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I'm Back!!!!

March 14th 2009 7:46 pm
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So, it's been totally forever since I last wrote in my diary! Sooo much has happened to me over the last few years ... can you all believe that I'm about to turn 5 years old?? Anyway, I guess the most important news is that I moved to Michigan ... into a house with three cats!!!! I can't believe that mom thought this would be a good idea. I mean, I already had to deal with Duphis (for those of you who aren't long-time readers, Duphis has been my #1 feline enemy since I first came home) and then she goes and does this. The two new felines are named Oz and Willow, and I really don't like them very much. They're always trying to get attention from my people, and sometimes Willow chases me when she's in one of her moods. I don't like that one bit! This whole moving in with two new cats apparently had something to do with mom getting married ... I like my new dad, but the cats are simply unbearable!

Other than the new feline enemies, the only other real indignity that has been forced upon me is the quarterly trips to the vet where someone always pinches my butt and makes me squawk! I think this is outright puppy abuse, but mom seems to disagree. She says that I'm having anal gland issues, but I'm pretty sure that the cats have put her up to it.

On the positive side of things, I finally agreed to start walking on a leash. I thought I wouldn't like it, but it really isn't all bad. When it's warm outside mom and Chris (my new dad!) take me for walks in the park and I have a great time sprinkling trees and claiming the territory as my own. I own, like, half the park now, and the other half shall be mine once spring gets here! When it's cold out, we go to the pet store a lot and I get to walk around and sniff all the displays. There are sooo many weird smells there! The only thing I don't like is the other dogs. I mean, I don't bark at them or anything, but I just don't want anything to do with them. I try to ignore them, but they always want to walk up and sniff my rear. How rude! Once mom took me to a Humane Society event so that I could interact with other dogs - she called it "socializing," I think. I tried to show my disdain for this by snubbing all the dogs that came up to me, but I don't think she got the hint. Moms, I swear! Can't live with them, can't get puppy cookies without them!

My ferret sister passed away a couple years ago. She was pretty old when she died and didn't want to play with me anymore, which made me kinda sad. She was a good playmate and I miss her! Mom did get me a new fish sister, Pumpkin, but she isn't quite as fun as far as playmates go. She just kinda swims around in her tank, and every night mom feeds her some yummy looking pellets that I'm not allowed to have any of. She also gets dried blood worms, but there's no way I'd eat any of those. Yuck!!

Anyway, this puppy has some business to take care of (on the wee wee pad, if you know what I mean). I'll try to update my diary more often from now on ... peace out, puppy pals!


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