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Mr. Cutter & I are DDPs!

August 21st 2012 4:28 pm
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My pal Mr. Cutter & I are DDPs
for the day! Thanks DOGSTER!
You guys rock. Also,
'preciate the luv from
all MY furry pals!
Your kind words & wags
are too cute. The
best things in life are


Itchy Summer

August 20th 2012 2:22 pm
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finally a pupdate!
just wanna let all my
pals know i MISS 'em
& so 'preciative for
all the nice words
& pressies they has
sent my way. this
summer i been gettin'
crrrazy allergies.
Itchy feet struck
again. On July 31st,
we took a trip to my
vet's for a Vetalog
shot & they pawscwibed
me Zymox with hydrocort-
however you pronounce
that word. :) it made
me feel grrreat &
allergy-free for a week.

office visit was $49,
can you believe that? BOL
i do have a nice vet tho.
we love that the
staff are personable, kind
& thorough + the
service is pawesome. it's
a snazzy looking place
just like a hooman doctor's
office. $49, if you asks me, is
pricey but well worth it! ♥ :)


'Preciate Dogster & all my Dogster Pals

June 25th 2012 1:59 pm
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As you pals have noticed,
we hasn't logged into Dogster
in quite a while. What a neat-o
surpawrise to find our yahoo
inbox flooded wiff sweet
messages & very thoughtful
supawrises from all our beloved
furs! Also, thank you Dogster
for selecting me as honorary
Dog of the Day! =)

'Preciate all the love &
generous pressies all YOU cute
furs have sent my way. We
like to thanks each & every
one of you pawsonally.....

I's having a GRRREAT day!
Hope efurryone's week
is starting off grrreat as well.




April 29th 2012 3:33 am
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I had a piece of
BFF's chicken strips
from some place
called What-a-burger.

I don't know what
their burgers taste
like, but their
chicken tasted delicious!



April 25th 2012 11:22 pm
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I got a new nylabone tug toy
& new squeaker tennis balls
today. That is all. ♥ =)


Lincoln Park

April 20th 2012 5:33 pm
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Woofs! Woofs!
Pictures from Lincoln Park
skateboard & me
bench puppy

BFF's dude friend brought his
skateboard w/ him so we can
practice my reaction stuffs.
I did well, however, I
need more work. I received lots
of positive reinforcement w/
chicken jerky. :)

How do you pals feel about
skateboards & bikes? Doesn't
it make you wanna give chase?
This would never happen, but if
ever given the chance off-leash,
I'd chase every moving skateboard
& chew it up.


Facebook Feature

April 20th 2012 6:58 am
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Wouldn't life be easier if
Dogster had a feature
where pals are notified via
e-mail when their pals have
woofdays, diary posts &
gotcha days like facebook?

Did I miss something pals?
Maybe you cutie pies know something
we don't? 'Cus we'z prolly looked in
the wrong places, but we tried searching
Dogster's forums & Community home
page for a similar feature....

It would be fantastic to receive
pupdate e-mails when MY pals have
posted a new diary & more
importantly, has a BIRTHDAY.
We feel really bad when we miss
a pal's birthday! ♥ =(

(-Speaking of Diaries
We have tried clicking the
newspaper button "RSS feed"
from our desktop 'puter
but IE will generate an
error message "IE display problem
yada yada...") Hmmmmph.

Ya see, BFF doesn't frequent
facebook. In fact, she hates it.
BOL! Somethin' bout facebook
being an "information overload"
of nonsense. BOL BOL
She & I would rather read about
ppls' pets than random stuff
hoomans post such as what type of
coffee they drank that day. BOL BOL


Playing in the Sand

April 17th 2012 8:28 pm
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Hi cutie pies! The
weather today was
incredible! Spring
time fun - at a
playground near down
town. I had the
playground all to my
self. The sand tickled
my feetsies. I dug
the sand like a tazmanian
bulldowzer. I went
down the slide, dug
some more sand, peed
on the sand, & ate a
few pieces of chicken jerky.

Do any of you pups
enjoy digging sand &
enjoy the feeling between
your toes?

Here are two photos of
my lovely afternoon:

pooch smooches & licks,
Halo ♥



April 11th 2012 6:10 pm
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Something new fur-riends!
I had the opportunity to
ride in a swing! Have you
pals ever been on
something so strange before?

last night BFF & gramma hooman
moved the iron metal patio
swing from the side of the
house next to the side of
the pond.

BFF sat on the swing.
She rocked back & forth.
Stella jumped on her lap.
I wanted to join too.
Despite the strange feeling
of rocking back and forth,
I enjoyed it. I didn't even
wanna get off the swing. It
was so enjoyable BFF carried
me off once the swing
stopped moving.

Lemme tell ya a secret. I was
actually scared of falling off
that's why I didn't budge. :)




April 4th 2012 11:52 pm
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Stella & I took a trip
to Independence park
late yesterday afternoon
w/ our hoomans.

There was so much to see;
small hoomans playing soccer,
peeps bike riding, & so many
hooman families together
enjoying the weather. O'garsh!
We even saw a dog in the distance
that looked exactly like me!
Same long legs, frame, white coat,
same size small head w/ a
confused / bored looking face + the
doggie was wearing a chíc
fuzzy pink harness! BFF
was the first to point her out,
& said "look! that dog looks
exactly like Halo!"

We just stood there.
Staring at the dog.
I thought to myself
"-Uhhhh?? well let's go?..."

My hoomans were busy talking
amongst themselves so by the
time they wanted to say hello
to my look-a-like, the white
dog was gone...oh well.

G'nite pals,

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