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The Adventures of Dora

Dr. visit and new Ruffwear gear

January 27th 2010 5:42 pm
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Sorry this is long.
I went with mom to her NP appt today. First we went for a nice walk and played did some bit recalls, and lots of stuff to burn off my energy. Dad dropped us off at the clinic and then he went grocery shopping. I was very excited at the clinic. We went and checked in and then mom looked for a seat. She was glad to see the corner area open. They have an ottoman there and we sit behind it in the corner out of the way. No one ever sits on the ottoman so it works out good. She brought my mat and laid it down for me. It took me a while but I finally settled down. About that time a lady with two kids comes in. she went to the counter and told the kids to go find a seat. You guessed it the flopped down on the ottoman. The boy was 5 years old and the girl was 3. They were both very good it is just that I wanted to play with them. It took a lot of mom working with me to get my attention and settle. About the time I would ignore them the little boy would get closer. He was very good and did not talk to me but rather mom. He asked 100 questions and mom was very patient and answered all of them. It was one of the hardest things I had to do but mom was firm. The kids never touched me and I was not allowed to go towards them. Mom enjoyed the kids as they were very polite and well behaved and asked good questions. I would have loved to have cuddled with them but mom is soooo means. She says maybe someday when I learn to ignore and I am a big girl. Then it was mom’s turn and we got two male nurses. One it the one we saw before and the other was in training. The one who had seen us before explained to the new one that he was not allowed to look or talk to me. He said that he should only talk to mom. Mom was so impressed with both of them. When we got in the exam room mom put me on my mat on a down stay and I did very well. The new nurse took mom’s blood pressure and it was very high. So much for all the new meds to lower it. Then they left and a while later a lady poked her head in and said “ I was told that I had to come see your dog but that I am not allowed to look or talk to her”. Mom was trying not to crack up as the lady spoke to her and watched me out of the corner of her eyes. Of course I knew she was watching me and wagged my tail at her but I did not get up. Mom was very proud of me with all the distractions. Finally mom’s NP came in and never even looked at me. I had been with mom to see her before and she ignored me then also. She did tell mom that I am the cutest dog she has ever seen and I was so special. She and mom talked about how much I help her and the nice lady said that she thinks that it is wonderful mom has me. She also said that she could see how much mom needs me. Then they talked about all moms’ meds and her current condition. The NP was concerned about mom’s trouble walking and wants her to get a handicap parking permit until this back thing gets better. So mom will get the forms for her to fill out. Mom has had them before and never used it but agreed that in some cases it would be nice right now. She also adjusted mom’s blood pressure meds and wants more blood work. She wants to see mom back in two weeks and she said that for mom to bring me as well. We then went home and I was exhausted and ready for a nap. When we got home there was a package on the step. I was so excited I helped mom open it. Well so much for my nap mom made me try on new gear. It felt funny and I would not move in it. Mom said we would work on it later as she had to go to PT. When she got home she told dad that her PT was moving and this made mom very sad. Mom still has her for another month for them to come up with a plan.
Later mom got the gear out again and fitted it to me and took photos for all of you to see. She may keep both and try to make a light pack to put on the red one for days she does not need me to carry much and for when it is hot. She will think on it. They fit me great I am just not used to them. Mom can now lift me better without hurting her or I.


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Barked by: Naomi H

January 27th 2010 at 5:52 pm

The new pack and harness look great on you! ^_^
Barked by: Jolanda (Dogster Member)

January 27th 2010 at 7:33 pm

look at you handsome lady! I love how your mom got the matching collars ;o)
The shoes look a little puffy - do the shoes fit or is it the angle on the photo?
I love your new gear.... it looks absolutely stunning on you. We had to smile big time when we saw your dad pick you up ;o) Your mom is right, you are a little girl..
Looking forward seeing you and your gear in action (L)
Jolanda and sonja
Barked by: Dora CGC (Dogster Member)

January 27th 2010 at 7:44 pm

Thanks Barkley..
Sonja-We do not know if the shoes fit yet as Mom has not had them back on me to really check them out. tomorrow she is going to put all four on and check them out and then have me walk in them to see. The photo was not very good as I was not very helpful. Yes both mom and dad had to try lifting me. i tried to explain i am not baggage. Yes i weigh a whole 10lbs soaking wet. You should have seen me show off at the doctors office today. none of them will ever again think a dog my size cannot be helpful.

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