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I'm Offiiiicially Known...

April 11th 2010 4:33 pm
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as the wrecking ball.

BFF's mom said
I'm too big and

Overly exuberant
gets me into
trouble. I don't
mean to knock
things down when
I'm playing outside
in the backyard.
Hidden in the
landscaping were
these tacky-looking
fairy figurines
which I forgot were

Plus, I saw the
patio umbrella for
the first time since
I was 9 weeks old.
It spooked me out.

I just need more


Dog Park with Dexter

April 10th 2010 7:01 pm
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Pups and hoomans met
up around 5:45PM.

Dexter looks like a
Scottie/Norwich Terrier cross.
He's my former puppy
classmate from Petsmart
Puppy School. He's such
a cute scrappy little 8-month
old pup. He loved tugging
on my floppy ears.

I chased him.
He flopped over on his back.

His mom practiced 'come'
when called command
during play. My guardian
made sure I practiced 'easy'
with my little fur-riend
and we took frequent

About an hour later,
I met an equally fun
high energy pup, a
7 1/2 month old
mix named Nipper.
He was a rescue from
Louisiana. By the
time he arrived,
I was already doggone

Also, I met a small
golden color 3-month
old Husky/Lab mix
named Morgan.
It was puppy wrestle
mania! I wrestled with
Nipper. Dexter wrestled
with Morgan.

I fell asleep on the
car ride home. I
love fun, fun,
puppy play time!


Another Dogster Daily Diary Pick

April 10th 2010 7:54 am
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You know the sound
Chewbacca makes in
the movie Star Wars?
I'm doing that right
now. =)

Thanks again HQ for
selecting me as one
of today's diary picks

My guardian and I
just got home from
the baseball diamond.
I had a splendid time
playing fetch this
morning. The cool,
crisp air smelled
nice and it was

The semi-moist
spring grass felt
marvelous in
between my
paws. It tickled.
Later today, we may
stop by Album park
to meet up with Dexter
my former puppy
classmate and greet
new pups and peeps.

Off to take a nap.


Dog Park with Chiplé, Dexter and Mia

April 8th 2010 7:38 pm
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Just arrived a couple
of hours ago from a
20-25 minute
adventure at the one
and only El Paso dog

I sniffed all the small
doggies inside the park.
I was the only big dog
for while until a Husky,
and GSD puppy walked

My former puppy
classmate Dexter,
the small terrier mix,
was already inside. He
really likes to be chased
and liked tugging
on my ear. =)

I met an Italian
Greyhound, wearing a
neat little circles 'outfit,'
named Vixen. I
reacquainted with Buddy
the Beagle and his Chih mix
companion. I also
re-introduced myself to
my favorite play mate
Chiplé and her owner Moe.
Chiplé and I are a
perfect play match!
Our energies and play style
reflect one another. We
mouthed, bounced around,
and T-stanced. I plopped
down and rolled over on
my back (while Dexter
nibbled my ear BOL!).

It was a nice time! I'z
even went behind the tree
and left some chocolate
for BFF to pick up.

Mia arrived and I
mouthed her too. After
a few minutes, BFF
noticed Cowboy the red
nose pit and his owner
enter the gate. BFF put
my leash on. Needless to
say, some hoomans do not
like them. =( Dexter's
mom and my BFF don't
appreciate Cowboy's
ruff play. 5 minutes passed
and Cowboy and Chiplé
got into a scuffle. It was
nothing serious, but it
was not very nice. They
had to be separated.
Cowboy's owner doesn't
watch his dog and it seems
as though Cowboy is always
looking to challenge or
ruff another doggie up
at Album dog park.

After that not so nice incident,
Chiplé, Dexter and I
had our leashes put on,
furthermore, left the park
with our hoomans. It was
grrreat to see my puppy
fur-riends again. ♥


So Obsessed

April 7th 2010 1:27 pm
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(Obsessed tune by Mariah Carey)

'Why are youuu soo
obbsessed with meee?
Dog, I want to knooow?
-That's what BFF would
sing to me, but she can't
carry a tune whatsoever.

I feel the need to keep her
company while she's in the
shower. No harm in that,
is there?

Just because I jump over
and knock down the baby
gate, run up the stairs
leaving pitch-fork scratch
marks on the wood floor
on the way up to the hooman
tub room and investigating
what she's doing doesn't mean
I'm obsessed. ;)

Sometimes, BFF will crate
me with a stuffed kong just
to make sure I stay busy. I
will bark incessantly until
she lets me out. This time
she didn't crate me. While
I was napping on the sofa,
she tried to pull a fast one on

I'm an excellent tub room
attendant! I want to smell
and help out while she's in
the shower; like sniff around,
knock over things on the sink,
rearrange the roll of TP
dangling from the spool,
take her dirty clothes and shred
them up and more importantly,
peak my head through the
shower curtain to make sure she
is ok. Obsessed.

Is this an odd behavior? I think
not! I have been doing this since
I was 4 months old. I'm sure
my pupper pals would agree that
their little idiosyncrasies are
just as thoughtful as mine; no
matter how obsessed (or amusing)
it may seem to some. ♥


I Decided to Grace Petsmart with My Presence

April 6th 2010 10:26 pm
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as a naughty pup today!

At the door entrance,
I wiggled and waggled.
I play bowed. I barked.
I barked, barked, barked.

The smells!

BFF hasn't taken me
to Petsmart in a few weeks.
I'm appawled! Maybe if
we took trips everyday,
I wouldn't become overly
excited. BOL!

Also, I tried to convey to
BFF to take off my leash,
'let me go, let me go! I
want to sniff around

What's the point of going
to Petsmart if doggies
can't run off-leash? ;)

BFF worked on
regaining my focus
with my ziploc bag
filled with canned food.

It worked. She made
me 'sit', 'down-stay' and
'watch me' in the dog
food aisles. She picked
up several cans of my
favorite Organics chicken
and placed them in her

At the the check out, I
thought it would be real
naughty of me to quickly
put my paws up on the
counter and peak over.
Hmmmph, what were the
hoomans doing with my
canned food?!?

Ah, I am definitely a
work in progress.



April 4th 2010 9:32 pm
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is my new favorite treat!


I have an idea!
If only there was a
cantaloupe flavored
teefiespaste out there.

I would enjoy having
my teefies brushed
more with a sweet
flavored teefiespaste
rather than using mint.
Mint is over-rated. =D


Appetizing Costco Pizza!

April 3rd 2010 7:30 pm
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I wish I had a whole
one to myself!

I watched my best
friend eat a whole
scrumptious slice
of supreme pizza.

She was generous
enough to give me
a few pieces of the
pizza crust And!
Bell pepp-ah!
• Drool •

Of course, I had to
speak and shake
first, but it was
well worth it.

Nom nomz.

Around 8AM this
morning, she took
me to the baseball
diamond. Yippee!
It seemed like it
was our very own
private park.

We played fetch
with my new air
dog squeaker tennis
ball. No birds were
present. Good!
Those darn pigeons
should know better
than to show their
beaks on my turf;
that's if they know
what's good for'em.
• • ROFL • •

Right now, I'm
relaxing in my
crate. Ima take a
nappy nap. BFF
needs to brush my
teefies before I go
to sleep tonight.
In the meantime,
I'll be dreaming
of a supreme pizza
and gobbling it


Today's Pick, Woof!

April 1st 2010 7:31 am
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Today's Diary Pick!
On behalf of my typist,
I'd like to thank HQ.

Best friend and I are
going to enjoy the
nice cool cloudy day
by playing fetch and
eating extra doggie
treats. I hope she
doesn't eat any of my
treats though. BOL!

I'm grrrrateful to have
amazing pup pals. I
wouldn't have the ones
I have if it wasn't for
Ella. Special thanks
to Ella for her
kind woof and word of
bark to her fur-riends. ♥


Croissant! For moí?!?

March 31st 2010 9:59 pm
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• • happy tail • •

As you all know,
my guardian and I
have been practicing
‘gentle’ with its
corresponding hand
signal. Rather than
using the verbal
command ‘gentle,’
she now says ‘easy.'

BOL! I guess ‘gentle’
had too many syllables.
It’s not like I can hear
her anyway. • ROFL •

My training for today
was to gently take
chunks of croissant
from her mouth.

I did it!

She held a piece of the
pastry in her mouth,
showed me the ‘easy’
hand sign and I leaned
over to sofly take the
tid bit for me to eat.

Once each piece of
pasty was in my tummy
we practiced with Castor
and Pollux Organic PB

The treats smelled just
like chicken and with PB
flavor. I tenderly pulled
each treat away with my
front teeth.

I love ‘easy’ training.
Ruff! Ruff! =P

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