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Apartment Livin'

May 11th 2015 12:00 pm
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Livin' in an apartment
sure is different than
a house. We has no
living room furniture
yet. Hoomans still
waiting on this Ashley's
somepuppy to deliver
supersoft sofas. I likes
the empty living room
where my BFF's boyfriend
plays fetch with me for
hours on his days off.

I will share a li'l
secret. When we first
moved ins, I soiled efurry
room. I'm house trained,
but this carpet stuffs
smelled awfully unusual
so I had to bless it w/
my scent. BOL!


Arizona is Home

April 7th 2015 7:05 pm
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Hi Pals,

It has beennn quite some
time since I's been on
Dogster! I'm unables
to upload selfies! I has
over 550 zealies I need
to share w/ my furriends.

I has moved from Texas
to Phoenix, Arizona.

My BFF has a
new career, & we still in
the process of settling
into our new place. I
met an orange declawed
cat named Nikko who
doesn't like me very
much b/c I tries to get
so close & play w/ her.

This morning I's went
to surgery at the
University Animal Hospital
to repair & have my
ear drained for a
earmatoma. Believes me
when I tell you my hooman
was extremely sad this
happened. Last
nite I was itchy, & this
morning I woke up w/ my
ear flap swollen. My BFF
has Embrace pet insurance
for me so hopefully theys
cover my earmatoma. I'll let
ya'll in on my pupdate once
hooman picks me up this
evening from the hospital. be continued.


Sunday Funday

November 10th 2013 1:18 pm
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A li'l restless right now.
This afternoon I went
walkies & enjoyed a
much needed pawesome
play sesh. BFF took
a few pics of me &
a short video clip on
her crackberry phone.

The weather was
abswoofly uuuhmazing!

BFF wants me to take
a nap, but I still wanna
play. As she types up
my diary, I just brought
her one pair of her pink,
blue, black & grey knee
high socks. She told me
to put it back.

Enjoy your Sunday Funday


Thank you - Howl-O-Ween bones!

November 1st 2013 4:05 pm
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Thank you to each & every
one of my furiends for the
coolest Howl-O-ween bones!

Here's the latest scoop:
BFF has been laaazy.
That is all.



No but seriously,
lately we've been
tuned into
There are a lot of heartbreaking
stories, but there are also
many wonderful stories happening
around the world.

I weigh 64.5 lbs. to be exact.
I recently went to the vet
for an updated parvo vaccination
& city registration. I don't need
my rabies vaccine until 2015.

Hope you cuties had a
spooktacular howliday.


Bark in the Park 8/4/2013

August 11th 2013 11:06 am
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This year Bark in the Park was
sponsored by Pets Barn. $0.25
cent hot dogs, good eats, good
doggies & furiends - it was the
pawlace to be.

I wore my new adorable Ellaslead
collar & leash at the baseball game.

Here are some photos:

Bark in the Park take 1
Bark in the Park take 2
Bark in the Park take 3


Stinky Toots

June 17th 2013 1:54 pm
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Lately, I've been having some
very pawretty stinky toots. I
thinks it from these Bully Twists
that BFF gifted me from Petsmart.
Pups, they were nom nom nom.
100% rawhide FREE & USA made.

Still, I am one gassy pup.

The week before, BFF gifted
me a yummy chewie
Bully Stick & I finished
it in less that 30 minutes!!

Here's me & my bully stick pic.


Thank you, sweet pals.

May 14th 2013 5:05 pm
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We haven't had a chance to
say THANK YOU to each &
efurry one of you cuties who
have sent me pawretty pressies
that sparkle up my page.

Again, thank you pals!

Last nite I FELL OFF the bed. I
was asleep snoring away. I
rolled around & BAM, I hit
the wall & fell onto the floor.
Thud! Scared me & BFF. BOL.
She said "see, that's what happens
when you don't cuddle close
to me at nite." Pfffffft. After
that, I hopped back on the bed
& curled up next to her.


A Dog Poem By: Senator George Vest - 1870

April 25th 2013 12:49 pm
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"The one absolutely unselfish friend
that man can have in this selfish world,
the one that never deserts him,
the one that never proves ungrateful
or treacherous, is the dog.

A man's dog stands by him in prosperity
& in poverty, in health & in sickness.

He will sleep on the cold ground, where
the wintry winds blow & the snow drives
fiercely, if only he may be near his master's side.

He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer;
he will lick the wounds & sores that come
in encounter with the roughness of the world.

He guards the sleep of his pauper master
as if he were a prince. When all other friends
desert, he remains. When riches take wings
& reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant
in his love as the sun in its journey
thru the heavens."


Two Rescues

April 24th 2013 3:34 pm
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This entry really has nothin'
to do wiff me, but a story BFF
shared wiff me. I would like to
share wiff you all.

On her way to work this morning,
(she works hard every day to put
kibble in my bowl & toys in my toy
basket BOL!) she spotted two lost dogs.
They were chunky pooches on an
adventure & a few blocks away from
where we live.

If they has passed by my door, I
would has gladly taken 'em in.

BFF followed 'em in her car.
Needless to say, she walked with
them near high traffic streets until
she cornered them in a culdesac -
which was not too far away from
where we go walkies at night. The
dogs were sorta friendly she said.
One was a tan Bassett hound (boy)
& a (female) Bulldog mix. She managed
to lock 'em both in a random stranger's
gated front door entry. She was
trespassing so she rang the doorbell.
BFF mentioned that they were a bit
skiddish. She offered her sammich
but they didn't want any.

After ringing the doorbell twice, the
homeowners didn't come to the door
so BFF stayed w/ the doggies until
animal officer peeps arrived. BFF was
late to work, but she didn't care.
She wanted the doggies to
be out of harms way.

They had no tags.
Their collars were a tad too tight.
Nor were they micrcochipped.

I hope those doggies make it back to
their home & the owners do the
responsible thing by issuing 'em tags
& securing their property so the doggies
don't escape again. No doggie should
be roaming the streets
. It's dangerous
out in the hooman world

When BFF got home from work this
afternoon, she gave me the biggest
hug & squeeze. ♥ =)


Thank you Dogster!

April 24th 2013 3:17 pm
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Thanks Dogster for selecting
yours truly as a DDP for 4/23/2013.

Also, woofs & kisses to my pals
for the shout out. Woofs, woofs.

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