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Counter-Conditioning Followed by a Play Date

April 24th 2010 4:51 pm
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BFF and I practiced
training for 15 minutes at
a park near downtown.
A special thanks to the
beefy well-built pigeons
who helped us train. =P

We started 6 feet away
then slowly stalked
the pigeons and were
as close as 2 feet away.
I did pretty well ignoring
the birdies, 'watch mes,'
and 'sit' commands.

I secretly wanted to run
and catch them, but knew
we had a job to do. The
training was also fun
since I was rewarded
with treats and sticks on
the ground to chew on
when I followed my

After training, we went to
Moe and Chiplé's cribbo
for a play date. Our energy and
play style match well together!
It makes our hoomans very
happy to see us play well!
In the backyard we dug
holes in the dirt, chased one
another, took H2O
refreshment breaks,
wrestled and tug o'war with
a stuffed lobster!! I'm in
my crate now - falling
asleep. I hope efurrypup
is having a fur-tastic weekend!


My Guardian Saved ME!

April 22nd 2010 1:05 pm
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..And my crazy butt
chasing ducks and
strugglin' to swim in
the shallow part of
Ascaráte lake!

• • • gasp • • •

From the beginning...
I had a play date this
morning with my
fur-avorite fur-riend
(as some of you may
recall from my other
diary entires - looks
like a baby Mastiff
who has a black
mouth like a boxer
and has a soft tan coat).

Chiplé's mom said
she had jumped in the
lake a few times before
after Chiplé had
chased ducks in the lake
(at the opposite side of the

We had a ball runnin'
off-leash and were
supervised at the
secluded areas.
Chiplé and I would
scare the duckies into the

Towards the back of
Ascaráte park
near the bridge,
were big duckies. Five
of 'em nicely perched
on the bank. Chiplé
didn't dare to run after
them, but I did. So I ran,
leaped in, but could not
feel anything beneath me.

I struggled for a second
and my instincts to swim
kicked in, but I panicked.
BFF immediately sprinted
to me and jumped into
the lake. She grabbed my
harness and it was over in
3 seconds. BFF, who's 5'0"
tall, was hooman
boobie-deep in water.
Filthy water! She cut her
knee on the jagged
edges of the bank, and as
she was kneeling down to
check me for injuries, she
was attacked by ants.

I know pals what
you're thinking. That was
crazy and dangerous! Even
though the lake is shallow
it's filthy! BOL! That's
besides the point! =P
I am not a Labrador
Retriever. I have zero
recall because I'm deaf
and the over-stimulation
from the duckies was
over the top.

Needless to say, no scratches
and I am just fine after that
crazy stunt I pulled.

The lake may be shallow
for hoomans, but it was
scary and deep for me!
I think I learned my
lesson. I am truly
blessed to have a loving,
quick-witted, and caring
guardian to watch over
me. ♥


Diary Pick ←

April 21st 2010 6:25 am
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‹ ‹ ‹ TAIL WAGS › › ›

Thank you HQ for pickin'
me as another Diary Pick!
Thank you Dogster pals for
droppin' by and sendin' me
sweet paw-mails too.

Random: I'm pawretty sure
I'm allergic to Castor and
Pollux Peanut Butter
Chicken Treats. The PB
makes my pawsies red and

Can't let the PB treats go to
waste so have my PB treats
Dogsters. Get'em before
they're gone. =)


Bad Cuz or Air Dog Squeaker?

April 20th 2010 4:17 pm
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Air Dog Squeaker always wins!

Today's trip to Petsmart
entailed 'watch me's' and
'sits' before entering the
store and more new toys!

As I was strollin' down
the dog food aisles for
tasty kibble beneath
the shelves - jus' waiting
for me to munch them
up - two senior ladies
walked over to greet me.
(I was very wiggly and
minded my manners
by not jumpin' on 'em
BOL with redirected
focus on my ziploc bag
of canned chicken.
Nomz!) The lady asked
what kinna dog I was
and said I am a very
pretty looking dog.
Awhgawrsh! ;)

No check out counter
surfin' today either,
tee-hee-hee. I was a
good girl. The hooman
check out guy said
I did very well listening
to my guardian. I still
had the wiggles though.

Anyway, back to the kibble.
Variety is great!



April 19th 2010 5:37 pm
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I has more ¤freckles¤
under my belly! Quarter
size ¤freckles¤ on me!
If I get anymore of these
¤freckles¤ Ima look
like a Dalmation. =/

Hoomans tend to think
Ima Dalmation or an
American Bulldog jus
because I'm white.

Nope, I'm none of those.
=) I'm ador-a-bull!

My momma dog is
covered in black
plus she is white
with large black spots
like a Holstein cow.
Papa dog is all black.
I wonder if my
littermates have
¤freckles¤ like me too...


The Playoffs?

April 18th 2010 12:57 pm
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Not me and my ball

NBA playoffs?

It's a beautiful day.
Crisp cool, fresh air
feels great. I want
BFF to play with me
and my air dog
squeaker! She wasn't
being very attentive.

She's a huge Lakers
fan and the game is
on - her eyeballs are
glued to the big flat
boxy thing.

However, she has
tossed the ball for
me a few times during
time outs. Also, she
said half-time will
be coming up
pretty soon, and then
she can give me her
undivided attention.
What the WOOF?
So not right.

For an hour now, I've
brought the ball to
her, jumped on top of
the sofa, barked
and barked at her!

I hope these playoffs
things don't last
fur-ever. Fetch is
much more important
than anything else if ya
ask me! ♥


Another Diary Pick

April 16th 2010 2:30 pm
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Thanks HQ for selecting
me as another one of today's
Diary Pick! You guys
rock and roll! =)

Also, thank you to my
fellow Dogster Pals for
the sweet paw-mails,
rosettes and compliments
under my new photo!

As a treat today, my
guardian stuffed extra
chopped apples in my
kong along with kibble
and canned food.

Have a fur-bulous weekend


New Toys

April 15th 2010 11:50 am
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Ran off-leash and played
fetch at Marty Robbins
park with my hooman.

She then drove me to
Petsmart where I had
the honor of picking out
two new toys!

I was well-behaved too!
I calmly walked in with a
smile on my face. I didn't
pull on the leash, nor did
I bark at the entrance.
BFF was very proud
of me. ♥ ♥ ♥

We strolled through the
dog food aisles so I could
treat myself. BOL. Then,
we went to the toy aisle
where I chose two Kong
items; a squeaky wubba
and a red bouncy ball.
So there we were
just browsin' for other
toys and two hooman
ladies came up to greet
me with their male
doggies; a black Lab and
a brindle Boxer. I
lowered my ears and
did my submissive
crouch. After a good
whiff of each other,
we parted ways. They
were very handsome

During check out, I
peaked over the counter
with my two front paws,
then got 'off' by myself,
and walked over to greet
the check out hooman

I LOVE my new
ball. ♥ ♥ ♥


Bedroom Zoomies

April 14th 2010 9:11 pm
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So after I had my teefies
brushed tonight, the
case of the zoomies
took over me once again.


I did zoomies
(in that small doggone
bedroom) all around the
room, hopped onto the
bed, then zoomied back
down to the floor.

BFF laughed, grabbed me
in mid-zoomie,
and carried me down the stairs.
(A-paw-rently I make pitch fork
marks on the floor so I need to
be carried like a princess when
I go to and from the first level

Once we were outside, I
continued my zoomies.

« pant » « pant »
« pant » « pant »

I am very tired now. =P
Good night!


Chicken Flava

April 12th 2010 8:58 pm
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Today, my special box
arrived in the mail.

Inside, was a blankie
throw for me to sit
on during car rides
(*YAWN) and a new
tube of teefiespaste by
Doctors Foster and
- in chicken

I sniffed the box.
My tail wagged.
I jumped on the box.
I pulled the taping off.

Although I needed a
little help from BFF with
opening the box, I
managed to drag the box
to the sofa by myself,
where I shredded one side
of the box's flap.


Didnt taste too good.

The teefiespaste, on the
other hand, tastes good.

Chicken Flava.

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