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Drake's Droppings

I went to Doggy Day Care

May 7th 2010 5:37 am
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Mommy put me in the truck and we went somewhere new. It was called Doggy Day Care. When i got out of the truck, I tucked my tail in. It smelled of dog pee! When we went in I met some humans and was happier until someone wanted me to go to the back.

Mommy was told that I came out of my shell in the afternoon and I had mud on my face and my toenails I was put into the "highest energy" group for some reason.When she came and got me she said I looked stoned. I met some other humans and Mommy was happy I didn't jump on them when I visited them. Mommy bought Spike and me a cookie each.

Apparently Mommy took Spike out for a run and said that he enjoyed not being pestered. But when they got home he looked for me and wouldn't settle. My big brudder missed me!

We we got back Spike found the cookies in the bag and brought them outside and Mommy let me take the bag back it. We had our cookies and slept all night.

Mommy says the only difference she's noticed is that when I have my poops I REALLY kick up after.

As for the rest...what happens in Doggy Day Care, stays in Doggy day care. ;)


Have you ever heard of these things called.....

December 30th 2009 4:35 pm
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kids? Or maybe children? I met some today. They are PAWSOME! Mommy says I met them before but that was years ago. BOL!

The doorbell rang and I just about broke the door down to see them. There was Owen, Sarah, and Evan. They were all under 10 years old. Spike and I had fun playing ball with them but my fav thing to do was to "knock" Owen over and wash his face with kisses. ( He sure fell over easy ;)). Mommy told me not to jump on Evan and Sarah and once I settled down I stopped.

Evan really like Spike cause he's more gentle and brings the ball back even though it didn't yet thrown far.

When they were leaving Owen told Mommy that i was one of a kind! Evan told his Auntie that if Mommy had a garage sale he would buy Spike! I would never sell him and I hope Mommy doesn't either. I love him tons and tons.

I hope to play with these "kids" again and would highly recommend it to all of you.


I lub Saturdays!!!!

November 1st 2009 5:27 am
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Yesterday I woke up and went out to do my business. I was on high alert cause it was Howl-o-ween. There was a monster on our lawn! It had big ears, a twitching nose, and vicious teeth! I protected my Mmmy by pointing at it. Mommy told me it was a bunny and thanked me for protecting her.

We went to the dam and Spike ran away! He took off after some beastie and boy was Mommy mad. We had to go and get him and I was whining so he would find us. Mommy told him he was too old to be off running full tilt. He was okay this morning though and he's my hero!

Then we went to puppy class I graduate next week but have to go back today cause I'm starting basic obedience! Mommy doesn't want to drive in the winter and my teacher said I was ready. Charlie was back this week and he played rough by biting my ears and trying to rip off my bandana. Molly lost a tooth and there was blood everywhere! I was the only pup not to pee during class!

Next we stopped at Creature Comforts and I got a treat bag. One customer was buying cat food so I sat in front of him but he wouldn't pet me or give me a treat. What's up with that? My teacher said that it was the best way to great sit in front of them. Silly human.

The only bad thing that happened was that i ate Mommy's Memory Card from her camera! She told me I was lucky she had downloaded he best pics. I got it off the counter and apparently I'm not allowed to do that. Who knew? But hey, did you SEE our Howl-o-ween pic? Wouldn't YOU want to destroy the evidence?

We didn't have any trick or treaters last night. Just one teenager who was collecting food for the food bank. Boring.

This morning Spike and I didn't understand the time change so Mommy let us BOTH sleep in with her. She needs a bigger bed!

Drake out!


Another Busy Day

October 25th 2009 6:11 am
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Boy, are Saturdays ever cool. Yesterday I went to the dam and met Taz the Bouvier and a new dog named Kira a big gray doggy.

Then Mommy and I went to puppy class again. We learned :"lie down"and "focus". Miss Allison let her big Golden Retriever Mac play with us. He "corrected: another Golden named Molly so i stayed clear of him.;) Miss Allison made us go to each owner to see if we would do our lessons for others. We were ALL pawsome. We have a really smart class. Mommy took me to PetSmart and when we were leaving the store I jumped out of the shopping cart! I ain't no baby Mommy.

Then we stopped at Creature Comforts. Everyone loved me except a 6 month female fluffy dog. She growled and attacked me! I was upset but I tried to make nice and she was still nasty. I get along better with the cats there! Spike laughed at me when I told him.

Spike and I chewed some pawsome bonie bones last evening and went to bed.

I Lub Saturdays!


I had the Most Pawsomest Day Yesterday

October 18th 2009 5:30 am
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Yesterday Mommy took Me and Spike out to the dam. We saw what Mommy said was a GSP. One of us! As we got closer we saw that he was a pup about my size. We met and they told Mommy that the pup's name was Finn. They talked and Finn and me wrassled. Anyway Mommy told me he was my real brother! I don't know if I remember him but we sure had fun. Then we met Taz the Bouvier. His head is as big as me! He growled at me but just to tell me he was boss. We got along fine.

Then Mommy took me to my Puppy class. I had fun wrassling but the teacher told me I talk too much. I just wanted to get back to wrassling. Everyone said i grew the most. We have a very smart class. All us pups came to our owners when called. Mommy showed me the big ramp they use for agility and I went up one side and down the other while Mommy held my leash. I loved it. Then, during one of the play sessions I did it agin and the teacher ran over cause Mommy wasn't holding the leash and the teacher thought I'd fall off. It was taller than Mommy! We all played well too and the teachcer said we were very good puppies.

Then on the way back home we stopped off at the Pet Store cause Mommy bought us a Toy Box. Laurie said I grew like a weed and she picked me up and we cuddled. Spike and I got some Howl-o-ween bandanas and treats.

Then during the night I feel out of bed! I tried to sleep with Spike but he was mad and went downstairs to sleep. I slept on Spike's bed for a couple of hours thn asked Mommy if I could join her in her bed. I did ;). Then I heard footsteps on the stairs. I barked! It was Spike so I was kinda embarassed but Mommy praised me for being such a good watchdog!

What a day!


I went shopping

September 16th 2009 9:43 am
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Today, Mommy took me to visit some very nice ladies at what they call a Pet Store. I met my first cat but ignored it.I got some treats and the nice ladies held me. A customer even held me. I even got my nails trimmed when Mommy wasn't looking! Mommy bought me some yummy food and some toys. I even got a bandana with Doxies on it! I had a blast and can't wait to go again.

BTW, Spike won a prize on Saturday but I think I'm going to steal some of the stuff.

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