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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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anuvver SUCCESS story

October 21st 2010 10:19 pm
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Today mama taked me to a BIG park. I was runnin an playin wif my ball. I gots some treats an I was jus havin fun. Then these 2 girls came over. I's a little fearful. Mama telled 'em to just talks wif her an i'nore me cuz I's skittish. WELL those girls (mama says theys teen-agers) sat down wif mama an jus talked wif her. Mama would give 'em my ball an they'd frow if fur me. I'd bring it back to mama. Af'er a little while I went to one girl. She holded her hand out an I LICKED IT an runned away. She laugh at me but not in a mean way. Af'er a little more while I goed over to a uvver girl an I licked her hand an runned away. Then a boy came over. I let him play wif me an my ball but I dinnit lick him. Mama thinks I "maxed" out on my stranger meetin, but I did really good an so did those peeples.

Af'er the park mama taked me fur a baff. I got all washed an when mama was dryin me she seed somefin in my furs. She asked a lady that owns the place, if it was a flea. YEP, I had fleas. SO, back into a tub an I got washed again wif flea shampoo. I's all squeaky clean now. NOPE, no fleas on me. Ruby had a flea baff. Now alla kitties need baffs. THEY is not gonna like it.


I's gettin braver

October 20th 2010 10:56 am
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Mama is so proud of me. See, I's scared of uvver peeples. Peeples tha's not my mama or my furmily. When mama an I is walkin an uvver peeples comes 'round I barks an tries to hide behind mama. The peeples 'lways wanna pet me an it scares me cuz I don' know 'em. Mama tries to tell the peeples to jus i'nore me an lets me sniff 'em before they tries to touch me but they don' listen.

Well, 2 times now the peeples listened an I's getting braver wif 'em.

We went to a park an there were some big kids playin. Mama tole 'em to jus i'nore me an they did. I went by 'em but I dinnit bark. I watched 'em. I was kinda curious but too scared to go too close. Mama was very happy.

Today we was at a church where we plays. A man came ina car (he was the pastor of the church). Mama tole him I's skittish wif strangers so he jus talked wif mama fur a few minutes. I sniffed him a little an then I let him get my ball an frow it fur me. I even let him pat me ona head--1 time.
As we was walkin home I seed 2 peeples an I watched 'em but I walked right by. No barkin or hidin.

I's gettin braver!!


How to get mama offa 'puter

October 13th 2010 11:34 pm
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When my mama is ona 'puter she 'nores me. I tries to gets her 'tention but she jus say "no, not now." I paw her leg. I barks. I brings her a ball an always the same, "not now".

Well, today I figgered out how to get her 'tention. I jumped right in her lap an lick her face! She coulnant 'nore me now. Mama jus laughed an said "you are right Bear, it's time to play. Mama been ignoring you enough." OH an it was great. We walked up to a church an mama frowed my favorite ball fur me. Then we walked to a place an gots food. Mama an I eated outside cuz I coulnant go inside. Then we walked to a field an mama frowed my ball some more. We was gone fur a long time.

We had to go home cuz mama had to go to work but we had fun.


World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show

October 11th 2010 9:32 am
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Well, efurbody knows about the contest an we been readin 'bout it in puppies (& kitties) diaries. My mama would like to tell peeples, pups & kitties that it is a good contest.

Las' year mama entered on'y one pitcher (of Ingen). It was the first time she entered this contest an INGEN WINNED--in the outdoor kitty category.

We dinnit have lots of furriends last year. She jus winned. I guess lotsa peeples, pups & kitties just voted fur her cuz it was a good (lucky) pitcher.

There's 2 parts to the contest. The peeples votin part an then the judges decide who wins.

We, me & mama, jus wants efurone to enter, vote an have fun.
We votes fur alla cute pitchers and we looks fur our furriends too.

Lil Bear

P.S. Mama can' get any good pitchers of me. I don' sit still an when I sees the camera I gets right in her face. So, I prolly won't be in a contest.


I has a ITCHIES!

September 23rd 2010 8:46 pm
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I been jus a scratchen an a scratchen. Mama thinked maybe she dinnit rinsed me good enough from my last baff. Today, she taked me to a place an gived me a baff. They has a special shampoo fur the itchies (oatmeal) so mama used that. We was there fur a long time cuz mama dinnit wants me to have the itchies. She SCRUBBED me an rinsed me really good. Then she brush an dry me--that taked FUREVER. I was wonderin if we was ever gonna get done, but I was furry GOOD. Mama dinnit even have to use the leash thing. Even the lady that owns the baff place said I's bein furry good. Mama was proud of me.

Afterwards I layed down whiles mama talks wif a lady. It seems that she an my mama went to little peeples school together A LONG TIME AGO. They talked an talked an I jus layed there like a good boy. Mama let me off my leash an I gots to go 'vestigate the place. The lady say it's ok cuz she bring her doggy wif her sometime an she gots to makes sure its safe fur doggies.

Anywag, now I's sooooo soft an fluffy, mama can' keep her paws offa me. She keep pettin an lovin on me. She tell me I's HANSOME! Oh an a bes part--so far no itchies.


My mama lef me!

September 13th 2010 10:02 pm
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Can you believe it? My mama lef me fur 4 eating times (I eats 2 times a day). I sleeped at my cousin Dixie house fur 2 dark times. Dixie daddy tooked care of me, but he is not MY MAMA!

Mama tole me she was goin on a "girl's weekend campout" but I dinnit know that I wasn't going, jus cuz I's a boy dog. I go wif mama, EFURWHERE! It was kinda scary but it was ok. I played wif Dixie an I let her daddy pet me. I gots foods an had chews--I even chewed on the remote fur the TV. I sleeped in Dixie bed cuz she sleeps wif her daddy.

This was the first time mama an I been apart since I come to live wif her. I still don' like that mama lef me but I was a big boy. I dinnit cry or mope or anyfing. I jus hopes it doesn't happen too much cuz I sure missed my mama.

I was SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to see her. I jumped ina truck and wouldn't come out til we got home. I dinnit want her to leave me 'gain.



August 26th 2010 9:58 pm
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My furriend, Raven 'Tiki' Mystique, sent me a prezzie fur my Dogster Annifursary. I dinnit even know I has been on Dogster for one whole year. WOW, it' been a great year fur me. I growed up. I was a puppy now I's a dog. I went to school. I learned lotsa stuff. I found I likes other dogs. I gots my own puppy, Ruby. I has all kindsa furriends on Dogster.

I hopes this next year is as 'xcitin.


Comp'ny is OK!!

August 22nd 2010 11:32 am
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Hey all,
I know I was complainin about the comp'ny. They was always takin my mama away an' I was missin her. WELL, let me tell ya, it wasn't all bad. The one lady, Lisa, she played wif me an' loved on me an' telled me all a time what a good boy I am. I went to a park wif them for a picnic wif lots of other peeples. I gots to run an' eat hotdogs an' be wif mama all day. Then we went to another peeple's house and I got to go swimmin, in a BIG POOL! Kids played wif me too.

We all went to another peeples house an' they had a BIG DOG (black lab) name Harley. Harley an' I tugged an' played. There was a girl there, Melissa, an' she frowed the ball for me LOTS.

Another day we went back to the first peeples house an' mama an' I swimmed in the big pool. More kids frowin my ball an' more peeple foods.

SO, after all that, I has to say COMP'NY IS OK!!



August 13th 2010 1:00 pm
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We has comp'ny. They's furriends of my mama's an' I is NOT HAPPY!!! Firs' they takes over my room. Mama an' I is sleepin in a basement. I don' like the basement! Secon' they's always takin my mama away. SHE IS MY MAMA!! YOU CAN' KEEP TAKIN HER!! I yells but nobody is listenin to me.

I still has Ruby but it's not the same as my mama. Mama an I hasn't spent any time together 'cept sleepin. I miss my mama. I hopes the comp'ny goes aways soon.


Costume Pawty?

August 5th 2010 4:05 pm
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Some pup 'vited me to a costume pawty (using a MIGHTY DOG prezzie) an dinnit tell me who it's from. It jus say 'nonymous. Who is 'nonymous? Hmmm....

THANK YOU FURRY MUCH fur the 'vite but mama says I may not be able to go to the pawty. Her friend is coming to visit an' they's gonna be real busy. Mama won' be able to shaperone. She says I's too little to go to pawties by myself. DARN, MY FIRST PAWTY an I can' go. I hopes I gets more 'vitations fur other pawties.

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