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My Life as a Muffinhead

New Year

January 4th 2007 11:56 pm
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Where did 2006 go? Year of the Dog seems more like "Year of the Fly" - it flew by so fast! I had some new experiences - I became a dad, got to go to the snow for the first time and LOVED it! Who knows what's in store for 2007 , I can't wait.



I'm so tired!

August 14th 2006 12:20 am
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WOW I spent all day yesterday at the pool in Murrieta, CA. Sswimming & running after Suki, Hayes, Dublin and my new friend, Sandy. She is a 7 month old Briard - very fluffy and full of energy. By the time Sandy left I was ready for a nap - but I had to keep watch over the neightorhood, you never know when a coyote might wander into the yard (as if I'd really know what to do when I saw one!) but at least it looked like I was doing something.

I also heard from my mom that my 'brother' Hayes won a contest and his picture will be featured - along with a whole bunch of other dogs - at the end of a movie called "Firehouse Dog". No word on the release date other than sometime in 2007. I hope I get to see the movie and Hayes' picture!



June 23rd 2006 10:34 am
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Well, I am officially a daddy. My first litter was born this spring and all are happy and healthy. Kudos to their mom (who shall remain nameless) for doing a great job taking care of them unitl they went off to their new puppy raisers. Good luck kids, I know you will all make great Guide Dogs some day!


Mini Muffins

October 11th 2005 12:45 pm
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I was taken up to GDA a f ew months ago for breeding and was hoping to have some puppies runnng around by now - but unfortunately the pregnancy didn't take with my "girlfriend" so no 'mini-mufffins' to speak of yet. I'll just have to wait for my next "Booty Call" from GDA. In the mean time I am enjoying the chance to play with my best friend/brother, Hayes - since he's been offically retired from guide work he can play with me and even chase tennis balls if he wants.


What a crazy week!

July 24th 2005 11:54 pm
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First I find out that my friend Voight is graduating as a Guide Dog and then my favorite Guide Dog Hayes came home. I am sad that he's no longer a Guide Dog but am REALLY glad he's here for me to play with all the time. From what my mom says he really likes to shred paper. Yippee we're gonna have fun!


Big Bear

May 31st 2005 11:09 am
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I went to Big Bear, CA this weekend. It was so much fun! I got to run and play with my new friend Trooper in the backyard, chase the squirrels off the deck, and roll around inthe dirt. Mom took me on some long hikes - my first time ever hiking. I was happy there was a creek and Big Bear Lake so I could cool off.

Bummer part - I got a lot of pine pitch stuck in my toes - that hurt. Mom managed to get it all out once we were home so I feel much better. I spent all day yesterday sleeping - that hiking stuff is so tiring!

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