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Hullo. My Name's Burt...

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Today I Continued

January 14th 2010 6:36 pm
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returning some of the many visits to my new guest book! It's a little tricky 'cuz the guest book isn't a Dogster feature, so I can't just click on the pup's picture and get taken to their page. So, it may take a while to find every one of the 61 pups' pages who signed my guest book, but that's my New Year's goal--to visit and sign everypup's Guest Books in return!

p.s. my guest book ROCKS!!!


Today I Frolicked

January 14th 2010 5:40 pm
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around in the snow in the back yard. I ran to the back door, then zipped and zagged around Dixie (no response from the Diva), ran under the bench and outdoor table, leaped over a drift and bounced through the snow, spun past the Mom as she stood laughing, did a fast "play bow" in front of Dixie (still no response from the Diva), did a circuit of the yard, ran to the back door, then repeated the whole thing once again!!! I was panting by the time I was done.

The only thing... did I mention it was 1:35 a.m.?


Today I Have

January 11th 2010 11:41 pm
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53 Guests who signed my Guest Book. Don't 'ya think that's AWESOME? I need to cruise on over to some of these pups' pages and sign their books too! And some of the pups asked me to be their pup pal!!!!! Woooooooo woooooooo!!!

This is so EXCITING!!!!


Today I Built

January 9th 2010 4:21 pm
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one of those Guest Book thingy's for my Dogster page. It's pretty cool--looks like one of those new fangled Plasma tvs. The thing is, though, nobody has stopped by to sign it...

Bummer, man...


Today I Shoveled

January 7th 2010 10:33 pm
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out a spot in the back yard so I could take care of some personal "business". Son #2 had shoveled the front walks, and cleaned off the car, but never got around to the back yard. He went inside to play XBox online...

Let me tell ya, we got SEVEN inches of snow over the past day, and it drifts higher in spots in the yard. There is NO WAY I was wading into all that cold stuff to do my business. So, I took a page from Ozzy, our cat. I shoveled (scratched and pawed) myself a clear spot on the patio. Works for me!

p.s. I REALLY hope Son #2 gets his act together and shovels the rest of the back yard walks and patios. They are predicting continuing snow through tomorrow night up to a total of TWELVE inches in our area! NOT good for a boy dog who *blushes* squats!


Today I Carried

January 2nd 2010 9:15 pm
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a very small, soft stuffy downstairs to where the Dad was messing around with his 1/35th scale models. The Dad spends a lot of time down in the basement. He calls it "the bunker". The Mom put down a rug and a dog pillow and a dog bed so Dixie and I could be comfortable if we decide to keep the Dad company down there.

The Dad and the Mom made a real BIG deal about me carrying the stuffy in my mouth down the stairs. I know I don't play with toys, as a rule. But last week someone had knocked down this itty bitty pink bear named "Honey" off of a shelf. I mouthed it for a while until the Dad noticed. The Dad took it away, but when they were at Costco they found these four other small soft stuffies. They are almost as good as the Honey bear. Almost.

Hope everypup is enjoying the New Year. I know I am!


Today I Asked

December 31st 2009 5:57 pm
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the other 60 Burts on Dogster to be my Pup Pal. As the newest member of the Chicago Crew, I don't have anywhere near as many Pup Pals as some of the other Crew members. Heck, I'll never even come CLOSE to WINston XXLP's number--he has 6,046 Pup Pals!!!!! And he's been corralled a whoppin' 215 times!

So, I thought I'd start small by asking the other 60 Burts to be my pals. Then branch out to maybe some of the pups that have corralled the other Chicago Crew members. Wouldn't it be nice if Dogster had a feature where new pups added to a family could automatically send a Pup Pal request to all existing pals...


Today I Chilled

December 25th 2009 10:12 pm
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while Dixie did all the work. The #1 Son came over for Christmas with his fiance'e. They smell like cats. Not like dogs. They wanted to pet me but I just ran away. I don't know them. Sorry.

Then the #1 Son gave treats to Dixie. She did Sit, Paw, Down and Come. Treat, treat, treat, treat. After I ran from room to room all scared-like, I settled down behind the Mom and the Dad's chairs. When Dixie got treats they tossed me a treat too. I got treats just for being in the room. Way to go, Dixie. Good Job!


Today I Took

December 24th 2009 4:52 pm
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a treat out of the Boy's hand. You have to understand that this is a really, really, REALLY big deal for me. The Boy is kind of scary to me. He's really TALL--6 foot 7 inches--and has big size 15 feet! When he looms over me, well, let's just say I head for the hills!

The other day the Mom and the Boy were calling me. Come, Burt, Come! I would go from one bedroom into the other, pausing to look at the Boy holding the treat. Every time I'd pause a little longer. Then the Boy broke off a piece of treat and tossed it to me. Nom, nom, nom... Finally I crept forward and snagged the entire treat out of the Boy's hand. Ta DAH!!!!

So, today, the Mom had her MRI for her knee. The Dad went with her. So it was just me, Dixie, Ozzy and the Boy left in the house. I REALLY had to make a dookie... sooooooooooo I blasted past the Boy and out into the back yard. Whew!

When I came back in the Boy said "Good Boy, Burt." And he offered me a treat. Which I took. Right away. No hesitation. No running around. Nope. Just nom, nom, nom, nom.... YUMMY!


Today I Graduated

December 21st 2009 6:14 pm
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from my Beginner Education class with Trixie the Trainer at PetsMart. We love Trixie. She's been just GREAT to work with. Trixie helped me build up my confidence. She helped me on the road to recovery from whatever I went through in the past before I came to my forever home.

Trixie has put her very own dogs here on Dogster. You can visit her pack at:

Lil' Miss
Wyatt Earp
Dakota 1992-2009
Cosmos 1994-2009

a couple are Angels and some are Failed Fosters, all are loved!

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