and repeatin- then the dryin and poofin- came the clippin. I noticed a lot of action around the feet area but I didnt give it much thought. Hmmm... the finished product is my new picture- MyDear has been nuts about these new feet of mine- she says I have on high heels! HEY I AM A GUY!!!! I had high heels one other time and thats when a guy dog tried to well, mount me at the dog park. Just for reference- high heels + dog park = NUTTIN GOOD! Yikes! I hope they grow out with the quickness!!

Then nice lady says to MyDear when she finally comes back to get me after like 50 hours later- "I put perfume on him- its Sugar Cookie!" MyDear says "Oh great!" WHAT? GREAT? IM A GUY!! THATS NOT GREAT!!! So now MyDear has been tryin to convince me that its DUDE PERFUME. WHAT? NO. NO WAY AM i BELEEVIN THAT THERE IS DUDE PERFUME THAT SMELLS LIKE A SUGAR COOKIE!!! High heels and Sugar cookie smell- gee what next? A DRESS??

There is an upside to my new Dude perfume though- MyDear cant keep her lovin hands off of me! She is constantly kissin, lovin, huggin and sniffin me. She just cant get enough of the Sugar Cookie guy- so I guess its all good. Whatever it takes to get her to up the lovin Im all for it.. Gee.. I wonder how my lovely Sumi Lou will feel about Sugar Cookie smell and a guy in high heels? I hope she digs it like MyDear does! With Valentines Day right around the corner- I gotta be ready!

Kiss kiss xoxo
(mommas lil lover man and Sumi Lous sweet sugar cookie)


I was a diary pick today!

January 6th 2008 7:12 pm
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Holy Moly- I cant beweeve it- I was a diary pick today! My pal Pippin- a totally beautiful Pug pal of mine- was super sweet and sent me an email tellin me about it and wishing me a fun day in the limelite! Wow! Im the first one in the pack to ever have such an honor! Thanks HQ:)

Thanks Rocky and Pippin for sharing in my fun too- I so appreciate it! I hope my swee)t babboo Sumi Lou checks in and sees my name in lites- yowsa!

Big hugs-
your pal
Oliver xxoo
(mommas little lover man and Sumi Lous big nutered studly guy)

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