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Sandys grooming me next?

September 26th 2009 8:49 pm
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Sandy looks sad. when Mom looks over at me I will close my eyes and pretend i am asleep. I am just hoping I am not next for a grooming sniff sniff nothing cooking ok yawn good night.


Nice Anniversary

September 28th 2009 8:49 pm
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It was nice having dad home this weekend mom and dad celebrated there anniversary 7 years wow wooof. I even played some with daddy rough housing it was fun and got lots of loving as usual from mom she was full of extra kisses for us all. wooof well goodnight I think it is time for a nap.


Happy Birthday Mom

October 4th 2009 3:36 pm
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we pups made a card for you too Mom. You can see in my pics! Happy Birthay mmmm that cake sure smells good, yawn look at those silly kittys playing with that bow, yawn I am just going to layhere half asleep and watch how silly they are and wantch sandy pup seperate them every now and again as they get a little to close and roudy lol I am glad he took that job over leaves me more to to watch and nap.


I must be more carefull

October 7th 2009 11:43 am
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yesterday I hurt my leg again it is better today after a day of rest. I better stop getting so rowdy going in and out of the house with the sandy pup. or mom will not let us go out together any more.
Mom even made us a ramp to stop leg injury's on the steps, but we still get excited coming in from the yard bumping and tripping each other. Mom also holds one of us back when going out she has tried everything but still coming in we are free to when we want, if that little pup would just stop fallowing me around and copying me things would be much better yawn, ok I love the little guy but we would get along a lot better if he would nap as much as me and when I do and STOP being a copy cat out side . yawn ok nap time bye for now fellow dogster friends till next time!


Mom added a song to her playlist for me today

October 14th 2009 11:03 pm
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Mom has song this song to me since I was a pup. She found it today and added it to playlist it is called brown eyed girl hehehehe I love mom so much especially when she sings to me and we even sometimes dance well not as much as we used i am getting a bit old but still on occation roof roof thanks mom! oh and I know it is hard to tell with that awful camera flash but i have the most beautiful brown eyes well so says mom roof roof good night all.


Skunks are not Nice

November 12th 2009 7:26 am
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Ok so I go out side I look for a spot to do my thing it is late chilly I want to get it done and go back in. Then I see this strange black and white kitty. I go over, seems freindly enough it even raises its tail so I can have a sniff so hey why not. wa wa roof eeee roof ohhhh roof ick roof roof cry roof run to door scratch scratch theres mom she opens the door I run to the living room not seeing moms look of horror on her face and rub the carpet mom grabs my collar and pulls me to the kitchen and closes the gates not angry she never gets angry but tearful a bit from the smell I think and some because of the work she has ahead and I think a bit feels bad for me.

Mom normally at night leashes me do to critters she says well she was getting stuff out of the oven because dad was do home any second from work. Me well I just had to insist why oh why did I insist so strongly?

Mom said to me in just a few minutes oh my gosh does my head hurt the smell was so strong it gave her a very bad head ache. oh wag wag wag daddy is home wag wag roof . "What is that smell? Mom looked at me he said huh she looked at me again then said skunk. he was not at all happy 10 hours at work and now this.

I had know idea what I was in for but when they went in the bathroom and called me I figured it out fast they dragged me to the edge of the tub I fought i tell ya fought hard my butt on the floor front feet pulling back the floor just to slick & they won I was soon in the tub with tomato all over me.

well after about a half hour 45 minutes of washing I was aloud out and dried off and given wonderful new blankets to lay on mom said they where very old towels well new to me roof I felt very special yes indeed and very tired I fell right to sleep and slept straight through the night I guess the ordeal was more than my old body could take I snored all night.

The next day I woke to smelly candles everywhere and mom was very happy to let me lay on the deck in the sun after my morning business was done she brought out the gate and just let me sunbathe I loved it.

and I was so glad to be out there she ran that awful noisy sucking machine most of the day and spraying carpets with foamy smelly stuff.

Ok well it is going on day 4 and no smell at all now!

Ok all you dog and pup pals of mine a lesson if you ever see a little black and white kitty that looks different then most cats you know has bushy tail shorter longer I advise you to stay away it is a skunk and they are not very nice!


Holiday greetings rrroof rrroof

December 23rd 2009 1:49 pm
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Oh my gosh snow everywhere! First snow of the season and decorations all over the house, blinking lights, mom humming and singing. I enjoy watching her almost dance about the house. Today was the the first warm day since it snowed so hard and I was like a pup again jumping way up above the high snow and landing waist deep in it then up again. Mom called me her little reindeer. roof roof I barked telling her not to be confused I am a dog a wonderful fluffy snow wet dog and she lays a towel over me to dry me off i smile and play tug a second then dance about.

roof roof and now waiting for Santa and treats and toys oh boy happy holidays everyone rrroof rrroof stay warm.


Update /lazy days of winter

February 7th 2010 11:51 pm
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Lazy days of winter moms going to post some new pics soon but it seems I am sleepy in most, hey thats what hounds do best right? nice warm house awwwwww. I am a lucky dog but many are not we and all should keep spreading the word to adopt save a pet when you can and give to the ASPCA. ok that misty cat is walking back and forth rubbing my face she thinks I will chase her her, Hey cat I am not the pup he is over near the heater, oh ok she is now sitting and looking at the heater looking at the heater will keep her busy for an hour or so well back to my nap. Oh yes the holidays they went great new toys for the year wonderful natural chicken snacks yes the most wonderful time of the year. Today mom and dad yelled a ton watching that big window again something they called the super bowl they seemed happy by the end then watched puppy bowl now that was funny puppy's pouncing on each other then the kitty half time show and did you all catch the hamsters in the blimp above the field so funny but the bunny cheerleaders well cute but they didn't cheer much roof roof but the guys on the field adorable and so playful love the cam in the water bowl roof roof if you didn't catch it watch the instant replay at animal planet. well a very loud and busy night off to bed good night all my canine friends kisses from tipper.


It is hard getting older ( but I am OK)

June 6th 2010 9:55 pm
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awww everyone is quite! Time for a nap I will say it is hard getting older it gets to hot outside for me, I so love laying in the sun but the humidity is to much but I keep trying. my bones creek and a bit slower getting up. Hey I still have great moments everyday when dad comes home from work I jump and run about tail waggin and meal time I do my hop about dance and every now and then I get one of those awful noisy toys and tear it up so to get to the squeaky then give it to mom for her collection so she can make more toys for us. and ya know napping is a great thing sleeping with the pup or at mom or dads feet wonderful warm moments have a great summer everyone roof rrrrroof


Getting old

January 17th 2013 11:20 am
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well it has been awhile I think it has been hard because we lost our cat friends this past year both around 15 years of age they passed a couple mo. apart during the winter 2010 2011 also I am getting old I have trouble walking and moving about mom keeps a close eye on me. I am happy I still get very excited and bounce about like a pup just only not as high I get excited and full of happiness when dad gets home, for food, and just happiness. roof to you all hey chase a bone or ball for me I will just sit here for now near the warm heater and slowly get the squeaky noisy thing out of this stuffed toy. kisses from Tipper.

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